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Snowy Day

It’s an interesting morning in Seattle today. I woke up and it was all white everywhere. Snow everywhere about 3 inches on my car. Amazingly beautiful, except people here don’t know how to drive in snow weather. Slip and slide everywhere.

So be careful out there.

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Post 1501

I just realized that my last post was post 1500 so this post is post 1501.

Anyways… I thought I would post something about my dinner and lunch today. It is rare now days that I cook and make some food… so I thought I would post some today of my two meals.

Let me […]


“No Bucks, No Buck Rogers” — from The Right Stuff

The quote above is an interesting quote. It basically means if you want research or anything magnificent accomplished, there better be some sort of funding.

It is quote true in everyday life. Almost everything requires some sort of monetary incentive.

So… Buck Rogers get your […]

In Oregon this week

So .. I am in Oregon this week. It is pretty exciting. I am getting a chance to go to training for some new software we are using. It’s going to be pretty exciting. I am on Portland’s Light rail right now … it is pretty good. I can almost imagine working in a city […]

Almost lunch time and oh… look… a Miyako buck!

It’s funny… I found an old wallet of mine, and I was just looking through the old stuff that was left in it and POW!!… look at what I found!!!!

It’s a Miyako Buck. What is a Miyako buck? Well, Miyako is a Mediocre Japanese sushi bar restaurant in Houston, Tx. I remember when […]

Hotmail Sucks!

Well, I was just working and messing with my email and I realized that Hotmail really sucks. I can see why gmail has became my primary email client and hotmail has became my junkmail box. So why does it suck?

Here is why it sucks….

New Hotmail– back button on browser don’t work in the […]

Bento Bento … Boy I am getting hungry

House hunting is what’s been on my mind lately. So being a geek and an engineer… of course I have to figure out ways to simplify my house hunting decision making. So .. I decided to use a database and I came across this application. Bento by Filemaker. It is a ultra-simple and easy database […]


I’ve been having some interesting dreams. Now granted I do not remember all my dreams, but I do remember most of them. Last night I had a dream about some webpages… or something in columns but everything in the columns were in ???? or blocks or things that I can’t read. then someone said… “don’t […]

Roomba working hard at home!!!

After a wonderful night of party and get together… my trusty little roomba is cleaning away.

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I need to update my blog/website

Yes yes… maybe little things been changing here and there on my website, but not much have really changed. I haven’t updated my photo section in years. I have had few ideas on doing some enhancements but just never got off my lazy butt to do it. Well.. my friend Ann started a new food/restaurant […]

Tuesday… and more…

So what an exciting evening… Thank you for all my friends that show up for the little get together last night. Of course the SEC team won!!! Go LSU. Yes Yes… it is rare that you see me rooting for LSU… but hey they are an SEC team, so Go SEC!!!

Once again… thanks for […]

Gosh… I am sore today

So… yeah… I wasn’t hurting at all yesterday… but this morning I woke up and my shoulder is just sore… I think it is telling me t go back out to snowboard to work this stuff out :D. So tonight I am having my little National Championship get together. It should be pretty fun. Only […]

A wonderful weekend in the snow

So this weekend was a little short, but pretty fun. I went to Steven’s Pass with my new friends and had a great time. This was the first time this year that I really got sore from snowboarding. Oh and I hit a tree for the first time. no no… don’t worry… I am fine. […]

Playing with the Iphone

It been 1 month and 1 day since I bought my Iphone and I have to say it is a great great device. Now with that said, there are few features that it is lacking. It lacks few features that I had on Sony Ericsson W600i or my Nokia N8o. The features it is missing […]

First Day of work in 2008

So far so good … only 1 hour and 44 minutes in to the day. Lots of things to do… which is a wonderful beginning. Being looking at rounding up some money for down payment for a house. Yep, starting on my goal early this year. 🙂 The problem with looking for a house are […]


Hearing the fireworks outside reminds me of Shanghai!!Happy New Year!!!

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