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TIL: Wireless Telephone in 1962 Space Needle


 Today I Learned (TIL) that special wireless telephones were built for the Space Needle’s rotating restaurant in the 1962.  Today, this may not seem to special, but back in 1962, the is truly futuristic.  OH and 1 HP is all that is required to turn the space needle restaurant!!!

Ref:   Space Needle: The Spirit of Seattle

Ref:  WUNC and Sceince Friday

My first paper to be accepted by a conference!!!!

Wow… what an amazing morning. I received an email that one of my paper just been accepted by this conference. ICWN (International Conference on Wireless Networks) is the conference name. Oh!!! Exciting!!!

AT IWCE 2008

I am sitting in a boring session of IWCE.  It is pretty good show for wireless, but alot of the same repeat.

YouTube and Wireless Hacking

Yes.. the two have absolutely no connection… unless you are trying to use a hacked wireless to watch YouTube… but anyway… today I heard that YouTube got bought by Google. So does that means that YouTube and Google Video are merging?

Also.. I been working alot on my Wireless Class Project… Trying to hack WEP and WPA and understanding the process … work on it most of the night last night no success yet…. but I will let you know when I succeed.

Short rest at night in Seattle, now I am in the Airport again ready to fly to Vegas. This should be fun. Oh BTW did I tell you how much I love free wireless???

Always connected… oh yeah..!!!

I am in Cincinnati right now. I am still sitting in the airport. I got just got free weekend wireless from t-mobile… since I am a t-mobile member…. how cool huh… yeah!!! good deal. Anyway… I am still waiting for my flight… I think it is being delayed. The interesting thing is I thought Cincinnati is Central time, but they are on Eastern time. I almost choke on my food when I realized that I only had 30 minutes before the plane departs. …. oh … they are boarding now… so… see ya in Seattle.

It is 3:55 am and I am sitting in front of the Continental Airlines counter using a free wireless. anyway…. did not get any sleep yet because we did not get back to uncle Chen’s place until 1:30 am. By then it was too last to sleep. So I ask uncle Chen to drop me off at the airport. Well… I have not played Starcraft for a while and yes… last night was pretty fun. Those young kids were pretty good. 2 to 1 yes… I gave them a good run but eventually they overwhelmed me. Yeah… I am getting rusty. They sure talk alot of trash. Anyway.. got to check in now.

Merry Christmas!!!

You know .. in airports… wall plugs are like water wells in a desert…. well… at least for a techo geek like me it is …. My ipod is out of juice and my laptop’s battery is shot… I need a new laptop… :-(… anyone wants to donate one? anyway… 2 wall plugs and I got both… it took me a while to find them … but you can… just have to have sharp keen eyes. Now free wireless in airports …now that is super rare.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Well, I am sitting on the floor of…. ok now waiting chair in Boise airport. I just flew from LAX on a turbo prop to Boise. Boise airport is really small… but it has free wireless. And that is why I am online checking my email and writing on my blog. Well…. this weekend in LA was just too short. I had a chance to meet some of my Dad’s college friends. It is very interesting to hear them talk. LA is a very interesting town. we did not do much… but I know I want to go back and do more. I mean in LA, it is just so easy to get anything. Unlike Ephrata. Oh and let’s not talk about the cool type of food they have… oh and the weather is always nice. Anyway…. we will see… Well… this long weekend is way too short. I guess the really good part about it is that I will be flying back to Moses lake … so the drive home will only be 15 minutes, instead of 2-3 hours. That’s good.

Well, right before lunch today I found myself with some extra time… so I took some pictures and I will share it with everyone. Enjoy!!

A view from the wireless lounge

History of Cisco

Cisco Standard issued backpack

the Sign

The world of solutions

Cisco Challenge

Cisco Clinic

I know I mentioned how much I love wireless. Well, today I walked into my morning session and realized that it is not really what I wanted to take. So I pull out my laptop and with 3 clicks I was registered for another class and I am on my way to a different class. I love NETWORKING!!!

So I did mention how nice it is outside right? So I am sitting in the front yard, with my 802.11b wireless card connecting to the internet, writing my blog. Ok you say that’s nothing new right? Yep, you are absolutely correct, but I am also listen to MP3s from my Nomad Zen Xtra MP3 Jukebox. So you are saying … that’s nothing new either… and I say you are right again. But what is new is I am sitting outside and the music is coming from my Bose boom box and the Zen is outside with me. So how am I doing this?? With a FM transmitter of course!!! Yep, I got a FM transmitter for my MP3 player. It was only 10 dollars shipping included. So which one did I get? I’ve bought the Belkin TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter . I have to say, it actually works pretty well. It works very well in cars as well. So what am I listening to on the MP3 jukebox/Bose setup? Well… I am glad you asked. I am listening to RIP SLYME. It is a Japanese group… so I don’t understand a word they are saying, but their music as an interesting beat to it. I got introduced to this group by my friend Serg and also by the new anime series called GANTZ. It is a very interesting series.

Doh… I was wrong… I’ve always though my house is on the same power grid as the hospital, but today I found out that I am not on that grid, but my neighbors across from me are. Well, I guess you figure it out. I am sitting in the middle of a power outage with a flash light and my laptop using someone else’s wireless and trying to call the power company. it is actually pretty need really. But … I think it will just get hotter and hotter in the house. EEK!!!

Well… I hope the power comes back soon. I guess this is what it was like couple weeks ago in New York … huh?

What the heck… again? 2:30 AM … I am up to check on a network problem… anyway… thank god for wireless and vpn and a laptop… yep I am able to do everything and not get out of my bed. Now, I am going back to sleep. Good night everyone… oh … please rain …. rain hard… so I can sleep tomorrow mornig… oh and don’t flood Houston.

Well, after 4 years of faithful service, last night I finally retired my freesco box. My freesco box was actually a 486 100mhz box with no cd rom drive and 32 megs of ram and a 40 meg harddrive. So in its place, I installed a D-link DI-614+ wireless router plus 4 build in switch ports. Actually, it was a lot better then I ever expected. I mean for $39 bucks (after rebate� which I have to remember to mail out) you can�t really beat that. I have to say that I am very impress with the capabilities of this little router. It will do all the port forwarding and even set firewall rules and port opening base on time of the day. If you wanted to be really cool you can even set a machine in a virtual DMZ. The only thing I don�t think it does is manages DNS�but then again, I may be wrong� I just have to play with it a little more tonight. As you can see, is now running behind this little 39 dollars box.

This is pretty neat… I am currently in a tea house … waiting for my passion fruit tapioca. Cool… oh and they don’t have security for their wireless either….

time to go cruise around town… this passion fruit tapioca is weak…. I guess I will not be coming back here any more.. 🙂

It was another Friday of wireless sniffing. I got a chance to spend the afternoon with a Ernest Young security audit guy. He showed us some new stuff and we show him some new tricks as well. It was pretty fun. One thing though, he was not as amazing as I imagined… so it kind of put everything in perspective. Time to go home!

Well… today started pretty crappy… I mean I thought Knoppix was going to save my day… but this morning when I got in to the office… the wireless portion just doesn’t work right? “… I swear it works last night….” So… I think I will wait for the 3.2 version to come out this week and try it then. In the mean time, I will try to figure out why it is not working and see if I can make a custom version.

7 days left

I know… I am going on about Knoppix… but it is really really cool… I am using it right now… all the wireless cards are automatically detected. The only problem I have right now is still getting the network scanning stuff working. Cool stuff. Let me know what you guys think… post it on the comment below.

You know what? I don’t know what is the deal… I mean … because of the audit… all the sudden everyone is supper interested in the wireless scanning stuff. And all the sudden everyone wants a linux box to use Kismet. I guess it is a good thing that everyone is moving to the penguin side… but I wonder if everyone knows what they are getting into?