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At the end of every year, I look back on the year before and see what I have accomplished.  This year is no different.  So here are what’s went on last year 2011 !!!

1) I got married.  Yep… Min is off the market and not available anymore.  I got married on February 5, 2011. […]

Day 3 in China

Today, we are traveling to Yuan Yang. Yuan Yang is a very small town in Yunnan province and the only way for us to get there is by bus. I’ve never travelled by bus in china before so this is a new experience. The bus ride to Yuan Yang is around 7 hours long. I […]

Day 2 in China

Today we travelled from Beijing to Kunming. This is my first time flying Air China and will probably be my last time. The flight was fine, the service was good except for the seat space. I was in a Boeing 757. However the seat spacing was so tight that the 3 hours flight was almost […]

Day 1 in China

My first day in Beijing. I am still majorly jet lagged. The air in Beijing is so bad that it did not help at all. Today was a very quite and uneventful day. Since today is Vicky’s birthday, I spend most of my time with her and her folks.

Check out the Amazing lunch […]

2011 the year of traveling

So it seems like in the last month I’ve spent alot of time in the airport, on an airplane, and just travelling all over the world. So for example, two weeks ago, I was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This past Thursday, I was in Princeton, New Jersey having a great time for work. Remember, […]

The best 3D Christmas movie ever!!!

Oh yesterday evening was such a beautiful Friday evening!!!

Few years back, Colin, Brian, and I went to watch Harold and Kumar 2, and we had a blast. So when the new Harold and Kumar came out, of course we want to go see it together again. So last night the 3 of us […]

Vicky’s First Blog Post

So I’ve tried to get Vicky to start blogging for a while now, I even set up a wordpress site for her ( After a long time of nagging Vicky, she finally posted her first blog post!!! Yeah!!!! It is still work in progress, but go check out her site and give her some positive […]

The best airport security experience since 2000

Remember a time when you are not harassed as an airplane passenger by TSA agents at the airport security? Well, Yeah I do, it was before Sept. 11, 2001. Yesterday, I once again experienced that hassle free experience. So while going through security at the ATL airport, there is a special line for the “Pre […]