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My sushi dinner

My first attempt at making sushi 😉

What a horrible day!!!

Well… today started off really early. I got up around 4:00 am CST. Why? This is because I had to drive to Birmingham for my flight at 8:30 to Detroit. So with a few hours of sleep my dad and I drove up to Birmingham. Once I got through security, and just before the boarding […]

Stuck again

yep… I am going to Seattle via Detroit via DC …

Happy Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!Humm.. There are so manythings that happened this weekend and this week.. I will write more tonight …

Don’t party too hard!!!

Dreaming of waterfalls and beautiful music

Lately, I been having dreams of river oceans and waterfalls. For example, last night I was dreaming I was in the ocean, but it was not really the ocean… it was way too shallow. then I came to 3 waterfalls side by side… if you can imagine it was beautiful. people were gathering … the […]

Rice Ball Dinner :D

Min’s Special Rice Balls

Daikon Scallion cold dish

So I decided to cook some Japanese food today… 😀 What do you think. They are realy simple dishes, but I just don’t have much time to prepare. Maybe I will have a party sometime and prepare something big 😀


Wow what a night of dreams

It is Monday again…. Last night I had a night of interesting dreams. I was trying to figure out how to calculate position in space. You know using the surrounding stars to calculate relative position. It was all starting to make sense in my dream and now I am awake and thinking back I wasn’t […]

Another Week Already???

I can’t believe how quickly this week went by… I am still not caught up from last week.. but that is what this weekend is for. Also I am debating on if I should go snowboarding tomorrow or not. Maybe just for a half day… right?

Phase one works…

My new idea… my new bluetooth project is on it’s way. The very first very very early concept test works. So I am working out few more test and I will be working with my buddies to get this thing on the right path. It is an interesting idea!!! You will see. 😀

Sometimes ….

Sometimes we hit a bump in the road … but we still have to get back up and move on…I know I can do it… if I first don’t succeed I will try try try again.

My Friday Night

You know .. my Friday nights are just getting more and more dull. Let’s see … last Friday night I spend my entire night shredding paper and watching Southpark… This Friday night I spend my entire night trying to understand IS-IS.

IS-IS is interesting yet sooooooo boring…..

What is happening to me….

so tomorrow is […]