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My First email from Mom

Today, I got my first ever email from my Mom.  🙂  It’s pretty amazing.  My dad set mom up with a Macbook pro with chinese hand writing ability.  So now she is on the internet sending emails in Chinese :).

I just love technology!!!

I corrected Google maps!!!

Few weeks back, Google released the updated google maps that supported bicycle routes. Of course I immediately map my route from home to work and I found that they did not connect a segment of the Inter-urban trail. So I wrote to them and today I got a response back!!! Woo hoo!!

Hi Min Hsao,

Your Google Maps problem report has been reviewed, and you were right! We’ll update the map soon and email you when you can see the change.

Report history
Problem ID: 5D86-46E6-CFDF-4DA5

Your report: After step 35 there is an interurban trail from 52nd Ave W linking to 44th Ave W. this is a much better route than what is suggested on the bike directions from google.

Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team

My Awful Experience with Delta Airlines!!!

So this past weekend, I travelled from New York City Airport (JFK) back to Seattle. On the way back I faced few of the most awful costumer services experiences ever and I even found few pieces of glass in my salad. On top of that Delta’s response to my complaint email was shockingly disappointing.

So let me tell you about my recent experiences.

1) Rude ticketing and gate agents in JFK.

When we arrived, at JFK 2.5 hours before take off, we were hoping to get a companion upgrade for me. Since my girlfriend is a Delta Airlines Platinum Status member and is entitled to a companion upgrade. Not allowing us the upgrade is one thing. But the rude attitude and not knowing their own company policy and in addition, constantly trying to charge me $250 dollars for put me on a standby for upgrade is just plan wrong. Especially, when in the end, when we were onboard the airplane there were two empty first class seats available. So as a result a long email letter was written to the customer service about the situation. After some back and forth verification, Delta’s customer service finally admitted to their mistakes and apologized. They also provided 15000 miles to our frequent flier account each. A simple upgrade or even better customer respect in the beginning would have prevented all of this drama. This was the good response.

2) Your onboard food safety is only worth 3700 sky miles!!!

So on the plane back home I found the following pieces of glass in my $8 dollar salad.

On the flight when I tell the flight attendant of the situation the response I got was simply… oh we will refund you but tell your complaints to our website.

So I wrote the following email to

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Min-Hsao Chen. I’ve been flying with Delta for over ten years, and my experience with Delta’s services was fairly good until last night.
During my flight from JFK to Seattle, I ordered a Southwestern Caesar Salad with Cajun Chicken for $8 for dinner. The salad was tasted kind of bad, but I was hungry. Half way through eating my salad, I ,all the suddenly, bite into something hard. When I spit the mystery item in my hand, it was two pieces of small broken glass. I immediately spit out the rest of the contents in my mouth into the salad container. I think there may have been other pieces in there. You can see a picture of the two pieces that I found in my mouth here.

I immediately notified the flight attendants and the response I’ve
receive was shocking and very disappointing and unsettling. When I notified the Delta flight attendant of what has happened and that I’ve found, she simply said that “oh.. don’t eat that salad anymore and we will refund your money”. Then about 15 minutes later another attendant came by and I told her again of what happened, and she simply stated that they do not prepared the food and I need to complain to the website. Finally about 20-25 minutes after I notified the attendants, they came by and collected my credit card and refund my 8 dollars.

It is not the 8 dollars that I am concerned about, but how the flight attendants reacted to the situation. The situation was disappointing and very unprofessional. The first impression I received from the flight attendants were that they don’t really care. Even now, I am still uncertain if I swallowed any glass or maybe potentially cut my throat or mouth. I am continuing to monitor my condition. The point is, the flight attends did not show any
care and concern and that was very disappointing with their very poor customer service. In addition, when I ask the flight attendant again, they simply shifted the blame to someone else by stating that they did not prepare the food and I should contact someone else. This response was totally, unfriendly and unacceptable. A simple response of “are you ok?” and
“what can we do to help you?” would have made a world of difference in my impression and my feel of Delta’s culture.

To recap, please check with your food service provider and make sure that there are no more glass pieces in your salads. I do not want anyone else be caught in the same situation as I or even worst if anyone get hurt because of the glass in their food. Second, please re-evaluate your exception handling procedures with your flight attendants. This situation could have been a none issue if the attitude and the actions of the flight attendants were much better. All in all, I think it will be a benefit to the over all public view of Delta Airlines.

Thank you for your time and please let me know if you need any additional information regarding my experience and regarding the broken glass in my food.

Thanks again for your time and looking forward to hear Delta’s Response.

Min-Hsao Chen

PS. I will be posting this story on my blog and other social networking site. I am hoping to hear a response from Delta.

Delta Airline’s Response is a follows…

Continue reading My Awful Experience with Delta Airlines!!!

CTIA Day 1 Recap

Well, it is day 2 of CTIA in Las Vegas, let me recap my experiences from yesterday. The day started with meeting up with Xavier for breakfast.  We had a simple breakfast at MacD’s, but I have to say this McDonald has the look and feel of a coffee shop.  It was really interesting.  We then walked to the convention center to get my ID and head toward the Keynote.

As we were headed toward the keynote, we ran into couple of Google Androids.

Google Wave initial reaction.

So .. I got an invitation to the new Google Wave, and I even got 8 invitations to give away… but so far my impression is not that great. I watched some of the videos on this uber cool sharing and collaboration platform and how it suppose to be how email will be if email are invented today….uh… right… I don’t think it is an apples to apples comparison.

First my impression was that Wave was just another Twitter or Facebook or basically a virtual chalk board. It is a way to virtually have everyone at the same table all screaming or writing at the same time. It is a little bit crowded and messy and a confusing when there are multiple waves going on. I might as well write XYZ on the chalk board at the ShinJuKu Station and wait for the sweeper ;).

Second, the email comparison they make is not really fair. Emails are for multiple systems, any one can setup an email system, while the wave is a google contained system. it is not the same. They maybe opening the system or the protocol up in the future… but until then … it is no email.

Finally… it is just another social networking attempt… few new ideas in the product but … nothing too new or too shocking.

I maybe wrong or missing something, but I will update my experience in the next couple of day.

mean while … bye bye google wave… I hope version 1 will be better 😉

Mail Ordered Glasses Round 2

So I finally got an email back from The provided a coupon code for another free pair of glasses of my choice. So I decided to give it another shot. I did also adjust my frame size just slightly to try to fit my face better, and I enter in my prescription this time instead of just sending them the scanned version. I hope they will actually produce an accurate pair this time. Once again, I will let you guys know. It takes around 2 weeks for the glasses to arrive so I am estimating that I will get the glasses around March 30th. Oh what a time waster! If this one doesn’t turnout ok… I will go back to buying my favorite brand of frames, Lindberg.

Once again, I will let you guys know.

Hotmail Sucks!

Well, I was just working and messing with my email and I realized that Hotmail really sucks. I can see why gmail has became my primary email client and hotmail has became my junkmail box. So why does it suck?

Here is why it sucks….

New Hotmail
– back button on browser don’t work in the new hotmail
– slow and complex
– still have really really bad spam filter
– Anonying advertisements
– sometimes it just doesn’t work with Safari
– no PoP or IMAP support for the free service

+ The new search is pretty nice

Live Space
– never ever load up properly
– Slow and complex

Why can’t MS just make it simple… K.I.S.S. dudes and dudettes Life is too complicated already, just Keep It Simple Stupid!!!

I would like to know what you guys think? Oh and get Gmail if you don’t already have an account.

What will happen to

Well… with me moving in a few days… I really don’t know what will happen to The domain will still be mine… but the server will be down until I get internet service back up in Seattle. All email to will be forwarded. and well… I guess we will see…. I will probably setup a temperary website just like what I did during the last move. so …. stay tuned!

One week and counting…

It is very exciting… yesterday in the mail… I recieved my work email and my new work phone number. No… I am not going to post it here… I am getting a little bit more paranoid because of my information warfare class.. ha ha ha. But anyways… One week from today… it will be my last day with Grant County PUD. Wow… it is amazing, isn’t it? Today has been kind of interesting… the telecom department had lunch with the new AGM. It is interesting to hear his vision for the District. It is sad to leave… but all things change and we must all look forward and see what is ahead.

Before I forget…. there are still good people in this world. Believe it or not… yesterday I got my lost keys back. After I lost my keys 4 weeks ago… I posted an ad on . It is like a craigslist for Grant county. I was hoping that someone might have picked up my keys. So after searching for my keys with the fairground and the Sheriff’s office, I have pretty much given up on it… until yesterday. I check my email and I got an email from a guy using dalesdeals responding to my ad. He said that they found my keys.


So after a long day… I did get my keys in the end…
I am soo happy!!!
Thanks Mr. Dirks!!!!

I just remember a dream I had last night…. Last night I dreamed about meeting someone … talking about Auburn tigers and my friends and I were all travelling in a van… and then I woke up. The funny part was … i was trying to give out my web address and I had such a hard time writing down or even my email address. My excuse was … I was too tired to write properly. Which was strange because it was in the middle of the day. The other part of the dream was a bit sad… I dreamed about her…

… well.. back to studying…

Yeah… I got my commenting system fix and added some new features..
Well, the problem was I installed a spam replient last night. How it works is the smtp server waits for 25 seconds before it will respond. Well, the PHP has a small timeout as well, so the PHP timed out before the script finishes. That is why I was getting the alerts but no comments were showing up.

Anyway.. some of the new features in the commenting system are

– line breaks allowed (fix)
– Html allowed (new)
– Cookies allowed (new… now longer do you have to type your name everytime… I remembers)
– email alert (new… it will alert you if you put in your email of a response on the thread)
– Also Authentication … If spam starts to happen. right now it is turned off.

cool stuff!!!

Wow… it is Tuesday already… well.. lets do some recap/flashbacks….

Friday, I finished my first exam in my online course. The exam was harder then I expected, but I think I did ok. I really gave me a rush that I use to get after finishing an exam in college.

Saturday, Auburn Won!!! Woo hoo!!! My friend came over and we had a good time around the area and had Etufee for dinner.

Sunday, some morning/noon golf… it was fun… I suck…… just a enjoyable afternoon talking to my friend.

Monday… Work startes again … commission meetings…realizing there are more things in this world then weekends… so work starts to pile.

Monday night…. Woo hoo… new mail server!!!! with SPAM filters!! Yeah!!!

New supernice web interface too!!!

I think I move everyone that is actively using the service over … but if anyone is having problems, please let me know…. send me an email… ha ha ha 😀

Wow…. I thought people forgot about the Minotaur Project…. but it seems not. I just got an email from a guy in the UK. and here is what he wrote.


Thankyou for writing Minotaur. I have installed it at our site and made a few modifications to make it work in our environment. I’ve attached the new scripts in case you’re interested.

I’ve split it into two files so that the passwords are hidden from the end users, so anyone can trace a MAC address. I’ve also modified the logic to cope with switch stacks with redundant paths, and IP phones. Also, once its found the device it prints out some useful information for that port.

Thanks again,


Pretty cool huh… so I guess I will review the code and a new version of Minotaur will be released soon. Cool stuff man… I love opensource!!!

Over the weekend … I got an interesting email from someone in France. This person in France saw my website and the picture of an elephant from Houston Zoo that I took. He ask if he can use the picture on his site… So I answered … of course…. just remember to mention my name. … so here is the link to their site.

Oh… it would help if you understand French…

Bama Fans Rolling Toomers

Wow… I can’t belive it … I just got an email from my buddy in Alabama… look at this … even Bama fans were rolling Toomers after the game…

Bama Fans Rolling Toomers

Oh… and my internet in Ephrata is super super fast…. so all my friends… if you want me to virtual host your site for you… sure… just drop me an email and let me know.

Very exciting news!!! Someone actually send me an email and comments on Minotaur, my layer 2 traceroute script. It was my intention from the start to write this script so that not only one network can use it but everyone that has the need can use it. Yep, Yep, someone is actually using it outside of my company… cool…..

Well, well… while looking through some websites trying to find info to improve my switch mac traceroute program, I came across a cisco page that describe a command on certain switch IOS that does a layer 2 traceroute. Just like my script. However, I tested out on our 3524/48 an the 5500 series.. and they don’t work. Doh! so… I guess my script still have some use. Anyway… if anyone have any input on how to improve it… just send me an email and let me know. thanks.

I was just checking my email… and this is what I recieved in my inbox

From : Ismael P****

Subject: 2004 Allstar tickets


When will your 2004 allstar game tickets go on sale?

What does that mean??? Did he get me confused with the Ticket Master?