Month: December 2007


Few minor changes

So… I made a few minor changes to my website and my blog. After toying with RSS and PHP, I finally decided to add my Facebook status feed to my blog page. so as you can see above. You now see my status. Pretty cool huh? as soon as I update it in Facebook, it …


Amazing snowboarding

Few more days until Xmas. My finals are over and school is out. Oh and I got an A- on my real time system class… I can’t believe it… but now that’s done … I am soo happy. Anyways… so yesterday my sister and I decided to take off and go snowboarding at Steven’s Pass. …


60 years ago today

60 years ago today the transistor was invented. I believe it is the day that chaged the world. Imagine, what the world would the world be like without transistor. Wow!