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iTunes Match: 1st go

So, being a bleeding edge geek that I am, I decided to jump on the Apple’s attempt at “cloud” music. BTW, I really hate the world “cloud”, but that is another story all together. Anyways, since my music library is only around 8000 files, which is way under the 25000 allowed in iTunes match, I figure, I should give it a try.

The iTunes match is a 3 stage process. 1st it gathers information about the music library, then it matches the library with the iTunes “cloud” library. Finally, uploads the remaining non-matched files to the “cloud”.

So after stage 2 of the process, you can actually start using the iTunes Match. So here is the catch, as soon as you enable the iTunes match in your iPhone, it erases all of your existing music library on the phone. What people (Apple) don’t tell you (clearly), is that iTunes match relies very heavily on the network. Your entire library is in the cloud, so as far as I can tell right now is that it streams and caches on your phone/ipod on the fly. The cache is cleared after a while. So here is the bad part, if you are on a long flight or somewhere where there are no network access, you are screwed. No music for you.

I hope I am wrong, but this is what I see so far. I thought initially that iTunes Match is part of it, you can have both music stored locally and iTunes match from the “cloud”. But that doesn’t seem like the case. Well… I will update as I learn more, but for now, I will probably turn off iTunes match when I go on my international vacations. You know, Apple really annoys me sometimes.

And that is why I like Apple

So earlier today, in the middle of a conference call, all the sudden my iPhone 4’s sleep/power button stop working. The button is pressed down and would not respond. I thought to myself… oh no … not again (few years back, I my iPhone version one, I had a bad power button). So after my meeting, I checked online for my options.

Option 1: Fix it myself, but after checking out, I realized that this is not an easy job. To get the the power button, basically, I will need to take out almost all the components in the phone, and I was not about to do that.

Option 2: Bring it in to Apple Store and try my luck. I read online there are a lot of response that stated that if the phone is still under warranty, the Apple Store will instantly replace the phone. So I check my warranty status and I am one week away from expiring, so I decided to give it a go. I made an appointment at the Lynnwood Apple Store during lunch and kept my fingers crossed.

When I went into the store, the Apple “Genius” asked me what’s wrong with my phone. I told them that the power/sleep button stopped working. They checked for the water damage marker inside the earphone jack, and then check my serial number for warranty status. Once both of those passes, they immediately offered to provide me with a replacement. Within 5 minutes, of walking into the Apple Store, I have a new iPhone 4 in my hand, with my sim card transferred over and my phone activated. I wiped my old phone and they put a sticker on it and put it in a black box. I am assuming that this is going to repair shop somewhere. I signed 3 lines saying that I received a replacement and I was out the door extremely HAPPY!!!

So with that experience, it almost makes me want to buy AppleCare to continue the protection after this week. It also pretty much sold me on my next phone, which will probably be another Apple Phone.

I do like the Android OS, but I like to ask my friends in the Android phone world, can your Samsung/HTC/Sony phone get replaced when there is a hardware failure??? Maybe… but is it that easy?

My sketches

So I don’t know what got in to me today. I wanted to sketch something and so I did. It felt really good. very relaxing to sketch and just draw stuff, but I am not really any good. oh well, but I will share it with everyone. Enjoy. Happy Wednesday.

Apple? or Pear?

A red police box? isn’t it suppose to be blue?

My First email from Mom

Today, I got my first ever email from my Mom.  🙂  It’s pretty amazing.  My dad set mom up with a Macbook pro with chinese hand writing ability.  So now she is on the internet sending emails in Chinese :).

I just love technology!!!

Woo my new free case from Apple is on the way!!!

So I got an email this morning from Apple.  It states that my new free case for my iPhone 4 is on it’s way!!! Yeah!!!

Woo Hoo … New iPhone 4!!!

So about an hour ago… after an hour wait in line in front of the Apple Store in Lynnwood, I finally got my new iPhone.  This is my 3rd version of iPhone and I am pretty excited.  I am still very very surprised that I was in line to get a phone.  I am pretty surprised, but it was all a mistake on my part for not get it shipped to my house.  However, I did meet a very interesting person while waiting ini the line.  This gentleman is an iPhone developer.  He actually developed few really simple apps that make him enough money to quit his full time job and to go back to college.  That is truly inspiring!!!  His app is called “magic card”.  What is also very interesting is that he is the personal friend of Al Gore.  That is a shock.

Anyways… off to playing with my new iPhone  🙂

Last days of August 2009

So this past weekend was pretty interesting so let’s talk about what happened….

On Friday… oh a great Snow Leopard adventure… so after rescuing my copy of Snow Leopard from FedEx. Yeah… they did not deliver my copy because they thought I had the wrong address … anyways.. The upgrade and installation went very very well. So now I am upgraded to OSX 10.6 … yeah!!!

On Saturday, I had a wonderful dim sum lunch with my friend Howard and pals. It was good to finally catch up with some old pals. Later that day, I participated in the Pig-O-Rama 2009. It was almost as good as the 2007 Pig-o-Rama 🙂

On Sunday was interesting. It was our A/E summer volleyball tournament. It was a full day of volleyball, unfortunately, I can’t play. I am still recovering from the burn. I was on the sideline cheering for my team. Oh how I wished that I could have joined in. So… we did not win the tournament… surprisingly 😉 … but we were not last place either… yeah!!! We actually won 2 games!!! out of 8 games 😉

It was a pretty interesting weekend… oh and I also found a Electric outdoor grill… so no need to buy a grill anymore 😀 So.. Steaks anyone?

Finally… the weekend ended with an awful dream about fire…

So… it has been over a week since my shirt fire… but since then I’ve been really spooked around fire and just over all a little nervous around fire. So Sunday night, I had a nightmare about fire on my shirt.

So it started like this … I was talking with two people with who were playing with two lighters. Some how, the fire got on my shirt. and I was on fire. I tried to put the fire out with my hand, and it was getting bigger. I then decided to take out my shirt, then I realized that I had 6 layers of clothing on and I can’t take out my shirt fast enough. Then I remembered that last time that I put out the fire I roll on the ground. So, that is what I did … I rolled on the ground and it went out. But as soon as I stood up the fire came back. I don’t remember how the dream end.. but it was just a little spooky…

But hey… the good news is … I use my stove for the first time tonight… I cooked some noodles… and I am still burn free 🙂

23 hours later…

so I got my Iphone 3GS yesterday, and it is amazing except I can’t use it. Well, I can use it, but pretty much as an Ipod touch. Why? because AT&T; states that it would take up to 48 hours to have my phone activated. 48 hours!!!! oh my gosh… I hope that is not 48 working hours… that would mean I will not have my phone activated until Tuesday? :O … seriously, I think it just means 48 hours max… or at least I sure hope so. So after waiting for 22 hours … I finally gave in and decided to look online for some solutions. I found that some one posted the following:

(1) Call 800-331-0500

(2) Dial 0 and then 0 again

(3) Ask the customer rep nicely to activate you.

(4) Give them your SIM Card # and IMEI. To find this quickly, go to “Settings” on your iPhone, click on “General,” then “About.” The “ICCID” is your SIM card and the one above that, IMEI is the other number they need.

(5) They will ask you to shut down your phone, wait 30 seconds and turn it on.

(6) When the phone turns back on, you should be activated.

so I gave it a try….

After the lady updated my account and my IMEI number and it still did not work… I got passed around to Apple and then back to AT&T; like a hot potatoe.

and more waiting…..

30 minutes later … still no activated phone…

48 minutes later … after they finally change my numbers on their system it all the sudden worked.

What they did was to change the system’s IMEI number to my new Iphone and also change my SIM Card number to my new Iphone’s sim card. and now it all works.

so 23 hours laters after I got my iPhone, I have a fully working Iphone 3GS.

AT&T; Wireless… Thanks for for activating it … but you guys really sucks…

IPhone OS 3.0 Upgraded …

After an early scare on my upgrade… I went from a jailbroken iphone OS 2.2.1 to a standard 1st gen. Iphone OS 3.0. At first I was getting the emergency dialing only screen. This is because the Apple App store server was busy and had issues. For a while I thought I bricked my old Iphone. But I am happy to announce that it is back and for two more days of service before it’s retirement.

But so far I am pretty happy with it. Well, besides the fact that I can’t use tethering everything is very cool.

– The search spotlight is pretty awesome.
– Copy and Paste!!!! Woo hoo finally!!!
– Push is awesome
– International.. now I can type chinese in Zhuyin!!! … I can send my little sister messages in chinese hee hee… maybe even get my parents an Iphone
– caldav is awesome!!! now I can sync my calendar over the air…

I can’t wait until I get my 3GS… then I can..

– A2DP…
– better camera with auto focus and macro… great with Evernotes… yeah!!!
– voice commands
– never get lost with a digital compass
– Auto Car wash with iphone
– Solve all homework problems on the fly
– acts like a vaccuum and sweeper with the new 3GS

oh… how wonderful is technology…:)

IPhone OS 3.0

So… Today Apple.. the computer company not the music label or the fruit… did a preview of their upcoming Iphone OS 3.0. It is pretty amazing. Finally, they are going to turn my little Iphone to something that is friendly with all the cool Bluetooth devices around. I mean… I remember my old SE t616 I can do so much with Bluetooth… but of course it also had a bluetooth vulnerability that can allow anyone to download the entire phonebook without any alerts, but let’s not talk about that. Anyways… I took some notes … and this is what I noted about the preview today.

– Peer to Peer Bluetooth apps… Automatic discovery… Cool
– medical equipment for iphone… blood pressure cool… and maybe something for diabetics? Aw… they do have something for diabetics.. however they need to have some implant device so you don’t have to poke.

– Turn by turn.. woo hoo.. except with B.Y.O.M… Bring your own map… which means.. a nav system will likely cost around 99 dollars or so from the app store. We will see.

– Universal Push… Sweet.. this will really help with our new side project idea.
– copy and paste … Finally!!!!
– land scape keyboard … humm… not much a big deal for me.
– Search in Email and calendar … Nice… I needed this… even search on server too!!!
– Note Sync … Woo hoo .. but already using only Evernote
– Voice notes… already doing it in Evernote
and stereo bluetooth A2DP… WOO HOO… no more cable in my car!!!!
… Oh but wait.. what is that .. A2DP will not work on 1st Gen Iphone???? oh damn you Apple… forcing me to upgrade!!!

Proxy Sensor!!! oh.. imagine the possibilities.. like a do not touch app…
Voice chat API over WIFI!!!! …. wooo …cool!!!!

All in all pretty cool deal … I can’t wait to play with it this summer.

Bose and Pioneer

So… let’s talk about some retro audio.
About a year ago, I picked up a set of Bose 301 Series 2 speakers. Yeah, these speakers were pretty good back in the 70’s and the early 80’s. I faintly remember my Dad’s friends having one of those and everyone was wow-ing around the speakers. (This was back in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1985). So, I had these speaker for a pretty long time and I just have not had a chance to use them or anything to power them. I’ve been looking for a receiver to power the speakers, but I really did not want to spend 100 to 1000 dollars for a receiver to power my little cheap ass 5 dollar speakers. So… my search continued for a while. But after talking to my AV buddies at work, they said that they had a very old receiver that I can use. Last night, I got the receiver and finally hooked it up.

The receiver I got was a Pioneer SX-550. I think it was a middle of the line receivers in the late 70’s. Well.. it matched well, with my 5 dollar Bose speakers. To bring this setup to the modern age, I connect the receiver speaker setup to my Apple Airport express and feed it the music from my iTunes.

Yep, ultimately, it did not sound too bad at all, and the best part is I can control everything from my Iphone 🙂

Yeah… If I have an Apple TV that would be nice too..


My Mac died this past weekend… I took it to the Apple store… they tried to fix it … but ended up replacing my HD. So that means most if not all of my pictures from the last 1.5 months are gone!!!!!…. AHHHHHHH… That bites… Stupid me for turning off my timemachine on my mac… few months ago…

Stupid me!!!

Making Apple Cider

Earlier today… in the middle of my studies … my friend Eric Briggs invited me over to make some apple cider and also to have dinner. Thank you Eric and Rachelle :D. … so that is how Apple Ciders are made… 😉

Well… It must be just me… but it seems like the whole world in really into Podcasting. Well, today Apple just released their new Itunes. it includes Podcasting. Sweet.

so far… I still like ipodder…

I am really liking my Ipod Photo 60 gigs right now. So here are some pictures of my new gadget toy! So how does it compare up with the Creative Zen Xtra 30 gig? Well, let me just tell you. Creative Zen has all your basic functions as a MP3 player and that is about it. There is just no comparison to the APPLE’s design and the software integration. I use to just be a hardware junkie… but I now realize… a good supporting software is just as important. The Ipod and Itunes combo satisfied this critieria. SWEET!
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