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Beautiful Saturday!!!

Oh another amazing beautiful Saturday in Seattle, and I am working on my side project. I really need to get this done. So I can enjoy the rest of the summer… oh wait … I got to work on my school project too… yikes!!! More to come.

New Glasses from Costal Contacts are in 7 days from ordering!!!

So this is super fast… 7 days after ordering online… I got my glasses in the mail.

What do you think? It is very snug, but it is nice. Slight distortion on the top of the glasses… this might be because of the size of the lens. This may not be a good pool glasses. […]

Clean Camera = Happy Min

So … As I stated before … I got my CCD cleaned this week … so here is a comparison for everyone on how much difference it made on my pictures. So look in the sky on the first picture and you will see all the black dust spots. Then look again on the new […]

Sunny Day in Seattle!!

Sunny DaySweepin’ the clouds awayOn my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,How to get to Sesame Street

Come and playEverything’s A-OKFriendly neighbors thereThat’s where we meet

Can you tell me how to getHow to get to Sesame Street

It’s a magic carpet rideEvery door will open wideTo […]

Camera Clinic in Shoreline

So Yesterday I drop my camera off to this small camera repair shop in Shoreline WA. I been getting alot of little dust spots on my pictures. and since the weather is so nice it is really annoying to take pictures and then spend 30+ minutes on the computer trying to fix all the dust […]

A wonderful Long weekend around and about

This past weekend was pretty good and relaxing. Of course after the break in incident. Well, of course after Saturday morning of running around getting my window replaced and oh and I got my wind shield replaced as well. Yeah, I guess, after I moved to Seattle, I have done alot of work on my […]

I hate stupid people in Seattle!!!

So it was a great afternoon, a beautiful day and a wonderful afternoon. I had an oppertunity to go and watch an exciting 12 inning Mariners game. Yes and the Mariners won. After the walk back to the car after a wonderful evening… I discovered my car was broken into AGAIN!!!! Yes second time this […]

Revisiting Star Trek and Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville

Oh… around summer of 1991, I attended Space Academy (aka older kids Space Camp) in Huntsville, Alabama. Now almost 20 years (ok 18 years) later, I revisited the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville to watch the new Star Trek movie. It brought back so many memories. What amazes me was that after 18 years […]

My exciting airport meeting

So it is so interesting. While I was waiting to go through security today at SEATAC. I saw a Chinese priest. I ask where is Father going today. He said San Francisco all the sudden I realized that he is my uncle (my father’s cousin, the Archbishop from Taiwan!!!) Oh my gosh… I can’t believe […]

The Sea Snail Dilemma

So you know, we got one sea snail yesterday from the clam dig. Well, everything else was eaten last night except for the sea snail. It was a pretty cute and big sea snail. So since no body knows how to cooked, it created a small dilemma for me. It was pretty cute and pretty […]

Clamming on Mother’s Day

This year’s is one of the very few mother’s day that I did not spend with my mom. The reason is my little sister and my mom are in Taiwan. So since last weekend, after only finding one clam with my dad I been really thinking about going back for some clams. Razor clam was […]

Dad’s Visit this weekend

This weekend my dad came over from Alabama to visit. I has been a long time since I had some one on one time with my father, but it was great! We were able to go see the tulips in Skagit Valley and attempt to dig for some clams up near the canadian boarder in […]