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Doh… read it too fast…

So… because of my long trip to europe, I decided to start reading the manga Full Metal Alchemist. Well, first I read past the point where the anime is currently. I then started to read all the available menga volumes of FMA from the Seattle Public Library. After I finished with that, I still can’t get enought and I started to read the most recent chapters online. So last night I reached chapter 103 and oh no there is no more.

Ahhh…. it is so good I need to know what’s going on.

Back Fill my European blog posting

Well.. for the next few days.. I am going to try to back fill my blog post with events from my France trip. After the blog is complete I will post the pictures on my blog and on Facebook. Stay tuned!!!

Last Day … in Paris … in 2009

First of all Happy New Years Eve Everyone.  Well, today is the last day of 2009 and it is also our last day in Paris, France.  It was kind of a low key day today, but it is still alot of fun and excitement.

The day started looking for the “Big Head”. It is located in front of the St. Eustache.

After that we really did not have any plans for today so we just wondering to different sites in Paris.  All in all, just hanging around Paris.  It very relaxing and fun.

In the evening, Vicky and I went to do some New Years eve shopping.

Around dinner time, we started to look for a place for dinner, however, most places are either reserved or they are closed on New Years Eve. We did come across a place that we saw an ad for few days ago, however it was also closed for a new years eve party.  We ended up finding a small African restaurant.  They over charged us because it was a New Years eve dinner and the food was not very good.  But it was still an experience.

After dinner, we took the free RER to the airport.  We decided to get an Ibis hotel (small cheap hotel, same chain that we stayed in Amsterdam at the beginning of this trip), since we will be leaving early tomorrow morning back to Seattle.  What’s interesting is that on new years eve all public transits in Paris are free.  This includes the RER and Metro.

When we finally got to the airport, I did not realized that there are multiple Ibis hotels in the area.  We ended up taking the wrong shuttle bus and had to do it all over again.  But around 11:30 pm we finally checked in our little tiny hotel room.  What an adventure day!!!!

Early flight tomorrow morning and back to Seattle. Happy New Year!!!

A day at the Museums

Today was a Museum day. It is our second day with the museum pass and our second to last day in Paris and France.
The day started off with a visit to Orsay – The line outside is around one hour long .. However, we have a museum pass and no wait.

Inside Orsay it was pretty awesome, I was amazed to see the real version of a painting that my parents have at their place. I have to say Orsay was an interesting art museum. After a few hours it was time to move on.

We Walk across the pedestrian bridge and on to Louvre park. Along the way, I took some very good black and white stair pictures of the pedestrian bridge. I’ve also took some more pictures of the tower.

From there we walked along Champs Elysees toward the Arc De Triomphe. We stopped by a small side street greek food restaurant and hand lunch. The owner was interesting, when we told him that we were from Washington state in the US, he says oh… I have a relative in Washington DC. I guess, that is a common mistake. DC and Washington state are not the same :).

Afterward, Vicky spent some time shopping on Champs Elysees while I just people watched and got some interesting street photo.

From there we marched on toward Arc De Triomphe. It was pretty funny, we could not find the tunnel to get across to the arc, but when we finally do get there, there was a 30-40 minutes line… however no waiting with museum pass .. yeah!!! The steps going up to the top of the arc was long but worth it. The view on top was great!!!
After the tower, we decided to head back to Notre Dame to take pictures of the gargoyles, but unfortunately when we arrived, they close the line already. We were not able to get up to the tower… This is something for the next trip, i guess. Note to self, Notre Dame line closes at 4:00 pm. Since, we can not make it up to the top of Notre Dame, we got some ice cream on the island and headed toward the Louvre.

The Louvre also had a long line, but with the museum pass… no line!!! yeah!!! Once again, people every where especially all the famous paintings and exhibits.

After the Louvre, it was time for dinner. We bought some things at the super marche next to the hotel, however, I thought it was a good idea to get some cheap French Chinese food. Well, it was not cheap and the food was not good at all… another learning experience.

So Tomorrow.. is new years eve… and my last day in Paris.

A day at Versailles

Today we went to the famous chateau Versailles.  We woke up early to take the RER to Versailles. Oh and RER stinks.  Anyways.  We grabbed some breakfast in the metro station and jump on our train to Versailles.  Today, the weather was pretty flakey. We stood in the rain to get inside.  The line was super super long and after inside there were so many people we immediately realizesthat to get to the garden we had exited … What a waste of time.  My comment on Versailles is that it is so huge!!! It took forever to walk around. We even saw people on Ez-go’s and Segways.  The Versailles’ winter garden is really disappointing.  I have to agree with my mom, it’s probably much better to come here during the summer.  After a long walk around the huge garden, I was so tired from walking and decided to take the “little train”.  On the transport something funny happened.  We drove by a field and saw a bunch of sheep, and the girls behind us asked, “are those pigs?”.  Oh Wow…. the person next to here immediately responded… “have you ever seen pigs eating grass? ” City folks… ha ha ha

Once we got inside the chateau, it was nothing like the chateau near Tours.  First of all there were so many people.  Just people everywhere.  Second, maybe it is because of our visit near Tours, I just find Versailles pretty boring.  Every room is just another room with different color furniture.  After fighting through the crowd, we took the early train back to Paris.

After returning from Versailles, Xavier took us for Lamb dinner J’go near the Opera.

oh another wonderful day in Paris… tomorrow… the Museums!!

PS… see I am in new clothing today 😉 Finally got my luggage.

New week New hotel and Luggage!!! Finally

So today started off pretty late, I guess I am pretty tired from all the long nights from previous days, but it is the beginning of a new week and the beginning of my last week in France. Today started with my panic attempts to access the internet to finish my work timesheet. With all this traveling, I forgot that I still need to fill out a vacation time card for work. So, I ended up at the local McDonald trying to use their free internet to VPN back to our office to complete my time card. Yes for some reason our internet did not work in our hotel. 🙁

Amazingly, right after finishing my time card, we discovered that there is an Air France Office nearby. We’ve been here for a few days and there is an Air France office just right next to where we were staying, AMAZING!! Since we have not gotten our luggage yet, we decided to go and see if they can help us. After around 20 minutes of waiting and talking to the reps, we got our new hotel address updated in their system, and found out that they have found one of our luggage and maybe delivering it today. Woo hoo!! With that wonderful news, we help our friends drag their luggages across Paris to our new hotel.

Our new hotel is a bit nicer, it even have an RFID key for opening room doors. How cool huh? However, the location of the new hotel is a bit farther than the previous location, but it is still very close to the metro.

Once we all checked in, we decided to go for another city bicycle ride around Paris. Oh, I just love riding bikes around Paris!!! This time, we rode to the Picasa museum and the Victor Hugo’s House. Unfortunately the Picasa Museum is closed until 2012 and all other museums are closed for Monday!!!

We parked our bikes and stopped for lunch at the Cafe Hugo. Yumm Yumm… Beef and Carrots!!

Victor Hugo’s House.
After a short break we decide to get another bike and ride to Pompidou center. However, I ended up getting a bad bike and unable to return it properly so I was not able to check out another bike. My friends ended up pushing their bikes along the side walk all the way to the pumpadu center. 🙁 sorry guys…

More stairs!!! This is one of my favorite stairs shots.

After a short visit around the Pompidou center, I got a new bike (paid another 3 euros) and rode to the islands to have some ice cream with my friends at the Berthillon ice cream shop. Yummy!!! They have, supposedly, the best ice cream in Paris. So on a cold winter day, we were having ice cream.

Xavier making Hot Chocolate!!

The shops on this street have some really interesting things.

A night view of Notre Dame de Paris, as we walked toward the near by Metro Station.

For dinner, we went to a small wine shop near Bercy. So, tonight I learned that you can not call red wines smooth, you have to describe the wine as fruity or not so fruity… so many things to learn about drinking wine.

Sausages and beans.

Duck breast salad.

After our wonderful dinner, Xavier took us to a night stroll near the France National Library.
and more “stairs” pictures 😉

After we finally returned to our new hotel, half of our luggage was waiting for us!!! YEAH!!!! However, the other 1/2, my half is still missing!!!… so far I have travelled in the same clothe for 7 days. Oh don’t worry, I do wash them nightly ;).
Tomorrow: Versailles

Paris Day 3

It is Sunday today, not much going on, so I will just start with some of today’s highlights.

First, Bastille market!!! It’s amazingly cool, it is like the French Market in New Orleans or the Taiwanese open air market in Taiwan. It’s pretty awesome with all the fresh food and goods. It really makes me want to buy some food and cook. Unfortunately we do not have a kitchen :(.

Look!!! it’s actually a fish bowl with gold fish on his head!!!

Our breakfast break… We bought some bread and beef and carrots. YUM YUM!!!

Churros … freshly made… much better than Costco churros!!! 😉

Lunch … French McDee’s. uh.. they are actually not very good.
After lunch, took the metro to met up with our friends Xavier (aka French guy) and Huey. From there we took the RER (the regional rail) to a French outdoor outlet. Since my luggage hasn’t arrived yet, I decided to get a new shirt while I am here. I bought a nice purpose dress shirt with french cuffs and chinese knot cufflinks!!!

Afterward, since we were so close to Disney Land Paris, we decide to visit the Disney Village. From the short visit there, I get the feeling, Disney Land is more like American Land, everything there is about the American and Disney culture.

After our short visit at the Disney village, we decided to head back to Paris for dinner. When we returned to our hotel, we walked out to the beautiful street of Paris and found Leon’s. It is a restaurant that serves mussels. What we did not know is, Sunday night is all you can eat mussel night!!!… Yep after 3 rounds of mussels, I was super super full… so good … so yummy!!!

Finally, still nothing about the where about of my luggage and tomorrow is a new week and we are moving to a new hotel.

Short Week?

This week seems extremely short…. I mean … look it is already Thursday!!!! Well… a status update… I am still alive and I have one more exam left. Once I finish the last exam I should be good for the rest of 2006. Xmas is coming up fast and I really have not got all my xmas shopping done yet. I also have not had my xmas party yet… yikes!!! I still have to get all the picutures done for the kids before Xmas. Ok… Goal setting time. Get the exam over with and then get the pictures done. Throw a xmas party and everyone will be happy from that point on…. right?

On a different note…. I been thinking about traveling lately. I think it is because of the lastest Bond movie. I made me think about going to Europe and just see the world. Because of this I got thinking about Hsiu again…. I do still miss Hsiu Hsiu.

On a even more different note…. it seems to be a pretty snowy week on Mission. Great!!! over 10 inches so far… oh … got to get my exam done and then I can snowboard without care.