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Last day of July 2009

July 2009 has been an interesting Month.

1) 10 bike rides to work this month, yes today is my 10th trip to work!!! only 87 more to go!!! So with the total work days of 22 work days this week I rode 10 trips.

10/22 = .454545 = 45% of my working days are […]

Another summer week flying by…

So another week in the summer is almost over. Yesterday was the hottest day recorded in Seattle since the record keeping began in 1891 and what did I do? I rode my bike to home in the 103 degree weather. 13 miles of super heat!!! I started with a bottle of ice water and when […]

Hot summer nights in Seattle

For the last few days, we’ve been getting some record heat in Seattle. Coming from the south, I should be used to this but I have to say it is still hot. The high today was around 95F. When I got home today, it was around 90 in my house. Even now it is 83 […]

Impressions of the Palm Pre

So after a killer filling Chinese buffet lunch… which we swore not to do it again until a date after Sept 1, 2009, my friends and I visited the local Sprint store to check out the Palm Pre. I know it is like couple month late, but I am just curious to see what all […]

Updates Updates Updates!

So … First of all … Happy Friday!!! Yes it is Friday.So, yesterday was pretty cool. Our volleyball team won 2 more games yesterday. Yep, yep. we are now 3-32 … awesome record right? So we will be going for 3 wins next week. What’s new today? What’s new this week? This week I am […]

Depressed and Stressed

I been felling a bit depressed and stressed the last couple of days. Mainly I guess I feel like I am stuck… I still haven’t finish my school stuff… and I am not making any good progress, and as time passes I get more stress and more depressed and don’t want to work on it […]

Reading my friend’s grandfather’s war Journal

So… my friend Colin, just pointed me to his updated blog. He is transcribing his grandfather’s war journal from 1945. It is pretty amazing. It was like a short and sweet blog entry one after another form 1945. This started me to wonder, will my grand kids read my blog 50 years from now? That […]

Wednesday …

My ride to work was fun this morning. So I made it under 1 hour from my house. 55 minute of riding time and 3 minutes of stops alone the way. My average speed today was around 14. It was good, but I still feel very tired. I’ve been tracking my diet as well on […]

Running late this morning ..

This morning … I am running late.. I slept a long time but still did not want to get up. Don’t know why? Maybe my ride to work will wake me up. I better get going… I am running later 🙂

Another day of riding to work

Today been a busy day. My trip counter is up to 4 1/2 now… and it will be 5 trips after I return home today. A while back, I calculated in order to get my money’s worth for my initial bike purchase,I need to have made 97 trips. so that just means I only have […]

Three New Addition to Mintrix.Net

So after a very very very long time, I finally decided to add some more things to my website. This week, I added 3 new additions to my site. Back in the old days I was a purist and would never add all the 3rd party scripts and etc. I remember, when I needed a […]

Come here Neo Sweetie…

So… last night, it was very hot here in seattle, so I decided to sleep with all of my bed room windows open. So around 3:00 AM this morning, I heard a girl calling “Come Here Neo, Sweetie.” coming from outside my bedroom window in the alley way. Maybe she was calling for Leo… but […]

Morning Ride to Work

Today is my second time riding to work this week. Few interesting things happened during my ride to work.

1) Gosh I was tired…. I guess the ride from Tuesday, the volleyball practice on Wednesday, the volleyball game last night really mess my body up.

2) I hit a new top speed today. 35 miles […]

Friday Ride to work…

Goodness… I am so tired this morning… need to wake up and get ready for my ride to work…. need coffee.

Updated RSS Link

Hey Guys and Girls that are subscribing to my blog feed. I am changing my feed slightly so please update your subscription to the following link. Just click on it and your reader should update. Thank you.


Cube Cheater!!!

Wow this is pretty amazing. An app that can solve the rubiks cube. I guess I am more interesting on how it was solved. I think I remember something about if you understand linear algebra you can solve the cube really easily, however, I never could visualized how to solve it really quick. Almost but […]

Feeling good and Google Voice

So I got a new number today… Google voice number. 🙂 Will this be the last number that I ever get? who knows… maybe few years later I will look at this entry and laugh. So yeah.. I rode my bike back from work. I am not as tired this time as last couple of […]

Another Successful Ride to Work and it’s only 8:30 am

Oh… it is anothe Beautiful day with another successful ride to work. It took under 1 hour from Colin’s place today …woo hoo!!! Good ride!!

3rd Trip to Work

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So… yeah… I wrote my first Iphone App today and it’s actually pretty cool. Oh it is just a silly random generator app, with a bit of twist to it. It is a B number generator. Well, since I am a consultant and we are always ask about billable hours and where each minute of […]


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