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Updating my blog and just chilling…

The last couple of days been pretty busy, with my family visiting… I moved from the master bed room to the guest bedroom, and from the guest bedroom to the office. But the exciting thing is my parents and my uncle from taiwan are all here in Seattle visiting me. It is good to be with family πŸ™‚

So as for work… it has been pretty busy. Good news is that we got the NY project. Even after the lack of onsite interview… YEAH YEAH!!!! so NYC here I come.

More updates to come.


24 years ago today our family left Taiwan for the US. it is pretty amazing that it has been 24 years already. Happy 8 8 Day. (Chinese Fathers Day). Today I am just chilling at home and with my buddy Robert and cleaning my place. It is just a relaxing day. πŸ™‚

My exciting airport meeting

So it is so interesting. While I was waiting to go through security today at SEATAC. I saw a Chinese priest. I ask where is Father going today. He said San Francisco all the sudden I realized that he is my uncle (my father’s cousin, the Archbishop from Taiwan!!!) Oh my gosh… I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I ran in to him at the security check in in SEATAC. This must be something special!!!!

Clamming on Mother’s Day

This year’s is one of the very few mother’s day that I did not spend with my mom. The reason is my little sister and my mom are in Taiwan. So since last weekend, after only finding one clam with my dad I been really thinking about going back for some clams. Razor clam was also open this weekend, however, it takes 3 hours of driving to get to a razor clam location and low tide for that area is around 8:50. Yikes… I almost gave up on clamming this past weekend until I talked to a new friend who told me that she was going to somewhere near Gig Harbor, so after doing some research I found this site.

We left around 8:30 and stop for license purchase at Federal way and got there right at low tide around 12pm. It was super awesome. We dug up so many Manila Clams it was amazing!!! We even got a sea snail. Way cool!!!!

On my way

I am on my way back to my birth land. I am in the airline lounge waiting for my flight. My flight will be boarding around 1:30 AM and will be heading back on 2:00 AM. I will be back in Taiwan on Sunday 5:40AM. My goal tonight is to stay up until 4:00AM PST .. and then sleep the rest of the way. Oh btw… I am flying first class!!! Soo… I am keeping track of whats going on… here are some pictures πŸ˜‰

from checking in.. to the lounge

I am lost…

about an year ago… I was back in Ephrata, I was fairly happy… but I feel the pressure to find something different. I then moved and found something different. I was happy… and now I am pretty stressed and I am confused… my lease is about to be up… work has been stressful… school has been stressful… relationships has been stressful… The relationship part is partly because of the distance… it sucks… I wish she is here. But I was just listening to my ipod and I heard a song and it reminded me of Ephrata.

I hope everyone in Ephrata is doing well… So … Spring is coming… I still can’t believe it is 2008 already…

So… the current plan is I will be returning to Taiwan in May.

almost 2 Years Later…

almost 2 years later…
It has been two years… I thought I moved on… I am getting better… but hearing that/those news still hurts me… It shouldn’t but it does. I am a much more mature guy now… I am … but I am still very emotional sometimes… I need to be less emotional. I talked to a guy on the plane the other day… he says… to succeed in life you have to have passion for something but also be able to have emotional detachment. Meaning … you have to be able to detach emotions from things. I keep on thinking about things that people tell me … you have to be able to “pick it up and put it down”. I think my problem is that I can pick it up, but I just can’t put it down. so now I just don’t pick it up… when opportunities comes along.. if you don’t take it, you miss it. And fear of failure is one of the greatest barriers to success and to happiness.

Happiness… what is happiness? I am happy… but right now… I am not sad… but I just somewhere in the middle. so where am I? I am in Ephrata, WA… in the center of the Washington desert. So, why did I end up here? professionally, it was a good move… and it is still a good move professionally… and also it is in washington… there is a direct flight from seattle to Taiwan, it don’t matter now.

You know… I need to stop this… I complain tooo much on my website… but eventually it is just another page in my book of life. We all learn from it and move on right?

I am a good person… I try to be a good person… I have beliefs and standards and I believe I know my role as a person.

So.. I guess just been true to myself… and look forward everything will be good.

{sigh}…. 2 years …… 2 years…

Dreaming …

I been doing alot of dreaming and thinking… it reminded me that … it has been a while since I last been on a train. I think last time I was with Hsiu Hsiu in Taiwan going to some place on a train. It is hard to imagine… but that was a long time ago. This week is a super busy week. Working on the cut over for our radio project… School work is still pilling up … and it is about to be over. I just can’t wait oh and GOOD God, it is cold outside!!!… close to zero… F not C!!! BURR!!!!

I promise as soon as I am done with school all the pictures will be sorted and completed… I am sorry about the delays… they will be done … all of it before xmas!!!

Another week… this past weekend .. I did not do anything useful… I did get a chance to see Fantastic 4 with my friends… but it make me feel really sad … when I saw Ben’s wife gave back her ring to him… It made me really sad…. Funny… out of the entire movie and that is what I remembered? All I have to say is I know how he feels…. IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS ALOT!

I just feel like I am drifting…I dont know what to do…. If I force Hsiu Hsiu and I together… it is not going to be good. So if I know that why am I so sad and depressed. Everyday I think about her… she probably don’t think about me as much… or else she would call right? I am sure she is thinking of the same… then again… she did say… what good is thinking … I am a person with no actions. Am I really that person?so time I am wondering what am I doing here in Ephrata? Why am I here in Washington state? Am I here because of the job? Am I here because of the money? Am I here because it is closer to Taiwan than anywhere else in the US so Hsiu Hsiu can go back to Taiwan with a direct flight? Why am I here? I don’t know …

People say … you will be over it… you need to get over it… I don’t know if I can… I don’t know if I want to… I don’t know ….

My friends are telling me that I have changed lately… they say I am more irritated, I have a really short fuse lately.. I am not the smiley person I was … I don’t know…

I feel really sad and depressed… I miss her and why will it not work? should I just quite my job? will it make it better if I move over to China? Will I be happy? Will everything be better?

My family spend over a decade getting our citizenship in US.. and I am thinking about leaving? No, no I am not… There are times when I feel that if the fundamental ideas between us don’t even work out how will this relationship ever will work out? So what is the ultimate goal? We both agreed that it is to be happy together and have a happy family. How hard is that? Is that too much to ask for? I am not a person with our a career and no future… why is it so hard to reach that goal… why do we have to think about CHINA or US? Everyone else in the world wants to come to the US for a live and I am trying to convince a girl to come and live in the US? What is wrong with living in the US?

All this stuff is really point less… maybe she already forgot about me and I am just here babbling… everything is pointless….
so why am I so sad and depressed?

Maybe I need something to eat?

I have to say… Packet8 phone is so cool. Hsiu Hsiu is in Taiwan, but she has an Auburn, Alabama number. So I can call her anytime just like she is in Auburn, but she is actually in Taiwan. I love the world of IP.

It has been another week since my last blog.  I have been really busy.  The good news is I finally got over my cough and my cold.  So what have I been busy with lately?  Well, I been busy with work of course.  Yes yes, out portal/gateways are having issues again.  So for the first two days of this week, I been babysitting the vendor and trying to help them find out what is wrong with their hardware.  Ok ok, that is enough about work.  So what else is going on?  Well, I am going back to Auburn again next week.  Why? because Hsiu Hsiu, my fiancee is graduating!!!  Congrats, Hsiu Hsiu!!!!!  The sad news is that soon she will be going back to Taiwan… but not before visiting me first πŸ˜›

So I am still up… it is already 1:50 am and almost 2:00 am… why am I up? well, my fiancee and I are watching the elections in Taiwan… GO KMT!!!! it is very exciting … even though we are so far away, but the issues in Taiwan are still important to us!!!

Well… I got my taiwan pictures posted…. I might still need to work on them a bit more .. but there are there for now…. take a look.

So… Today starts the second full day that I am here in Taiwan. I think I am over the time lag thing. I woke up this morning fully charged … It is currently… 7:24 am Tuesday morning. So I guess everyone is wondering how did everything go? Actually beside the trip from US to Taiwan being a little bit tiring… everything actually went very, very well. My father and Hsiu Hsiu’s father talk a while about our future and so far so good. I think Thursday we are going to make some official plans. As for pictures? well… so far … I just have pictures of food. I mean .. I know I said this before … but taiwan’s food is one of the best in the world. For example … yesterday… Hsiu Hsiu’s family took us to a 4 Star teriyaki restaurant. You wouldn’t think that a teriyaki restaurant would be that good… but I have to say… you are wrong… The food was incredible.

take a look….

Pictures from Day 1

With the way I keep on taking pictures… sooner or later my website will be a food critic website.

Hopefully I will have more pictures tomorrow.

Well, I am in Japan now… waiting for my flight to Taiwan. I found this open internet terminal… The guy that was here left 10 minutes of time for me to type and play with. Anyway… I found that my US currency is useless here… and since I am only here for 3 hours, it isn’t really cool to get it converted just to use the internet. Anyway… Should be in taiwan in another 5 hours.

I’ve been in Ephrata for almost 6 months. Wow… time really flies… and speaking of time flying … 3 more days and I am on the plane to Taiwan. WOW!!! am I excited? heck yeah… but I need to get all my work stuff done first… I got to do my self eval so I can get my raise when I came back from Taiwan….. Yeah… Mo’ money Mo’ money … mo’ money!!!

Well… it is almost 2004 … and I am sitting at home by myself on new years eve. It is already 2004 in Taiwan and in Auburn. Oh and Auburn Won 28-14 …. Woo hoo … War Eagle. Anyway, it is really not that bad… I am going to have a chance to catch up on my sleep tomorrow morning .. yeah… Besides… I wouldn’t feel like doing anything without my lovely FiancοΏ½ around anyway. I really miss her.

I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Good bye 2003 … and HELLO 2004!!!!!

Well… I just finish calling home to Auburn… everyone is having a wonderful time at my parents annual Christmas dinner… and I won’t be there again this year πŸ™ . This is the second time that I am not home for Christmas. Last year I was in Taiwan, but this year I am all alone… So what am I going to do for Christmas eve and Christmas??? Well, one of my new coworkers has asked me to go over to his parents place for dinner tonight. So I am going over to Wenatchee tonight. I am so blessed to have friends like him. I will make sure I take plenty of pictures. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

And I miss you so much Hsiu Hsiu!!

This sucks… how long does it take for the lens to come in? I mean gee wiz… I order my glasses last week and I still have not receive them. I just called the eye doctors and they said they are still waiting for my lens. I just hope I get it before this weekend. It has just been too long. I should have gotten a pair of glasses in Taiwan. They would have it done overnight.

For those of you that follows my blog, here is a sneak preview of the pictures I took in Taiwan. I still have to do alot of work on it … but this is just pictures without discriptions. Enjoy!!