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My super short stop in Japan.

After a 10 or so hour flight, I get few hours lay over in Japan. Nothing really special though. I did however found an open AP and start messing around with my iPhone and chatting with friends back home.

As you can see, I’ve got to have some of this nice Japanese layered cakes. YUM

I wish I have more time. I will definitely spend more time in Japan.

On a flight to NYC!!!

So this week is my New York trip. It will be a pretty busy trip… but I think I will have a chance to return soon with my other projects in New York and NJ. So once again, I am on a Delta flight using the onboard Wi-Fi. It is pretty cool. This is my second time of using WiFi in mid air. Yeah … the world is changing.


Columbia River (Wenatchee)

Great Lakes

Blogging from 36000 Feet off the ground!!!

So… it has been a while since my last blog entry… I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean life hasn’t been moving. Actually, it is very much the opposite. So this past weekend was Labor day. as usually, I went back to Auburn for Labor day. It was also my Mother’s 60th birthday!!! The trip was good had plenty of good food and Auburn Won their first game of the season!!!..

oh don’t worry… more pictures to come when I get home. But as for now… let’s talk about on board Wi-Fi!!!

Woo hoo… so this flight from Atlanta to Seattle actually have on-board wifi…. actually .. I am writing on it right now!!!
So of course as a super geek… I took pictures.

and I ran speed tests.

All in all it’s pretty nice…

For on-board wifi it is pretty nice. 1.5mb/s down and 256k up. Not too bad..
.. I was not able to get voip to work… VPN works but very unusable. Youtube is watchable… but I wonder how many people can watch it at the same time.

The only problem I see is that my battery will only last 4 hours and the flight is 5 hours… yikes…

Well… I actually have to work now.. on the plan and send something out… ha ha … anyways… short week this week


So… Busy Day today …

Here is my list

1) Work
2) Tomorrow Biking… got a new bag for biking… 🙂
3) Drop box=
4) Good Bye X 🙁 … sorry that I missed our last tennis game … i hope you had fun
5) Picked up Shirts from shirt jail.
6) Did you get the memo on the TPS report cover sheet?
7) yeah… got to work a little late
8) no chance to finish up the draft report… being delayed more 🙁
9) oh… Multiband WiFi at home
10) I am tired…

I LOVE WIFI….. with the power out I can still be on line!!! that’s progress!!!

Well… My cable modem is down… why? I think the storm tonight took out the cable TV. One more reason why I LOVE WIFI!!!!

I miss you Hsiu!

Humm… 802.11 Wireless Ethernet build in to your cable box? Is it possible? What about security? I find it very interesting to see what they would do about security, if this was ever deployed. Imagine, a wireless neighborhood network in your community, wouldn�t that be very cool!

Warchalking?!?! What an interesting concept.