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Returning to Central Washington

This weekend is pretty special. For the first time in 2 years, I drove back over the cascades and back to Moses Lake and Ephrata area. Why? well, my friend’s oldest daughter is having her first communion. This is a special occasion for us Catholics. The drive over to Moses Lake was extremely special. I […]

Another busy April weekend

This past weekend was fairly busy. Oh… I guess it really started on Thursday night. I found a piece of bone in the fatty tuna sashimi at Red Fin Japanese Restaurant in Seattle near Stewart. can you believe it. It was a 1 cm piece of bone and the waitress was like oh… those things […]

What a weekend… and an end of the 40 day experiment

So this past weekend, I was in Houston helping my sister find a place. Houston brought back so many memories. I saw all the places I use to go. I went back to visit my old townhouse, and that tree was still there.. and it is huge now. ( look back in 2003… where I […]

Off to Houston…

So interesting day today, I will be heading back to Houston today. It has been many many many years since I been back to Houston. No no… I been back to Houston IAH airport, but actually going back to Houston City.. it has been a while. So many memories… I will be there for Easter […]

Taking Iphone classes from Stanford

So… I’ve been thinking about Iphone programming and been working on learning some. The wonderful thing about internet is that you can take some free classes online. So I’ve decided to take some free IPhone programming classes from Stanford. So far it has been pretty cool. I will keep you guys updated on my progress.

Nature’s Candy

Oh… how I do love to have a good Muscat or Muscadine… I found some today at H-Mart during lunch.. so naturally.. I bought 3 boxes… 😉

I love fruits!

Snowing on April 1st (fool’s)

It is pretty amazing… 4/1/2009 and it is snowing outside. You got to agree that the big guy upstairs have pretty funny sense of humor… right?