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New Keys and a Car Wash

So I got my new blank keys for my car yesterday. Whoo hoo!!! yeah… so it means that I got to get it cut and programmed. So I called around and found that it was around 80 dollars to get one key cut and programmed… that means two keys would be 160. yikes… so I […]

No more BSG, no more Gundam 00

So… the week before last was the end of BSG and this past Sunday was the end of Gundam 00. It is amazing to think what I was doing when BSG started in 2004 and Gundam 00 last year. Amazing…


Monday and new roommate

So … after living by myself for a long time, I decided to give up one of my room and get a roommate. So after tonight, I will have a roommate. No, no it is not a hot girl, just a kid that is going to NSCC for school. I hope everything will be cool […]

Going from Superman to Clark Kent

So I’ve been getting alot of feedbacks from friends about my new glass and my new look. Some feedbacks were positive, some were not… and some sounded positive simply because they were being nice. Hey, it’s all good. To me, I wanted a new look a new change … you know, changing it up for […]

My first Iphone app

So… I woke up this morning feeling smarter with my new glasses on and figure out what was wrong with my “hello world” iphone app program. yeah… it just ended up that I was not running it on the simulator that is why I was getting a “code sign error”. So as soon as I […]

So what happened yesterday…

So… here is my story… just like another early spring Saturday, I went to snowboarding at Steven’s pass with my friends Howie and Pauline. When we got there, we geared up and headed toward the slopes… while I was walking toward the parking lot, Pauline asked if I got my keys.. and I jokingly laughed […]

Post 1600 … I’ve been waiting for so long…

Woo Hoo… Blog Entry 1600 … I think I will throw a blog party for May… hummm… maybe a wine and cheese party… interesting.. I am having some ideas…

So Today M-Flo released their new side project album. M-Flo Works Best III. It is all of their side project combined into one album with another […]

IPhone OS 3.0

So… Today Apple.. the computer company not the music label or the fruit… did a preview of their upcoming Iphone OS 3.0. It is pretty amazing. Finally, they are going to turn my little Iphone to something that is friendly with all the cool Bluetooth devices around. I mean… I remember my old SE t616 […]

Dreaming of a little white dog

It was strange… I woke up this morning I was remember I was dreaming about this little white dog. Sigh….

Mail Ordered Glasses Round 2

So I finally got an email back from The provided a coupon code for another free pair of glasses of my choice. So I decided to give it another shot. I did also adjust my frame size just slightly to try to fit my face better, and I enter in my prescription this time […]

I got the pupils the size of a dime!!!

So Today, I went to get my follow up check up for my eyes. Everything was good except I got my eyes dilated. So for the last few hours I can’t see anything and everything was blurry and my pupil was the size of a dime!!! Finally I am able to see again and I […]

War Eagle!!! Hey!!!

Our March Seattle Auburn Club Happy Hour Event.

New Glasses are in!!! Woo Hoo!!!

So after a full day of stuck in the airport trying to find a way home from Medford, Oregon. I am finally home!!! and when I got home and open up my mail box… look what I found!!!

Ping Pong!!! my new mailed ordered glasses are in. If you guys remember, a few […]

Happy Square Root Day

First of all… Happy Square Root Day!!!

So what is square root day? √9 = 3 or in another word 3 * 3 = 9 and today is 3/3/9. Well… so many things has happened since my last post. Let see I went to see a really cool movie called Curious Case of Benjamin Button. […]