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Impressions of the Palm Pre

So after a killer filling Chinese buffet lunch… which we swore not to do it again until a date after Sept 1, 2009, my friends and I visited the local Sprint store to check out the Palm Pre. I know it is like couple month late, but I am just curious to see what all the hype is about and if it is in any way a competitor for the iPhone. So my first impression is oh… it looks small and it looks pretty neat. The second thing I did was to poke and start opening applications. The first application I opened was the camera, and what did I notices? The camera application opened up really choppy. It almost seems like it is being interrupted by another process as it is opening. It was not a smooth and beautiful app open. This could very well be caused by the background processes. After that initial discomfort, I continue to open more apps and more apps, what I notices that the OS will let me open and running many apps all at the once. The speed for each just decreases slightly. I can very well see some potential problems with this.

With all plastic and plastic view screen, the phone just feels a bit cheap. The touch stone charger is really cool. The phone has a LED flash to support the camera and that is pretty cool too. The mirror on the back was worthless.

All in all, I would have to say that iPhone still won!!! Oh… I will probably not buy any Palm stocks anytime in the near future. I mean, if Palm is really depending on this phone to save their entire business, I hate to say it, but I think Palm’s end maybe near soon.

Thursday… This week is flying by…

Way too much stuff going on…

– So yeah… I started twittering … not like I have alot of time… but I just started since few of my good friends are all on it. I’ve got to keep in the loop I guess and see what the hype is all about. But this is very interesting, there is a trending topics column on the side. This means that if everyone is tweeting what they are thinking then the most commonly thought of topic would appear. What would be interesting is if it is possible to artificially create a trend in the twitter ecosystem?? hummm…. interesting.

– So yeah… Iphone OS 3.0 is pretty cool… been having alot of fun with it. I am waiting on my Iphone 3GS. My friends been asking me for my old Iphone and I would love to give it to a caring person… however, anyone who have seen my iPhone will know that it is pretty beaten up… yep.. power button don’t respond all the time.. and a small dent in the back… yeah… pretty beaten up. So I am thinking a retirement party for it and then off the the lab it goes…;)

– So yeah… Iphone OS 3.0 supports CalDAV which means I can activitly interact with googlecal, since it also supports CalDAV. So I use googlecal as a centralize keeper for all 3 of my calendars (work, personal, school). The only thing that I found is that the update is not as quickly as I thought and I can’t find a way to force update yet. Also no push notification when an invitation is sent to the calendar, oh bummer.

– so yeah… my work for graduation is still in progress… don’t ask how far along… it will happen when it happens… no pressure please… thanks… 😉

IPhone OS 3.0 Upgraded …

After an early scare on my upgrade… I went from a jailbroken iphone OS 2.2.1 to a standard 1st gen. Iphone OS 3.0. At first I was getting the emergency dialing only screen. This is because the Apple App store server was busy and had issues. For a while I thought I bricked my old Iphone. But I am happy to announce that it is back and for two more days of service before it’s retirement.

But so far I am pretty happy with it. Well, besides the fact that I can’t use tethering everything is very cool.

– The search spotlight is pretty awesome.
– Copy and Paste!!!! Woo hoo finally!!!
– Push is awesome
– International.. now I can type chinese in Zhuyin!!! … I can send my little sister messages in chinese hee hee… maybe even get my parents an Iphone
– caldav is awesome!!! now I can sync my calendar over the air…

I can’t wait until I get my 3GS… then I can..

– A2DP…
– better camera with auto focus and macro… great with Evernotes… yeah!!!
– voice commands
– never get lost with a digital compass
– Auto Car wash with iphone
– Solve all homework problems on the fly
– acts like a vaccuum and sweeper with the new 3GS

oh… how wonderful is technology…:)

IPhone OS 3.0

So… Today Apple.. the computer company not the music label or the fruit… did a preview of their upcoming Iphone OS 3.0. It is pretty amazing. Finally, they are going to turn my little Iphone to something that is friendly with all the cool Bluetooth devices around. I mean… I remember my old SE t616 I can do so much with Bluetooth… but of course it also had a bluetooth vulnerability that can allow anyone to download the entire phonebook without any alerts, but let’s not talk about that. Anyways… I took some notes … and this is what I noted about the preview today.

– Peer to Peer Bluetooth apps… Automatic discovery… Cool
– medical equipment for iphone… blood pressure cool… and maybe something for diabetics? Aw… they do have something for diabetics.. however they need to have some implant device so you don’t have to poke.

– Turn by turn.. woo hoo.. except with B.Y.O.M… Bring your own map… which means.. a nav system will likely cost around 99 dollars or so from the app store. We will see.

– Universal Push… Sweet.. this will really help with our new side project idea.
– copy and paste … Finally!!!!
– land scape keyboard … humm… not much a big deal for me.
– Search in Email and calendar … Nice… I needed this… even search on server too!!!
– Note Sync … Woo hoo .. but already using only Evernote
– Voice notes… already doing it in Evernote
and stereo bluetooth A2DP… WOO HOO… no more cable in my car!!!!
… Oh but wait.. what is that .. A2DP will not work on 1st Gen Iphone???? oh damn you Apple… forcing me to upgrade!!!

Proxy Sensor!!! oh.. imagine the possibilities.. like a do not touch app…
Voice chat API over WIFI!!!! …. wooo …cool!!!!

All in all pretty cool deal … I can’t wait to play with it this summer.

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K …”

Ok Ok .. I borrowed that from Bill and Ted, but yes things has been interesting for the last few days.

Monday… Got my new box… got it all put together but with no OS. My MSDNAA account provided me with a copy of the Vista however, it was corrupted.

Tuesday… my fight with the stupid OS continues with no success.

Wednesday… my first ever pizza and poker night with my friends and co-workers. I actually won big on a blind hand… amazing… 🙂

Thurday… So far it’s pretty good… this morning I finally got an OS installed on my new box… so here is where the consolidation begins.

Timemachine to a network drive in OSX 10.5.2

So… After many weeks of having my 500 G USB harddrive, I finally decided to connect it up to my Mac mini server. I want to have my OSX Timemachine to automatically backup to that drive. At first I keep on getting an error from the time machine after a few seconds of running.

The backup disk image could not be created

After searching on the net a bit … I found my solution.

1) mount the network drive
2) Select the network drive in the Time Machine Preference.
3) Run Start Backup
4) and look in the network drive that you are connected to in Finder and see what the file name is.
5) The file name should look like machinename_{hex number}.sparsebundle then turn off time machine
6) copy the name and open disk utility under applications/utilities
7) Under disk utilities create a new image.
8) Save the file as machinename_hexnumber that was wrote down in 5
9) Set the volume size to the size of the backup drive size. It can be smaller then the drive. I used 320 for my 500 gig drive
10) Volume format to Mac OS extended Journaled
11) partitions set to no partition map
12) and finally set image format to sparse bundle disk image.
and click create

Once the image is created in the network drive, run timemachine and back up now.

It will take a very long time the first time… but that’s it…

So who needs time capsule?

to get a Mac or not to get a Mac, that is the question

I been thinking about switching for a while… but for some reason I just have not moved forward with it. At first I was waiting for the mac mini. Then I was waiting for the new Intel based mac. and now I am telling myself I should wait until the new OS X comes out. But I know I would really like it but I just don’t move forward with it. Why?

Well… we will see 😀

Working and Studying…

It is an interesting experience going to school online. I am watching a lecture in my room instead of a class room. All my interaction are via the computer. The computer is such a distraction. But it is also such a wonderful tool. Speaking of which… why am I not buying a Mac yet? Please tell me? why?

I know.. I am waiting for their new OS X. and I am selling stuff to save up for one. Anyways… still have alot of stuff to read for school.

I was looking at some new years pictures from my friend Raymund. I was like… oh how cool how did you take those cool party pictures. He said, well, I use some 1600 iso and 3200 iso and so on and so forth. But oh darn, my 300d doesn’t support 3200 iso. But then I remember the Russian 300D hack firmware I saw a while back. So last night, I installed the modified firmware on my 300D and BAM! I have 3200 ISO on my camera. I test it out and yep … it is more grainy than 1600 and it is more sensitive to light. I will have to try it out at the next party I go to. The only problem I have with it right now is … I don’t know what are all the feature do and what does the AF OS and AF AI and so on….

Anyone have a clue?

Today just flew by way too fast. I did not even have time to take a small break…. ok ok I did take a lunch break. So what’s been going on? Wireless … that’s what’s been going on. I don’t know when … all the sudden I am the wireless 802.11b guru… at least people in the company think so. Well… anyway… I am working with Warlinux… and other cd bootable linux, trying to find a way to have a very good wireless sniffer tool for a none linux user. yes yes… I know about netstumbler… it is easy to use … but it does not provide with all the information that we reall what!!!

Any linux guru’s out there that want to help??? … boy … I feel like I am back in college doing my OS project.

so… what kind of OS are you???? Click here!!… Stupid program…. it says I am a Windows 98… What the….