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So what a Saturday, I had the opportunity to play my first real golf course. I played at Moses Point Golf Course. Well, the reason why I was there was because the PUD had a friendly golf tournament. Anyway, I was a bit nervous at first. It is not because it was the first time […]

Well, it ends up it wasn’t blogger’s problem after all. It was my new router. I guess the 3rd party firmware just wasn’t as reliable as I thought. I guess I will have to wait a little longer.

Blogger is having problems again!!! EEK!!!!

OK… This is one of the coolest technology thing that I have done in a while… Aside from all the stuff at work. Anyway, my D-Link DI-614+ has been acting up lately. BTW the DI-614+ is a home gateway router with 802.11b wireless built in. I bought it about 2 years ago. It is actually […]

Wow… Look at all the cameras in the Olympics!!!

Trap Shooting in Ephrata

Wow.. What an interesting night. So this is fair week, and tonight is demolition derby night. I was planning to go to Moses Lake to watch the derby, but instead I went with my co-workers Devon and Ben to the Ephrata Shooting Range. I have never went trap shooting before, but it is really fun. […]

I have to say… Packet8 phone is so cool. Hsiu Hsiu is in Taiwan, but she has an Auburn, Alabama number. So I can call her anytime just like she is in Auburn, but she is actually in Taiwan. I love the world of IP.

Stupid me…. I left my phone in the living room… I miss Hsiu Hsiu’s call this morning. DOH! There is something weird, when I was calling Hsiu Hsiu on her Packet8 phone, it for some reason did not forward to the voice mail. Strange. Anyway… I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH HSIU HSIU!!!!

Well, it has been couple more weeks since I last blogged. Well, alot of things has happened since my last blog. For example, Hsiu Hsiu now has a master in Industrial Engineering. So I do have alot of pictures from that. Well, I also started to wakeboard a bit more. I can get up now […]

I am so sore today… my body is hurting in places that I did not even know it can hurt. EEK!!! I guess it just means I need to exercise more… right??

What an exciting and tiring Sunday. So what’s so special about today, beside being a beautiful clear day? Well, I went to wakeboarding with Terry, Tim, and Neal. Terry and Neal are both co-workers from the PUD. Mohan was going to join us, but something came up and he has business to attend to. Sorry, […]