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MAC OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard

So after rescuing my version of snow leopard from FedEx jail… My macbook pro is finally upgraded.

So what I’ve noticed so far….

1) I’ve got lot more HD space!!! whoo hoo!!!

2) Photoshop CS3 seems to still work… we will see

3) Parallels 3.0 does not work.. 🙁 damn… that means I have to […]

Damage Report

So I went to the doctor for a follow up check… I am doing great! The doctor was very surprise that I am not feeling any pain. He also stated that I was very fortunate to have put out the fire on me without too much damage. He said that he has seen many people […]

A Flaming Weekend…

So gone is another summer weekend… this past weekend was supposed to be filled with fun sun and full of clam digging and outdoors play, but instead, my shirt caught on fire while I was cooking and I ended up in the emergency room Friday night.

So what happened?

Well.. I was in the kitchen […]

Weekend Updates with Min

Oh another week of August 2009 is concluding or beginning depending on how you count the weeks. Anyways… this past week has been pretty interesting.

1) My folks are in town. Yeah… Good to see my folks 🙂 They will be here until Tuesday.

2) Only rode my bike once this week. On Wednesday :(, […]


24 years ago today our family left Taiwan for the US. it is pretty amazing that it has been 24 years already. Happy 8 8 Day. (Chinese Fathers Day). Today I am just chilling at home and with my buddy Robert and cleaning my place. It is just a relaxing day. 🙂

GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra

I can’t say I was a super big fan as a kid of GI Joe, but I was a fan. Last night my friends and I went to see the premier of GI Joe: the rise of cobra. We were expecting it to be bad, but good god we were not expecting what we saw. […]

Happy Friday!!!

Today is a wonderful day. I showed up at work, we had a pancake breakfast and I moved to a new cubical. It has been 2 years since I had an office with a window. It has been over 5 years since I had an office with a view. Ok even this this is a […]


Today I will conclude this round of watermelon delivery. Don’t worry, if you did not get one, I am sure you will during the next round. 🙂


Another Wednesday This has been an pretty interesting week so far. I rode my bike for the second time this week and this month. I can feel myself getting stronger. Yesterday, I did not feel any pain going home and going up all the hills. That is a very good thing. However, today my left […]