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Free Access to Britannica Online!!!

So…. it seems that Britannica is giving away free access to all online publishers.

So… I just registered…. you should too.. just click here. I will let you know if I get approved or not.

After a long weekend of snow and cold..

After a long weekend of working out in the cold nailing up little blue boxes…

No no… not the Tardis But these little buggers.. But anyways… this weekend was pretty crazy… I was working pulling cat5e’s in a crazy snowy weather weekend. So after about 2 full days of working on cable pulling… today […]

Snowing in late April!!!

So… they say it’s going to snow this weekend… but we all thought it was going to be some rain mixed slush… but WOW… take a look!!!!!


Oh … exciting Wednesday!!!

So … Few exciting things today…

I am on The Evergreen State College campus today. I am just finishing up my survey work here. my left ankle is bothering me a bit… I hope it is nothing serious. But at least I have good shoes on today.

But what is exciting today is that Fring […]

Exciting weekend…

So This weekend was pretty exciting right? I had an extended weekend because of a minor oral surgery which I undergone. Don’t worry… everything is great… I am now bionic… ha ha ha… just kidding…

But so.. Friday… I took my Mom to Mt. Vernon to see some flowers. It was not too bad, however, […]


Thanks for everyone’s prayers. My mom is fine. ER cleared her yesterday. No major problems at all. She will be heading back to Auburn today. woo… what a relief.

Once again, thanks for everyone’s prayers.


Today was suppose to be my mom's return to Auburn. Unfortantely, my mom was feeling a bit incomfortable, so we postpone her flight back and I took her to the hospital. So I am here in ER waiting as they run series of tests. I hope everything is ok. Everyone please pray. Thanks!!


Back in to Tennis

So tonight… I get a chance to play tennis again. Well.. ok not really playing tennis but taking tennis classes. Yeah… it’s been many many years since I took a tennis class. I noticed that I am not as fast as I use to be, but I will get there again. The classes reminded me […]