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Lake Serene Hike

It was a beautiful day, so Vicky and I decided to take a try at Lake Serene. The first thing we learned is that we needed a parking pass. So we drove to this little town called INDEX to get our pass. I remember many years ago, I went on a white water trip that started at Index bridge. Anyways, after we got the pass, we returned to the trail head and started to our hike. The road to the top was long, but we were treated with some relaxing and beautiful waterfalls. Oh and I received a WAR EAGLE at the lake. It was really awesome, I ran in to an Auburn fan by the lake, we even sang the fight song together!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

The entire hike was around 5-6 hours, it was a fun and good hike and the lake was beautiful. Afterward, we stopped by Old School BBQ by Monroe. The owner was extremely nice, since we did not have enough cash for two, she gave us a combo plate with 2 sides and a drink for the little bit of cash we had. Thank you Old School BBQ. All in all it was a wonderful day!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!


It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!

Wow!!! What a game!!! Black Friday was much of nothing, I really did not need anything that was on sale, so I bought nothing. But the game was amazing!!! Auburn was just amazing!!! Right before the end of the first half it was 0-24 Alabama. At the end of the first half it was 7-24. In the end we won the game with 28-27. WAR EAGLE!!!

Of course last time, we beat Bama, I was here in Auburn and I went to Toomers. Today, I wanted to go again, even on a slightly rainy day. The following are my pictures from Toomer’s Corner!!! Enjoy!!!

Response code is 403

War Eagle!!! Hey!!!

Our March Seattle Auburn Club Happy Hour Event.

Exciting weekend…

So This weekend was pretty exciting right? I had an extended weekend because of a minor oral surgery which I undergone. Don’t worry… everything is great… I am now bionic… ha ha ha… just kidding…

But so.. Friday… I took my Mom to Mt. Vernon to see some flowers. It was not too bad, however, it could have been better. This year, the tulips are blooming a little bit late.

So as you all know that we had a bit of a scare on Saturday, but what was really interesting was that when we were at the ER, I was wearing my Auburn Baseball cap. I got some interesting comments.

First, the triage nurse said that … “oh you are from Auburn?” I replied “yes”.
Then, the xray nurse said that he grew up in Mobile, Alabama and his dad taught a the University of Alabama for a bit. We chatted a little about Auburn Vs Alabama… yeah… 6 in a row… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now the most interesting thing was when the ER doctor said, “Did you go to Auburn?” and I said “yes” and he replied… “so did I”. “Oh my gosh!!! WAR EAGLE” I shouted!!!… I could not believe it… it was amazing that the doctor that was treating my mom was an Auburn Grad!!!!

Wow!! What a small world right?

My First Youtube Video

Yep, it has been a while since my last blog. Life has been busy. Let’s see… I had a chance to travel to Maui, HI for a project interview and yes just this week we got a response that we got selected as the winning consulting firm. Woo Hoo. I’ve also had a chance to travel back home to Auburn, AL for one week for Thanksgiving. Got a chance to go to toomer’s Corner after the game!!! Woo hoo.. that was awesome. 17-10 … Auburn has won 6 years in a row!!!! WAR EAGLE.

Oh .. and I got a new HD Camcorder!!!… I am usually not a video type of guy… usually still shot type of guy… but it is fun to play around a bit every so often.

oh… let’s see my second midterm is coming up … and then final and then final project. Yep… lot of stuff…

Oh… it is starting to get cold here… no snow on the ground yet.. but some snow on the mountains… let it snow … after all my finals and things ๐Ÿ˜‰

well.. enjoy the video!!!

Need to do hw and depressed…

If doing homework isn’t bad enough already… Auburn losing just makes it worst. Just finished a nap… so time to hit the go button and get this stuff done.

Plans… finish this stuff today and tomorrow go to seattle for a week and next weekend… Auburn Vs. Alabama!!! I hope Auburn can shake off today’s horrible experience.

Let’s go Auburn… War Eagle!!

War Eagle … Part 2

Sigh… I guess Auburn just don’t do well on the morning games!!
there is most of 4th left… but the score is over 3 scores away… unless there is a War Eagle moment … let I said… we still have 12:28… so We can do this !!!

Come on Auburn!!!

War Eagle!!!!

So… it is an early game for Auburn Tigers today. I am watching on… Yeah for Yahoo!!!… it is exciting and my heart is pounding!!!!

Come on Auburn!!! Let’s go Tigers!!!
We can do it!!!

Currently 0-7 UGA ๐Ÿ™


Now… let’s score

Iowa State University

The oldest water tower west of Mississippi!

ISU campus…

Wow… what a day… I spend an entire day on ISU campus. I even went to my Monday class today. I met some of my professors, visited alot of the on campus Information Assurance labs and projects… I talked to some of the other grad students… wow… it really makes me want to go back to school…. full time. But then again…

It is amazing how much similar ISU is to Auburn … both are land grant universities. They are both very Awesome in Engineering… both have lots of red brick building… and they both are in a small town. Now what is different is that Auburn Football is doing a lot better than ISU.

WAR EAGLE!!! Posted by Picasa

If you are an Auburn Tiger Fan Throw your hands up … War Eagle!!!

War Eagle!!

WAR EAGLE and General Patton

Why does George S. Patton?’ Jeep have “War Eagle!” written on it? There are several possible answers. “General Patton was stationed at Fort Benning and apparently liked Auburn football,” said alumnus Pete Turnham, who served under Patton during World War II. “I have been told that he said he wanted his troops to fight like those fighting Auburn Tigers.” Turnham “also heard that one of Patton’s aides was an Auburn man, and he sold the general on Auburn.” Another theory is that Patton’s driver was an Auburn fan. Still another is that Patton was simply using a subordinate’s vehicle while he inspected units of the 301st Combat Team at Strakonice, Czechoslovakia, soon after Germany surrendered in 1945. If so, that commander might have been an Auburn man. Perhaps the explanation is as simple as coincidence. — Photo: Auburn Alumnews

This is a cool post my sister found, and all I have to say is WAR EAGLE!!!

The final score is 28-0 Auburn. War Eagle!!!

WOO HOO Auburn Won!!! 34-10!!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

It is half time and the score is ? 31-3 Auburn. I can’t believe this. Auburn is doing so well… and as aways … it make me feel proud to be an Auburn Tiger!!!


War Eagle!!! Woo hoo!!! It is another Sat. in the fall… of course it is Auburn Football time. Well, today Auburn is playing against Tennesee and Auburn just scored the first touchdown!!! WOO HOO .. WAR EAGLE!!!

Touch Down Auburn…. it is First Quarter … the game is Auburn Vs Miss St. in Mississippi.

so Currently it is 7-0 Auburn, WAR EAGLE!!

Well… it is almost 2004 … and I am sitting at home by myself on new years eve. It is already 2004 in Taiwan and in Auburn. Oh and Auburn Won 28-14 …. Woo hoo … War Eagle. Anyway, it is really not that bad… I am going to have a chance to catch up on my sleep tomorrow morning .. yeah… Besides… I wouldn’t feel like doing anything without my lovely Fianc๏ฟฝ around anyway. I really miss her.

I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Good bye 2003 … and HELLO 2004!!!!!

War…Eagle, fly down the field, Ever to conquer, never to yield.

War…Eagle fearless and true. Fight on, you orange and blue.

Go! Go! Go!

On to vic’try, strike up the band,

Give ’em hell, give ’em hell.

Stand up and yell, Hey! War…Eagle, win for Auburn,

Power of Dixie Land!

— WAR EAGLE (Auburn Fight Song)

What the heck… less than 10 mins into the 3rd quarter …. it is now Auburn 18 and Alabama 16…. boy … they are racing up back behind Auburn…. War Eagle…. Go Tigers!!! We need to shut them down and make some big plays!!!

Going for two !!!! TOUCH DOWN!!!!… Woo hoo… Oh yeah.. WAR EAGLE!!!