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Happy New Year!!! 2008

Well… it is 11:00 PST and one more hour until end of 2007 and beginning of 2008. So I have one hour to quickly reflect on some of the things in 2007. Before I forget… WAR EAGLE Auburn won the Chick-fil-a Bowl (the bowl formally know as the Peach Bowl). It was a classic Auburn […]

Few minor changes

So… I made a few minor changes to my website and my blog. After toying with RSS and PHP, I finally decided to add my Facebook status feed to my blog page. so as you can see above. You now see my status. Pretty cool huh? as soon as I update it in Facebook, it […]

Two Days After Xmas and Four Days before New Years

It has been a pretty exciting Xmas this year. This year my family came up to Seattle to visit me and to celebrate Xmas here in Seattle. My relatives from Vancouver also drove down and stayed with me. My little 1000 sq ft. apartment was packet with 7 people. WOW!!! Anyways, on Xmas day, We […]

Amazing snowboarding

Few more days until Xmas. My finals are over and school is out. Oh and I got an A- on my real time system class… I can’t believe it… but now that’s done … I am soo happy. Anyways… so yesterday my sister and I decided to take off and go snowboarding at Steven’s Pass. […]

Finally … it is over

Oh … after a hell of a semester it is finally over. I took my finals today and turned in the final report…. oh my head hurts… but it is over… I finally can do things again. right? oh… now … it is time to concentrate on work for a few days. On the other […]

60 years ago today

60 years ago today the transistor was invented. I believe it is the day that chaged the world. Imagine, what the world would the world be like without transistor. Wow!

Winding down the week

Ok.. i can’t believe it is Thursday already.

Procrastination is a disease

I really believe I am at the terminal stage of procrastination sickness. I have almost no motivation doing any more school work and it is starting to affect my work work as well. It really bites. This week is going to be pretty crazy.. my family is coming this weekend. I have a final and […]

My first post from my iPhone

So just finished my work out and sitting here playing with my iPhone. It's pretty sweet.

BlogKomm Fixed?

Wow… after soo long… I finally think that I got the stupid blogkomm commenting script fixed. It is sooo silly.. but the author of blog komm gave me a tip and I got it changed and fixed. I think.. Thanks again. I will try it now.