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Amazing amount of resouce

Well.. the temperature is around 89 degrees today… why too hot to stay at home. So I decided to head to the local library branch to do some work. First I was surprised of how many people were there, I did not think much of it and went and found a nice quiet corner to do my work. It has been a long long time since I been back to the library… maybe since college? But right before I was about to get kicked out of the library because they are closing at 6, I decided to get a library card and check the place out. Oh my Gosh!!! It was amazing, what I’ve found!!! With a library card.. you can get access to more than just books. I mean you can get some really good books and reference guides too but you can also get access to DVD’s CD’s, mangas, and even online downloads!!!

I am completely amazed!!! The library even supports a self checkout using RFID… which is super cool.

Wow… amazing experience with the Seattle Library System… I think I will revisit them more often.


Hacking Bluetooth

So it is almost 3:30 AM and I made a major break through in my bluetooth project. I was able to duplicate the bluetooth vulnerbility with an unpaired SE T616 phone, I was able to download it’s address book and FTP into the phone. WOW more to come tomorrow. I am going to bed now.

Snowing in late April!!!

So… they say it’s going to snow this weekend… but we all thought it was going to be some rain mixed slush… but WOW… take a look!!!!!

Two Days After Xmas and Four Days before New Years

It has been a pretty exciting Xmas this year. This year my family came up to Seattle to visit me and to celebrate Xmas here in Seattle. My relatives from Vancouver also drove down and stayed with me. My little 1000 sq ft. apartment was packet with 7 people. WOW!!! Anyways, on Xmas day, We all went to Steven’s Pass to ski and snowboard. It was great!!! I love it!!! It was nothing but powder especially the back mountain.

Wow … what a game!

So… this year got to be the most major league baseball I have ever watched live.  So in 2007 my total count for the number of baseball game is 07!!!!  WOW!  and the best part is that every game that I went to was a winning game!!!  Now, last night there was a double header and Mariners did lose the first game, but that doesn’t count ..right 😉  but anyways… it was so awesome last night.  The seat I got from my company was on the 2nd row behind home plate.  I was right behind the photographers. and yes… I did not bring my camera… ah!!!! I was so camera envy!!!  So… take a look.  Oh I love baseball… and I love my job!! especially when I get good baseball tickets like this 😀 .. nice!!!

5 years of Blog!!!

I can’t believe this… my blog is almost 5 years old. WOW!!! on the 13th of May… my blog will be Five!!!! That is amazing!!! I’m moving on that day but … gosh … I probably should do something to celebrate!!!

Look at these new pictures from my new Canon 30D camera. WOW hoo Posted by Picasa

What a interesting night. Well… As usual it was Wednesday night and we went over to Jim’ place for dinner. Usually it is just Beer and Pizza, well, since recently Jim shot a big elk.. We had elk burgers last night. UMM UMM good!

Yep… then we modded Russ’s new truck. I did not know there is a huge market on modding diesel trucks. But I could not believe it… with no opening of the hood, we added over 100 hp to Russ’s new truck and even improved fuel economy. Eddie says that his truck will go up to 25 miles a gallon on highway. I mean wow… for a huge full size Ford 250 4×4 diesel truck. WOW… it really got me thinking about that as well… but it is just still to big and too noisy. I want a BMW or a Lexus or a Infiniti….

anyway… my hunt continues….

Just got back from Atlanta… I went to Atlanta two days in a row. Today I went there because my friend, Sergeon wants my help in getting some furniture from IKEA. IKEA in Atlanta is fairly new and it is very nice. I think I will buy some things from IKEA when I get back to seattle. Anyway… we got rained on just as we drove back into Auburn. We were able to get everything inside without too much rain on the furniture. Well, afterward, we went to fill out the truck and every gas station around Auburn are lined with cars and trucks. I don’t know what’s going on. It took us about 15 + minutes before we were able to get gas. After I got home, my Dad said that there might be a shortage of gas that is why everyone is filling up. I also saw my friend in Seattle saying that the gas price is around $3.14!!!! WOW… talk about high gas prices!!!

Well, this is day 2 of my trip here. I miss the Superbowl yesterday… and I still don’t even know who won yet. But that is ok, I had a chance to spend some good and quality time with my Hsiu Hsiu. Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve, though it is a little bit strange not being home with my family on this day, but I think we will still have alot of fun here. Boy… I just have to say… there are people everywhere here in Shanghai. WOW.

Wow a remake of Tron!!! WOW… Tron is one of my favorate movies. It is amazing what a wonderful job they did back in 1982. Oh … how I remember the old tron games… I love it!!! I do have mixed fillings about a remake. I mean usually a remake give on a very high expectation and then when it finally comes out… it becomes a big disappointment. I hope this is not the case.

After a long day of travel, I am back home in Auburn. I spend most of today sleeping and helping around the house. It is strange to be back in Auburn and Hsiu Hsiu is not here. But it is still good to be home. My sis and I went out to buy some new dvd’s… oh BTW Movie Gallery is having a previously viewed movie sale. buy 2 get 2 free… Basically it means 4 movies for 20 dollars. WOW pretty good deal.

Well, we opened up the Roomba today. It is currently upstairs vacuuming. So far we are pretty impress with it’s abilities. However, the robot is still pretty stupid, but I think it is better than the first gen. roomba’s. I might write a full review when I get home to Ephrata.


Well… another beautiful Saturday. Just cleaning up the house and listening to Auburn’s Home Coming game. My little sister is in Auburn Today watching the game. I bet that is exciting. I wish I was there with my lovely Hsiu Hsiu. As for Hsiu Hsiu, she is in Shanghai right now. The exciting news is that I will be visiting her next month. So which leads me to a surprise this morning…. Well.. in preperation for my first trip to China… I thought it would be really nice if I had a better camera… Say a 20D or a 10D or a D70 or even a 300D. So I use, a free auction sniper software, and bid on a 300D. A major surprise to me, I won the bid this morning for $631 dollars. WOW … $631 for a Canon Digital Rebel SLR 300D Camera. WOW!!! That is for Body and basic EF-S lens too. We will see how good the deal really is when it arrives. But I am kind of excited. I guess this camera would be a Birthday present for me 😛


Can you believe it, it is July already! so let see… I’ve been in Washington for 8 months now. WOW!!!!


Wow… I was just walking back from lunch with some coworkers and I saw some purple looking fruit on the ground. At first I thought it was dropped grapes… so I said … Humm… what’s this? My co-workers replied oh… they are plums. Uh… PLUMS? so I looked up and there it was a tree full of beautiful purple plums!!! I mean plums!!! I only heard of plum trees before in stories. I had plums before from the supermarkets, but I have never seen a plum tree before. WOW!!! This is so cool!!!! of course, I picked one from the tree and I will tell you how it taste in a bit. 🙂

Couple more hours before my big trip back home!!! yep .. it has been almost 6 month since I went back to Auburn. I think this is the longest run of not being back to Auburn, since I graduated from college. WOW … I just can’t wait. My parents and my Fiancee are saying it is super hot is Alabama… but in some ways I am kind of looking forward to some of that Alabama sun!!!

SWEET HOME ALABAMA… Here I come!!! I will be landing in Atlanta tomorrow morning around 5:30 am EST.

I’ve been in Ephrata for almost 6 months. Wow… time really flies… and speaking of time flying … 3 more days and I am on the plane to Taiwan. WOW!!! am I excited? heck yeah… but I need to get all my work stuff done first… I got to do my self eval so I can get my raise when I came back from Taiwan….. Yeah… Mo’ money Mo’ money … mo’ money!!!

But what … they made another first down…. 1st and goal… with 1:29 seconds left

…. False Start on Alabama…. 1st and goal Alabama….

Wow… that was some catch… one player can’t hold on and the other one it bounced up and another player caught it… and caught it in the end of the end zone….

WOW… what a play…..

28-23 Auburn…

With only 63 seconds left… they are going to kick an onside kick……..

I hope Auburn can get that on side kick…. and shut them down!!!

It is hard to believe… I’ve been in Ephrata for one week now!!! and everyday… I walk outside I say to myself…. WOW it’s a beautiful day! Here is the good news… I’ve found a place to live in Ephrata. I will be renting a place from a co worker of mine and my stuff will be arriving on the 11th which is Saturday. Woo hoo…. I’ve already got my fiber stuff submitted…so I am already to go. Oh … for those of you don’t know yet…

my new address is

160 G street SE

Ephrata, WA 98832

Yeah… I been out of the blog scene for over a week now… but alot of thing has happened. I do not feel like share some of it right now. Not yet. But there are couple of interesting things that happened to me yesterday. First, I got spammed on my tag board by some neo nazi group. But as soon as I found out… they got banned and their entries were removed. Second, I submitted my Minotaur Project to The cool thing is that I am starting to get hits of people looking at my scripts. The count jumped from 30 to 60 in one day. WOW!!! Third… I got my first donation yesterday… woo hoo…. you can read more about it on the sponser page…when I get it setup.

Got to get to work now.