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Completion of another phase

After a super awesome and smooth presentation, I am happy today say I am an official graduating graduate student!!! Now all I have to do is to wait for December 18th for the graduation day!!!

So from my last post, I was pretty nervous. I had 60 slides and I had a total of at most 45 minutes to present. I ended up finishing around 35 minutes and started my demo. However, Murry’s law … I mean murphy’s law strikes again. I tested my entire setup before my comittee member’s arrival and it worked great. Half way through my presentation my VPN connection back to my home network dropped. I did not think much of it, I figure I can just restart the VPN when I am doing my demo. Well, when it is time for my demo, the VPN would not connect and I was not able to do my demo. My professors wanted me to move on and finish the rest of my presentation. I did and I was expecting grilling questions, but all 4 professors had no questions. So I was asked to leave the room and with in 1 min. I was congradulated!!

I am having alot of mix feelings… I am happy that is it over but it also means I will have to start to search for my next challenge 🙂

Yeah!!! I am graduating!!!

Blogging from 36000 Feet off the ground!!!

So… it has been a while since my last blog entry… I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean life hasn’t been moving. Actually, it is very much the opposite. So this past weekend was Labor day. as usually, I went back to Auburn for Labor day. It was also my Mother’s 60th birthday!!! The trip was good had plenty of good food and Auburn Won their first game of the season!!!..

oh don’t worry… more pictures to come when I get home. But as for now… let’s talk about on board Wi-Fi!!!

Woo hoo… so this flight from Atlanta to Seattle actually have on-board wifi…. actually .. I am writing on it right now!!!
So of course as a super geek… I took pictures.

and I ran speed tests.

All in all it’s pretty nice…

For on-board wifi it is pretty nice. 1.5mb/s down and 256k up. Not too bad..
.. I was not able to get voip to work… VPN works but very unusable. Youtube is watchable… but I wonder how many people can watch it at the same time.

The only problem I see is that my battery will only last 4 hours and the flight is 5 hours… yikes…

Well… I actually have to work now.. on the plan and send something out… ha ha … anyways… short week this week

Moving back to the city

It is really exciting the thought of moving back into the city… however there is one thing that I will be missing… I don’t know if will be able to stay up or not. for the last 3.5 years, the ZIPP system and the local ISP has allowed me to run my own web/ftp server without any hassle… now I am moving to the big city… I don’t think comcast will let me do that :(.. I will at most have a 8mb down and 768k up … wow… a downgrade on my internet access. so the question is this … what do I do with my services? I have a webserver, a ftp server, a mail server and VPN services back to my home network… what will become of all that??? will I ever be able to do what I am doing now in the big city?

After another half day of work in Hillsboro and half day of driving … I am home tonight in Ephrata… Woo hoo… it is good to be home to my own bed… yep … got to get ready for a full day of meetings for tomorrow. BTW Fiber home connection and VPN is so cool…

Well… what a wonderful good friday. I got a call around 3:30 am this morning. There was a network problem in Louisiana somewhere, so being so nerdy as I am… I flip open my laptop next to my bed and VPN in back to the office. The dial backup for this office worked flawlessly and fix the problem within 10-15 minutes. That includes all the half awake fat fingering too. Anyway… I think I should go back to bed now. Good night everyone.