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Macau Day 2

Today is Day 2 in Macau, the day started off with a very normal breakfast with my father’s PhD advisor at the local Starbucks.  Yeah, pretty funny huh… coming from Seattle, and I am in Macau having breakfast at Starbucks.  But one thing they have that they don’t have in Seattle.  Fresh Guava juice!!!

My morning sunrise from my hotel room.

The Macau Venetian!!!… just few weeks ago I was in the Las Vegas Venetian.. 😉

My Macau Starbuck breakfast, with fresh Starbuck guava juice!!!

After a full day of technical conference, we went to downtown Macau in the evening for a huge casino buffet. Afterward we went for some blackjack. The casino here in Macau is really interesting, first they can use 2 currency on the same table, HKD and Macau currency. The dealers were fast and sharp. Second, you can have side bets on the Blackjack table. I mean, you can watch a table and bet with someone else that is playing on the table. If he or she wins, then you win. Unfortunately, Today is not my day. I lost 🙁

There sure are alot of Pawn shops around the casino in downtown Macau.

The big casino buffet


Hello Macau!!!

Today was an interesting day. The trip started with a taxi right from the airport to the Ferry terminal. When my father and I got there, we had some breakfast at the ferry terminal. The breakfast was pretty good. After breakfast, we bought our ferry tickets to Macau, however, they only had first class tickets to Macau for the 10 am trip. We were able to get on standby on the 9 am ferry. We eventually got on to the 9am ferry. The ferry ride was very interesting. It was alot different for the Washington’s ferry system. Since we got the first class ticket, we thought it was going to be something amazing. Well, we found out that there was very little difference in the first class seats except for a soda and a cup of noodle. It was pretty funny, on the entire ferry, my dad and I were the only one with a soda and a cup of noodle soup. 🙂 When we finally arrived, it was super hot!!! much hotter than Seattle. After a short bus ride, we arrived at Taipa and got to the conference area… and then that was when I realized my presentation segment has already started. They changed the time and I’ve missed that announcement. But the good news was that I was able to present and I was able to have some really good discussion with some excellent researchers around the world.

After a wonderful day of presentations, the conference’s banquet was amazing!!!  Oh the food… take a look below!!! and I have to say the services here in Macau is just amazing. I’ve got to come back here sometime.  After dinner, my dad and I hang out at the hotel lounge and listened to some really amazing chinese fusion jazz.

Check out the pictures below!!!

View from my Hong Kong Hotel

Another view from my Hong Kong Hotel

My first Taxi ride in Hong Kong.  After all those HK movies, this short ride is all that I imagine it to be!!!

We are here at the busy ferry terminal.

Yummy HK breakfast!!!

Hong Kong City from the boat!!!

Our first class treatment!!!

Who’s houses are those??


Me doing a short presentation

My hotel view in Macau!!!

Time for Dinner!!!..

Ok be ready!!

Rosted Piglet!!!  Sooo good!!!

Chocolate Rain Drops!!!

Fusion Jazz!!!

Fourth Full Day in New York City

Today was another interesting day in New York.

The day started off with breakfast/brunch in a near by diner. Then the day of walking begins. So we first started walking toward time square. We thought about watching a show but in the end decided against it, that’s when we came across the M&M store. It was pretty amazing!!! we found these m&m golf ball and we’ve got this idea to take a series of pictures for the apartment. From there we walked toward the apple store to check out the iPad!!! Since today is the first day, it was amazing that I got a chance to touch one of them. And yes there are still available. My comment on the iPad? big iPhone! and it does not support traditional Chinese!!! What gives? yeah.. I would have probably purchased one for my folks if it supported traditional Chinese, but it doesn’t it only supported simplified Chinese.

We then walked toward united nations, we did stopped by a French dessert shop. Oh, it was really nice… it does remind me a bit of France.

Response code is 403

CTIA Day 1 Recap

Well, it is day 2 of CTIA in Las Vegas, let me recap my experiences from yesterday. The day started with meeting up with Xavier for breakfast.  We had a simple breakfast at MacD’s, but I have to say this McDonald has the look and feel of a coffee shop.  It was really interesting.  We then walked to the convention center to get my ID and head toward the Keynote.

As we were headed toward the keynote, we ran into couple of Google Androids.

CTIA DAY 1: Good morning

Good Morning, Today is CTIA day one.  It is pretty exciting.  I am staying at a pretty nice hotel in Vegas.  Even though it doesn’t have a casino in the hotel, which is a bit strange for vegas, but it is a suite, with a living room kitchen and even a hot tub.  All that room for myself.  So  getting ready now, then breakfast and then head over to the keynote speaker presentation.

Amazing and super busy weekend

This past weekend was amazing!!! Super busy!

First the week before, we received some amazing snow dump in our regional mountains, so on Saturday, my friend Colin and I headed up bright and early in the morning for Crystal Mountain for some powder skiing!!!  We rode up to Crystal with Patty and met up with Lawrence and friends.  This is one of the few time that I actually hike up to a run and really enjoying it.  I have to say Northway is the bomb!!! The knee deep powder field was amazing… riding super past through the field and tree then down the cliffs and back to the lift.. oh … we did that for about 3 times.  It was an amazing day.

Afterward, we stopped by a spring on next to mile post 34.  Fresh spring water with a hint of beaver pee… ha ha ha .

Sorry … my lens fogged up in my iphone… but don’t worry.. the iphone is ok.

Sunday was another interesting day.  I was super sore from the day before.  I cooked some breakfast and was ready for a full day at home and then maybe go to the gym.  However, the weather was so nice that I decided to go and join my friend for a hike up Mount Si.  I looked up the stats on Mount Si and figure that oh it is only 4 miles … I should be fine.  Oh was I wrong.  After 6 hours later we made it up and down the mountain.  The 4th mile up to the peak was covered in snow and we had to find making sticks to help us up.  Eddie, the yellow lab, was a really great encouragement and I think he really helped us get up the mountain.  Thanks eddie.  Afterward, we all went to a Korean BBQ place in Bellevue for some quality time with friends!! 🙂  I think I will start hiking more.  I think it will really help me to reach my health goals.

Paris Day 3

It is Sunday today, not much going on, so I will just start with some of today’s highlights.

First, Bastille market!!! It’s amazingly cool, it is like the French Market in New Orleans or the Taiwanese open air market in Taiwan. It’s pretty awesome with all the fresh food and goods. It really makes me want to buy some food and cook. Unfortunately we do not have a kitchen :(.

Look!!! it’s actually a fish bowl with gold fish on his head!!!

Our breakfast break… We bought some bread and beef and carrots. YUM YUM!!!

Churros … freshly made… much better than Costco churros!!! 😉

Lunch … French McDee’s. uh.. they are actually not very good.
After lunch, took the metro to met up with our friends Xavier (aka French guy) and Huey. From there we took the RER (the regional rail) to a French outdoor outlet. Since my luggage hasn’t arrived yet, I decided to get a new shirt while I am here. I bought a nice purpose dress shirt with french cuffs and chinese knot cufflinks!!!

Afterward, since we were so close to Disney Land Paris, we decide to visit the Disney Village. From the short visit there, I get the feeling, Disney Land is more like American Land, everything there is about the American and Disney culture.

After our short visit at the Disney village, we decided to head back to Paris for dinner. When we returned to our hotel, we walked out to the beautiful street of Paris and found Leon’s. It is a restaurant that serves mussels. What we did not know is, Sunday night is all you can eat mussel night!!!… Yep after 3 rounds of mussels, I was super super full… so good … so yummy!!!

Finally, still nothing about the where about of my luggage and tomorrow is a new week and we are moving to a new hotel.

Christmas Day in Paris!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2009 from Paris with Love 😉

Well, today is Christmas day, I can not believe I just spend a long eventful day in Paris on Christmas day. So where to start, well , lets see this morning we realized that everything closed today so we had breakfast in hotel… holy crap 12 Euros for baguettes and OJ???… uh… baguettes!! ha ha ha.

So after breakfast today, we followed my original plan and went to Notre Dame Paris for a Christmas day Mass. The mass was awesome, it was all in French, however, mass is a mass they are all the same no matter what language they are in. One thing that did bother me was that tourist that were just going in and out in middle of the service, taking pictures. I just thought it was very rude and impolite. After the the mass we took some pictures around the church and walk our way toward the Arab center.

Monde de la Arabe was pretty cool. They had a very interesting window shade design to let in light. The most awesome thing is that they have one of the best views of the Notre Dame.

Great view of a Notre Dame from the Arab Center.

After the visit there, tried to find some ice cream, however, they were closed so we took the metro toward the tower to meet our friends.

We were in line for an hour or so and then we walked up to the second level of the Eiffel Tower. The 2nd level doesn’t sound too bad huh? Well, except in France, 2nd level equals 3rd level, because they start with level zero. What? starts counting with zero? What is this a computer science class? ha ha ha … but all jokes aside, the walk was not too bad, and I get alot of chances to take pictures for my side project… “stairs!!”.

After a cold evening on the tower, we took the metro to China Town for some French Chinese Dinner. Xavier said there was a very good Pho place, however, when we got to China Town and walked half a mile, the place was not there any more … ha ha ha … that’s ok. We walked back and found a chinese place that had everything. The place felt alot like few restaurant in Seattle’s ID, with one exception, everyone in the restaurant spoke French. In the end, after dinner, I was just excited to get back in my hotel and get some sleep and get ready for another exciting day in Paris tomorrow.
Oh status update… still no news on my luggage…

Happy Friday!!!

Today is a wonderful day. I showed up at work, we had a pancake breakfast and I moved to a new cubical. It has been 2 years since I had an office with a window. It has been over 5 years since I had an office with a view. Ok even this this is a cubicle… this cube does have a view and a window. yeah!!!

Happy day … happy day…

The bad news is … I did not ride to work today:(… I guess I will need to play some ball tomorrow or this afternoon.

Today I fullfilled one of my civic duties as an American. I voted in a presidental election for the first time. The polling place I went to was an elementry school. It is interesting to see all the little kids in school. A little girl came up to me and ask me who I vote for, I said… “I am not going to say”… after a while, I thought about it … I should have said … I voted for Fiber! Actually, that is what really matters in this election in Ephrata. Don’t get me wrong, the presidental election is very important, but I think the PUD commissioner election will immediately affect everyone here, much more than the presidental election.

BTW… I don’t remember having breakfast in elementry schools….. yummmm….

I am cooking breakfast this morning .. and I just realized how awesome teflon is. I love it… nothing sticks to it!!!!!!! Cool stuff!!

Rich people are so weird�

During lunch, I was invited to a VIP luncheon at the Houston City Club. It is a new members introduction luncheon. Man� I feel so out of place. I think I am the only one that is under 30 years old in the luncheon. The meal was pretty good. It was a 3 course meal with salad, a chicken breast and rice entr嶪, very fancy and a chocolate pie desert � very fancy as well. Anyway, the membership coordinators talked about all the benefit of the club and how everything works around the club and gee� it is pretty high class club. They do not use money in this club. You can sign for everything and at the end of the month; they will send you a bill. Boy� high class. So what�s weird about this? Well, nothing is wrong with the club and the luncheon, it is high class and pretty fancy, but I can handle that. So what is weird are some of the new member�s questions. For example, one lady asked and continues to complain about the free cookies they offer at the lobby. I don�t understand what�s wrong with free chocolate chip cookies? Her argument is that, she is here in the club to work out and enjoy the fancy benefits, how can she stay on her workout and diet when there are chocolate chip cookies around for her to grab at will. She also complained about the meal we just had saying that it was not healthy? Wait a minute� she wants the fancy high class club, but she doesn�t want anything that looks not healthy there? No one is forcing her to eat anything that was offered to her� if she wants to eat healthy and work on her diet then don�t eat the cookies and don�t eat the free lunch. I, for one, really enjoyed everything. For 45 bucks a month, I get free lunches, and some time free dinners, and sometime free breakfast. I also get to network with people in Houston, and get access to a gym 7 days a week, plus racquet ball courts� I think it�s great!

Yes I am back in Auburn safe and sound and the last two days has been busy and wonderful. It is almost surreal being back here.

So what did I do yesterday???


It was a very very long day, but a very exciting day. Let see… the morning started around 3am, I woke up, clean up and had to get ready to catch my 5:30 am flight to Atlanta. After sleeping the entire flight� and it was a cold flight� I final got to Atlanta around 8:30. I was welcomed by my wonderful, wonderful girlfriend Hsiu Hsiu!! We then went for coffee and breakfast in Buckhead. It was a little strange to be in Atlanta for breakfast, but it was still pretty good. After breakfast we went to Zoo Atlanta see the Great Panda. It was pretty good but it was not as good as I remembered and I don�t think it is as good as the Houston Zoo. For the price and the animals, Houston Zoo is very awesome. Sorry no Great Pandas in the Houston Zoo. I took some pictures in the Zoo, but what really left a mark was the bee sting. Yeah, I got stung by a bee in the Atlanta Zoo. Funny thing is that this is about exactly one year after my last bee sting. And yes it hurts.After the Zoo we went to a Korean restaurant for some tofu bowls. It was pretty good. And on to Stone Mountain right after lunch. I have to say stone mountain has got a bit pricey, but it is still an impressive site to see. After the walk around Stone mountain park, we caught up with my old college buddies Trung, Julie, and Joe� it is so good to see them. We had a wonderful dinner at the olive garden in Gwentte. Only after seeing Trung�s 2 baby girls, when I realize that I am getting older. I still feel like just yesterday, that I graduated from high school. After a full day, we finally got home around 10 pm� Let me tell you � I slept very very well�.

It has been a pretty good Friday so far…. free breakfast one after another… you just can’t beat that!

so the word of the day is ….

MR2 … is that a word??

DoH! … I woke up late this morning… so much for breakfast every morning.

I cooked breakfast in bed for Hsiu Hsiu today… she was happy!