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Making Saliva Chicken

Like everyone during the lockdown, I am reaching deep into my inner chef and trying new things to cook. One of the new dished that I tried a few weeks ago was the Mouth-Watering Chicken (Kou Shui Ji, 口水雞). Direct translation sometimes call it “Saliva Chicken”? …. Mouth-Watering Chicken sounds much better. Anyways, it is …


Cooking Whiskey Steak

This weekend is the first-ever Easter weekend with a global lockdown. But even though it is an amazingly beautiful weekend here in Seattle, it is a weekend where Seattle shut down most of the popular parks and public areas. So, I saw this video on youtube of using whiskey to marinate steak. The video made …


The day of cooking

So today is an atypical Sunday, or maybe it is a typical Sunday in 2012. Anyways, today started off with me steaming mantou (饅頭) (Chinese Steamed Buns), then in the evenings making some dumplings, and of course Vicky baked some yellow cake from scratch!!! Awesome cooking day!!!