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My New Dining Set

Thanks Peter, Xavier, and Vicky for help with the setup of our new dining set!!! 🙂

DIY: Simple Snowboard Wall Mount

So, I was just cleaning out my garage yesterday and I decided to put everything in their place. I been thinking about doing something with my snowboards. However, the snowboard mounts are pretty expensive. After reading a bit on the internet, I decided to do it myself. So it is really simple and it works great. So for materials, 2 sheet rock screws and some electrical tape. I just wrap the electrical tape around the head of the screw and then screw the screw in to the wall with the electrical tape exposed. Then simply slide the snowboard in between the two screws and there you have it. A very low profile snowboard wall mount.
Take a look below.

1) My original idea and design.

2) Sheet rock screw with the electrical tape on one side.

3) Place the screw around 11 inches or the with off your board.

4) Slide the board in between the two screws and it should hold.


Weekend / Monthly Update with Min-Hsao Chen

So it has been a very long time since I wrote in my blog and since I am in the middle of my craziness at work on a Sunday, what better time to write a little bit about what have been going on so I won’t forget all the little things.

So Let’s start from now and go back to where we last left off…

Today.. I am working in the office today… overwhelmed with 2 major projects. Oh and I also receive my new glasses… which is incredibly fast.  I ordered them on line on 05/20/2010.  Which means I got them in 2 days!!!!! oh and it was only 15 dollars with lens and coatings and all!!! baby!!!

I may post a picture later if I have time.

Yesterday (05/22/2010), we spend an entire day looking for carpets and paint colors…. why? well… look below… 🙂

This past Friday (05/21/2010), I was suppose to be a home owner, however, the stupid lender decide not to fund in the last minute and then decided that they made a mistake and will be funding me.  So I will be closing on Monday!!! Oh … I guess I will be a home owner soon!!! yeah!!!

This past Friday was bike to work day, and I biked to work going my fastest getting to work for an 8AM meeting.  54minutes from my townhome to my office!!! just short of 14mile/hour average time.  I am getting stronger.  In the afternoon, I took on the challenge of 8th Ave NE going south bound.  Yes, it was a super step hill and on top of that it was pouring !!!!  I was soaked!!!

Wednesday, my folks arrived in Seattle.

Monday, I biked to work with my new bike seat… I felt the comfort and more power!!!

2 weeks ago… I was back in NYC for my second trip for my project.

about a month ago… oh I signed contract for a new house. 🙂

So did I miss anything?

New week New hotel and Luggage!!! Finally

So today started off pretty late, I guess I am pretty tired from all the long nights from previous days, but it is the beginning of a new week and the beginning of my last week in France. Today started with my panic attempts to access the internet to finish my work timesheet. With all this traveling, I forgot that I still need to fill out a vacation time card for work. So, I ended up at the local McDonald trying to use their free internet to VPN back to our office to complete my time card. Yes for some reason our internet did not work in our hotel. 🙁

Amazingly, right after finishing my time card, we discovered that there is an Air France Office nearby. We’ve been here for a few days and there is an Air France office just right next to where we were staying, AMAZING!! Since we have not gotten our luggage yet, we decided to go and see if they can help us. After around 20 minutes of waiting and talking to the reps, we got our new hotel address updated in their system, and found out that they have found one of our luggage and maybe delivering it today. Woo hoo!! With that wonderful news, we help our friends drag their luggages across Paris to our new hotel.

Our new hotel is a bit nicer, it even have an RFID key for opening room doors. How cool huh? However, the location of the new hotel is a bit farther than the previous location, but it is still very close to the metro.

Once we all checked in, we decided to go for another city bicycle ride around Paris. Oh, I just love riding bikes around Paris!!! This time, we rode to the Picasa museum and the Victor Hugo’s House. Unfortunately the Picasa Museum is closed until 2012 and all other museums are closed for Monday!!!

We parked our bikes and stopped for lunch at the Cafe Hugo. Yumm Yumm… Beef and Carrots!!

Victor Hugo’s House.
After a short break we decide to get another bike and ride to Pompidou center. However, I ended up getting a bad bike and unable to return it properly so I was not able to check out another bike. My friends ended up pushing their bikes along the side walk all the way to the pumpadu center. 🙁 sorry guys…

More stairs!!! This is one of my favorite stairs shots.

After a short visit around the Pompidou center, I got a new bike (paid another 3 euros) and rode to the islands to have some ice cream with my friends at the Berthillon ice cream shop. Yummy!!! They have, supposedly, the best ice cream in Paris. So on a cold winter day, we were having ice cream.

Xavier making Hot Chocolate!!

The shops on this street have some really interesting things.

A night view of Notre Dame de Paris, as we walked toward the near by Metro Station.

For dinner, we went to a small wine shop near Bercy. So, tonight I learned that you can not call red wines smooth, you have to describe the wine as fruity or not so fruity… so many things to learn about drinking wine.

Sausages and beans.

Duck breast salad.

After our wonderful dinner, Xavier took us to a night stroll near the France National Library.
and more “stairs” pictures 😉

After we finally returned to our new hotel, half of our luggage was waiting for us!!! YEAH!!!! However, the other 1/2, my half is still missing!!!… so far I have travelled in the same clothe for 7 days. Oh don’t worry, I do wash them nightly ;).
Tomorrow: Versailles

Bento Bento … Boy I am getting hungry

House hunting is what’s been on my mind lately. So being a geek and an engineer… of course I have to figure out ways to simplify my house hunting decision making. So .. I decided to use a database and I came across this application. Bento by Filemaker. It is a ultra-simple and easy database software for the Mac. It is literally as easy as using iPhoto or itunes. You just simply create the fields you want and drag them on to the form space. It even integrates with multimedia and photos. Pretty nifty.

So… my intention is to create a simple database that will let me enter the houses that I looked at and the db will provide a score base on what I want in my dream house. so… in short, at the end of the process I should have a simple list of houses with a simple score telling me which one is number one. Sort of like the BCS system.

Well… All is dandy until I realized that the stupid Bento system does not support Conditional Functions (ex. if statements). Well… that really sucks… because now I can’t get it to score base on certain parameters.

sigh… I guess I have to look for other alternatives… But all in all… I find Bento to have alot of potential … but I don’t think I will purchase it after the trial expires, because it lacks conditional statements.

Stupid jet lag… since I came back from Taiwan, I been falling asleep really early and of course I wake up the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. Doh! This sucks! I hope all this stuff will clear up by this weekend. {sigh} I miss Hsiu Hsiu. So tasks for this weekend are…

1. Sleep and Sleep

2. Keep House Clean

3. Complete the Taiwan Tour website…. I am sure you guys are waiting for this one

4. Find a good PHP or ASP photo albumn script for my site. If anyone know of a good one please let me know.

I have something in my mind of what I want but I just can’t fit it in to my current website scheme.

… maybe I can catch one more hour of nap before work.

Well, this weekend was interesting. I am now officially a home owner, it is kind of cool. I work on the house most of Saturday. We got the place all wired up now only thing I need is to have the cable and telephone service transferred over there. With the help of the Steibs, �THANKS WENDY�, we were able to patch up all the little holes around the house. I guess the House warming party is coming up quicker and quicker.

So what else happened? Humm… Auburn Lost …. DOh that sucks!