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Snow day in Seattle

So a major snow storm hit Seattle this week, it is not as bad as the one in 2008, but still shut down most of the city. So today is actually pretty amazing. The sun is out it’s beautiful out, but below freezing the entire day. After working most of the morning in my office. I decided to take a break and walk around the neighborhood and take some pictures. The walk reminded me so much of my time in Ephrata, WA. The crusty frozen ground, the cool air, the patches of slippery ground. Gosh, I really miss Ephrata.

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3 years in Seattle!!!!

I was reminded that today is my 3 year anniversary with Sparling, my current company.   It is hard to believe that 3 years ago I moved from the little town called Ephrata to Seattle.  It was 3 years ago that I started my life in Seattle.  So many things have changed since that time and more changes are coming … stay tuned!!!

Returning to Central Washington

This weekend is pretty special. For the first time in 2 years, I drove back over the cascades and back to Moses Lake and Ephrata area. Why? well, my friend’s oldest daughter is having her first communion. This is a special occasion for us Catholics. The drive over to Moses Lake was extremely special. I remember for 4 years when I lived in Ephrata, I was constantly doing that drive, so driving it yesterday brought back so many memories.

My friend is a super lucky guys, with 5 kids, I was welcomed by all of them when I arrived. I felt so loved. My friend’s house is a classic american family home…. super lovely and in this case super huge as well… I guess with 5 kids you sort of have too. His back yard was like a football field… huge back yard. The sun set last night was amazing. I forgot how beautiful it is in central Washington.
I do kind of miss all of this.
So just woke up to the smell of bacon and the sound of kids. Wow… what a life.
I will get ready for an exciting day in Moses lake… oh and hopefully will get some time to visit my friends in Ephrata too.

On the train

So … it has been a while since my last train trip. I think it was few years ago when I was still in Ephrata. I last took a train trip to Seattle for an interview. However, this time I am not going for an interview. I am actually going to Portland for work. So why did I take the train, besides it is cheaper and I can work on the train and it is not as stressful as driving and airport craziness? Well… I like trains… I always liked trains …ever since I was a little boy.

Trains are great!!!

It is interesting … riding on the train.. you pass so many little towns that looks like Ephrata or if not smaller. So I am in a small town called Kelso WA right now.

Two Days in Moloka’i

So… since yesterday early morning I’ve been all over Moloka’i. MoloKa’i is an island in Maui County it is North of the Maui Island. The island is not very populated, but it has alot of natural beauty. Moloka’i reminded me of Ephrata and central Washington. If you can imagine lifting up a small town and put it in the tropical setting and surrounded by tropical weather and atmosphere that would be Moloka’i. During my trip here, I have not seen many cars.. it is just so peaceful and quiet it is amazing.

I took alot of pictures, but it hasn’t all been uploaded yet. I am sure you will see the rest in my next post.

I don’t know if I will have a chance to come back or not… but if I ever want to get always from it all. I know there is Moloka’i.

Another Dream that got implemented

So… About 3 years ago, I was in the Fiber to the home world of Ephrata, WA and an idea was developed. My idea was a way to have a P2P distributed file system very similar to Bit Torrent except a virtual drive is created on your computer and then broken up sort of like PAR and RAR files in USENET and spread to all the clients that are peered with each other. This is to take advantage of the fast network and solve our redundant drive backup problem, by sharing spaces with our buddies.

My friend Sergeon and I talked about this couple of times and tried to come up with some sort of standard to develope this but was unable to do so. We had many good conversation and good ideas on how to develope this model, however the prototype will never built. Ultimately, we could visualize this idea, but with life and everything else that was going on, we were unable to develope this idea.

Well… as everyone knows… everyone thinks alike…

So today I found Wuala on Slashdot. From the initial read, it seems like it is very similar to my idea. Here is another article on Wuala.

The good thing is that someone implemented it, the bad thing is … too bad it was not us.

I love watermelons!!!

So… Lately I’ve been doing nothing but searching for a new place to live. Why? I want to move closer to the city. I want to move away from Lynnwood and my expensive crappy apartment. I want to move to a place with a garage. So… in the middle of my search … my buddy Ted calls me and says that he is here with the melons!

YES Watermelons!!! The worlds best watermelon!!! from Tonnemaker’s in Royal City, WA. It was one of my favorite places to go during the summer when I was in Ephrata. I miss their fruits soooo much.

So… after I picked up 25 watermelons and a tray of peaches … my fruit delivery adventure began…

I went to few of my friends places to drop of the good stuff on the eastside and today I am planning to give some to my co-workers and also friends on the westside.


I am lost…

about an year ago… I was back in Ephrata, I was fairly happy… but I feel the pressure to find something different. I then moved and found something different. I was happy… and now I am pretty stressed and I am confused… my lease is about to be up… work has been stressful… school has been stressful… relationships has been stressful… The relationship part is partly because of the distance… it sucks… I wish she is here. But I was just listening to my ipod and I heard a song and it reminded me of Ephrata.

I hope everyone in Ephrata is doing well… So … Spring is coming… I still can’t believe it is 2008 already…

So… the current plan is I will be returning to Taiwan in May.

First day of class

Boy… Today is the first day of school.  It is strange being back in school and not in Ephrata. Work has been busy… and it will only get more busier.  So weekend was pretty good.  I had a chance to go see the Mariners again. Yeah yeah… it is like my 5th game this year.  Pretty crazy huh. I also had a party on Saturday… but unfortunately only two people showed. That’s ok… we had alot of fun and I made some cool noodles 😀 I guess the days of impromptu parties are over… now we just have to have a 2 week notice for anything 🙂

So … I got an invite to a pig roast this weekend… now that should be fun!!!  I still haven’t found a good way to post pictures on my blog easily from my mac yet… still looking…. but I really like my mac 🙂

Moving day

What a crazy moving day it was.

So… I am now in my new apartment in Lynnwood, WA. The place is alot smaller then my old place and alot more expensive. I don’t think all my stuff will fit… so at sometime in the near future I will have to hit the craigslist and sell some of my stuff. Way too much junk.

So anyway, I want to talk about my Friday and Saturday… just a quick recap… 😀

Hummm … let me see

So Friday was my last day at Grant County PUD. It was as really surreal experience. I could not believe that I was leaving this beautiful little town called Ephrata. I remember it seems just like yesterday that I was moving to the small town Ephrata. So… the work day went really fast and uneventful… spending sometime saying good bye to all my good friends and co-workers. It was a closing of a chapter of my life.

So the fun really starts after work. The movers suppose to meet me in the afternoon and pack and load all my stuff. However, they called and said that they will be a little bit late. so I thought that’s fine… that will give me some time to clean up and get ready for the move. So… the waiting begins….

It was not until 7 – 7:30pm before the movers shows up… so I figure… no biggie, they are professionals, they will get this place pack and loaded in a few hours…. and 7 hours later, they finally loaded everything…. I could not believe all the crap I have and they also were very inefficient in packing all my stuff. So after the movers left, I was left with an empty apartment to clean up. I cleaned for an hour or so and finally I decided to go to bed. So since they collected all my furniture, I did not have a bed to sleep in. So I took a quick nap and in the car and around 5:30 I got up again and started to clean.

Around 7:00am, I was still not finish, so I got my friend Ted a call and ask for help. We cleaned my place until the landlord showed up around 8. The landlord looked around and said… so you guys still need to clean up huh? you want us to come back? At that time,I was pretty much done… nope… don’t really care… so.. we agreed to get a professional cleaner and take the cost out of the deposits.

Around 8:30am, I took my friend Ted to Country Cafe for some wonder breakfast. Around 9:30, I headed out for Seattle. Good by Ephrata.

I got to Lynnwood, around 1:00 and to in to my new apartment. The movers called and said they are running late and should be here around 2:00pm or so. I should have know… they did not show up until 3:00. They promised that it will be a fast move so I can get out and get going to my Mariner Yankee’s game. After 2 and half hours … they finally got everything in to my small apartment and I start to drive toward Downtown Seattle for the game.

I forgot how bad big town traffic were…. yep needless to say.. I spend around 40mins going 20 miles… not too bad.. but nothing like the country side.

The game was fun… Mariners lost… but a baseball game is fun no matter who wins.

So … today? Well… Maybe church and then unpack and wait for the cable guy… yep… I am getting my internet today 😀

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Last week in Ephrata

Well… it seems just like Yesterday I was writing about leaving Houston for something wonderful… and now it is 4 years later and I am leaving Ephrata. So much the same and so much different. So this week is my last week working for GCPUD. There are still lots of work to do, loose ends to wrap up. I am sure it will be a fast and exciting week.

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3 was fun last night… bunch of us from work all got together and went to watch the movie. It ws the first time that I went to a midnight showing here in Ephrata. It’s pretty cool. Sigh… I will miss the Lee theater.

Back in Auburn

I am back in Auburn, just got my new Macbook and trying to learn how to use it. It seems to be pretty cool. Entirely different style of thinking. But it is good. Tomorrow I will be going back to Seattle and then back to Ephrata. along the way I will be stopping in Seattle to check out some apartments. Yep, only under 3 weeks now.

PS… this is my first post from a MAC!!!

almost 2 Years Later…

almost 2 years later…
It has been two years… I thought I moved on… I am getting better… but hearing that/those news still hurts me… It shouldn’t but it does. I am a much more mature guy now… I am … but I am still very emotional sometimes… I need to be less emotional. I talked to a guy on the plane the other day… he says… to succeed in life you have to have passion for something but also be able to have emotional detachment. Meaning … you have to be able to detach emotions from things. I keep on thinking about things that people tell me … you have to be able to “pick it up and put it down”. I think my problem is that I can pick it up, but I just can’t put it down. so now I just don’t pick it up… when opportunities comes along.. if you don’t take it, you miss it. And fear of failure is one of the greatest barriers to success and to happiness.

Happiness… what is happiness? I am happy… but right now… I am not sad… but I just somewhere in the middle. so where am I? I am in Ephrata, WA… in the center of the Washington desert. So, why did I end up here? professionally, it was a good move… and it is still a good move professionally… and also it is in washington… there is a direct flight from seattle to Taiwan, it don’t matter now.

You know… I need to stop this… I complain tooo much on my website… but eventually it is just another page in my book of life. We all learn from it and move on right?

I am a good person… I try to be a good person… I have beliefs and standards and I believe I know my role as a person.

So.. I guess just been true to myself… and look forward everything will be good.

{sigh}…. 2 years …… 2 years…

Slippery Snow or is it just Ice?

Well, you know, it snowed today in Ephrata. So it is beautiful outside. While I was going to mail something. I ran up to the post office and slip and I was on the ground. Don’t worry, I was not hurt, it was almost like a snowboard fall… I almost did not fall… but the point of the story is that it is very slippery when it is icy and snowy outside. 😀

Snow in Ephrata

A Halloween Story

Happy Halloween Everyone… So … I am on my way back to Ephrata right now, but I thought I should tell everyone an interesting dream I had last night. So the dream started I was in a grassy hill with family… there might be another part of the dream before this but this is the only part I remembered. It was a bright and sunny day… we were all around having a picnic. The weather was super nice, you can see for miles. Everyone was looking my way… but all the sudden I saw an interesting cloud formation. It was a mushroom cloud just starting to form. I started to scream at everyone and started to get everyone to run… we could see the mushroom cloud get bigger and the mushroom floating up. We can also see the shockwave coming toward us. I am sure it is slower then it actually is. Now for some reason all the sudden we are in some neighborhood and we are all trying to find cover. We eventually went inside a house, turn on a tv and trying to get some information on what have just happened.

I think I was making up logic for what I just saw… but I don’t remember the results. Anyway… I remember missing someone or something, this is where it gets interesting, I was really sad that whatever I was missing was not there… so then I remember just to wish it and it will be there… so *bling* and there it was… I think a part of me realized that this is my dream and to make things go smoothly … I can change my events in my dreams…

I hope this isn’t just blabbering …

I hope this is a good Halloween story … take care and I will be home soon.

Friday Night Fireworks!!!


It must be HS homecoming tonight…
Lots of cheering and fireworks… 😀
Go Ephrata Tigers!! Posted by Picasa

Entry 1330

After few years of blogging … I am now at entry 1330. Work has been busy… I was in Vancouver last week… and now I am back in Ephrata… I have a huge project that is ramping up… I am behind on my school work.. and everything else just joy and stress…. Something makes you smile some things make you frown…


Enjoy…everyone… enjoy your wonderful Tuesday!!! 😀

Me, Myself and I

Well… It gets pretty lonely over here in Ephrata… so I have to find ways of entertain myself.
So will the real Min-Hsao .. Please stand up… please stand up 😉 Posted by Picasa