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My Sushi Dinner

So…I been feeling really dizzy lately… hardly can work … been trying to rest and get better. The doctor says that there is really nothing they can do for me. The doctor says that I just need to rest to recover. So this afternoon, I decide to make some sushi for dinner. It has been […]

I’m a PC, and I sell fish.

Oh my… this is a funny ad..

The truth is … PC and Macs are both just computers and they are just tools. However, I have to say… it sure takes alot longer to get a PC setup properly. But then again, I am doing it from ground up trying to save some money.

It’s […]

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K …”

Ok Ok .. I borrowed that from Bill and Ted, but yes things has been interesting for the last few days.

Monday… Got my new box… got it all put together but with no OS. My MSDNAA account provided me with a copy of the Vista however, it was corrupted.

Tuesday… my fight with the […]

The fundamentals of our economy

If the fundamentals of our economy are not strong, does this mean we are not going to recover from all of this? So, if we will recover from all this turmoil, doesn’t it mean that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong”??

I think people should look at their investments in long term view and […]

Oh sweet MR2.

Some of you may not know this .. but my first car was a MR-2, it was a white 1985 MR-2. My second car was also a MR-2. It was a 1990 MR-2 Mark II. It was very similar to this one found in this link. The only difference is that I did not have […]

Bose and Pioneer

So… let’s talk about some retro audio.About a year ago, I picked up a set of Bose 301 Series 2 speakers. Yeah, these speakers were pretty good back in the 70’s and the early 80’s. I faintly remember my Dad’s friends having one of those and everyone was wow-ing around the speakers. (This was back […]

Another Dream that got implemented

So… About 3 years ago, I was in the Fiber to the home world of Ephrata, WA and an idea was developed. My idea was a way to have a P2P distributed file system very similar to Bit Torrent except a virtual drive is created on your computer and then broken up sort of like […]

Your European Tax dollars to good use…

ha ha ha …ok ok… I don’t know if it is really using tax dollars.. but hey… it looks pretty interesting… and also boy… it must be annoying the be living in that little village near the megaphone.

ha ha ha ..

oh … silly you… 🙂

Busy and Exciting Weekend…


Friday – Tennis, Jillian’s, Bubble TeaSaturday – Auburn vs Souther Miss (WIN), Work on punching down wall jacksSunday – Mariner’s Vs Yankee(WIN), Leatherwood Live

yep… it was a fun weekend…. however, I did not get much school work done… yike…

Woo hoo .. I am back

So after a week and a half of moving and no internet I am finally connected back up. Whoo hoo!!!

It is good to be back… so what’s been going on? Humm… let’s see… moving for one. Oh … i discovered that moving in to a townhouse sucks… because the space seem so much bigger […]