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Back in the days when I had one gigabit per second to my home…

Years ago before I moved to Seattle, I was working in Grant County PUD as a telecom engineer.  At one time, I was actually the responsible engineer for their Fiber to the Home project there.  It was super interesting when we were  providing 1 gigabit connections to all the houses in Grant county.  We were also doing triple play at this time.  Triple play is when a service provider is providing voice, data, and video.  This may not be a big deal today, but this was in 2003 in Grant county Washington.

So today, I learned that Google is going to try to provide Gigabit Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network.

Interesting… but we’ve done it before already in GC.  But with that said… I am sure google will do a better job.  it just seems like we had some good ideas but just not at the right time.

Just like this Google power meter thing… we did that too… 😉

AMR – Fiber to the Home – google powermeter

Few years back, back when I was working for Grant County PUD, we had this grandiose idea about reading power and provide a graphical view of the power with our fiber to the home. The idea was it will provide the users/rate payers a ways of seeing their power consumption and maybe assist in the more efficient use of power. The bigger benefit was for the power company to accurately predict the power requirement of the system at anytime.

So how we did this or the plan to do this was to use the meter which can provide us with a pulse and with in the fiber gateway there is a dry contact specified in the gateway specification. The gateway also have a buffer which hold the count and this can be accessible via SNMP. So the idea was pretty simple. The meter will spin and the butter in the gateways will keep count of the number of spins. There for keep track of a relative power consumption during a period. With an integration with a database and calculation, this can produce some nice graphs and estimate… so we imagined…..

Well… recently I read about Google’s power meter. I was like… “Oh my Gosh”… that was what we were working on…. Sigh… just did not have enough resources to make it happen like Google though.

But all in all… this is pretty exciting news.

Dreaming of a beautiful house

So… I woke up this morning very disappointed. Right before I woke up this morning, I had a dream of looking at a beautiful house. The kitchen was so big and beautiful and the ceiling was so bright and high. My mom was there, my dad was there and Hsiu Hsiu was there too! I just loved it. I remember I was asking my parents what they thought, and I was very excited to found that house that I want. Then… all the sudden… I realized that this is a dream..and I began to wake up.

So really … I thought about it some more…I probably can’t even afford the house in my dream… why? I think it would be around 4,000,000 (4 million) or so….

yeah… pretty crazy… but I guess I can dream…

my guided tour of one of the houses I visted this weekend. (warning.. it is in Chinese… and the video maybe slow… blame Comcast. I miss my PUD fiber 🙁 )

Day 5…

Well… today concludes my First week at Sparling. Thing are going pretty well. I am very very excited about all my potential work. The type of work is different from the PUD work or the work I had from EP, but it is good stuff.

So… Today I am going to San Fran. Yep pretty exciting…. yeah.. because I get a chance to meet my parents there and also meet some friends. I am very very excited.

Finally… Today is jeans day!!!… yeah…. Jeans!!!

One week and counting…

It is very exciting… yesterday in the mail… I recieved my work email and my new work phone number. No… I am not going to post it here… I am getting a little bit more paranoid because of my information warfare class.. ha ha ha. But anyways… One week from today… it will be my last day with Grant County PUD. Wow… it is amazing, isn’t it? Today has been kind of interesting… the telecom department had lunch with the new AGM. It is interesting to hear his vision for the District. It is sad to leave… but all things change and we must all look forward and see what is ahead.

At a Crossroad

I have just made a major decision that will affect the next couple of years in my life. It was a hard choice to make between three really good companies.
1) Grant County PUD, Ephrata
2) M/A-Com – Tyco Electronics, Denver
3) Sparling Consulting, Seattle

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to move to Seattle and work with Sparling Consulting.

Giving up Grant County PUD is really hard, but I believe the move to Sparling will we good for my career in the long run.

Well… now I will have to finalize my start date and start closing out some of my project here with the PUD.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

For the last couple of weekends… it’s been super packed… First it was the Auburn Trip for the Auburn WSU game… then it was PUD Golf Tournament weekend … and this weekend is my Seattle Trip… and next weekend is my Business trip to Vancouver, BC. September is a super busy month.

What is stupid is that I am still in Ephrata right now. I have to make a 8:30 appointment to drop my car off. it will be a long day.

In middle of all that… I will be going to meet all the Auburn Alums to watch Auburn play against LSU.

War Eagle!!!

yeah… I am thinking at sometime this afternoon I will probably need to head to the hotel and take a quick nap. We will see.

Ok… Let the day begin!!!

Well, I just posted the PUD Christmas party pictures.

Today I fullfilled one of my civic duties as an American. I voted in a presidental election for the first time. The polling place I went to was an elementry school. It is interesting to see all the little kids in school. A little girl came up to me and ask me who I vote for, I said… “I am not going to say”… after a while, I thought about it … I should have said … I voted for Fiber! Actually, that is what really matters in this election in Ephrata. Don’t get me wrong, the presidental election is very important, but I think the PUD commissioner election will immediately affect everyone here, much more than the presidental election.

BTW… I don’t remember having breakfast in elementry schools….. yummmm….

So what a way to spend my 1 year at the PUD. So today I did not get home until 9:40 pm. And no… I was not having a party. I was working. Very fustrating work. The worst part, I did not solve the problem. GRRRRR….

Happy 1 Year anniversary!!!! Today is my one year anniversary working here at the PUD. I can’t believe that it is one year already. I have learned so many things and so many things have changed in the PUD since I got here. For example, currently I am on my sixth supervisor and the fiber project is not moving as fast as I expected. It is mostly because of political BS. So after one year, what do I think about Grant County and Ephrata? Not bad, it is a lot smaller than Houston, but hey� 2 and a half hours away from Seattle. Now, that is a pretty cool town. Still I can�t believe that so many things have changed and so many things stays the same.

Some of the things that stayed the same �

1) I still have a house in Houston� what gives? someone want to buy a townhouse in Houston?

2) No updates on my website in a long while� just too busy � no time� not even for blogs� crazy.. huh

3) Still the same car … for now.. that may change soon… got to sell the house first

Some of the things that changed�.

1) I am engaged � but no wedding plans yet

2) Hsiu Hsiu graduated � and it is now in Shanghai� I miss her so much

3) There are other small things … but I just don’t remember right now.

4) … oh …. I guess that means I am getting more forgetful.

So what a Saturday, I had the opportunity to play my first real golf course. I played at Moses Point Golf Course. Well, the reason why I was there was because the PUD had a friendly golf tournament. Anyway, I was a bit nervous at first. It is not because it was the first time on the big course. Nope … not at all. It was because I was playing with 3 directors on my team. Yeah… not one, not two, but three. and there are a total of 4 people in a team. The game was a golf scramble, so that means everyone hits the ball and we play from the best hit. And repeat until we make it in the hole. Anyway, after the first nine holes, I finally calmed down and started to hit some good shots. Well, I never realized that a golf game lasted so long… we played from 10:30am to about 3:30pm. But it was alot of fun. So how did my team do? Well, we got 4th!! a 68…. cool huh?

What an exciting and tiring Sunday. So what’s so special about today, beside being a beautiful clear day? Well, I went to wakeboarding with Terry, Tim, and Neal. Terry and Neal are both co-workers from the PUD. Mohan was going to join us, but something came up and he has business to attend to. Sorry, Mohan, you missed out. So we went to Moses Lake, rode by the sand dune’s area and had a small picnic on the boat. While we where having the picnic, I saw 4 or 5 fish jumps. It reminded me of Lake Martin in Alabama. After the quick picnic, I wakeboarded a little. Yep, I finally figured out how to get up on top of the water!!! whoo hoo. I might have some pictures coming soon. Anyway… later we went to visit Neal’s lot and just had a great time on the lake. Wakeboarded some more… oh .. and I performed my first face plant.

Face Plant” — The action where the wakeboarder or skier falls face first into the water.

Yes … it hurts… it felt like my brain was rattling inside my skull. So … after about 5 hours on the lake … I was burn out and ready to go home.

I bet tomorrow… my body will be sore!!!

I know I have not been writting much on my blog … but thing has been pretty busy here. Well, today I am going on my first business trip for the PUD. I am going to Oregon to a testing lab to test out some enviromental testing stuff for the fiber project. pretty cool stuff man. Anyway… it is about a 5-6 hours drive and we are heading out around 12:00. We will see how that goes.

So… what’s all the secrecy all about for the last couple of days/ weeks, well, the truth is I’ve recently got a job offer from Grant County PUD as a telecommunications engineer. So where is Grant County? Grant County is in the middle of Washington, near the Columbia River. I will be working in a town called Ephrata, WA. Well, it is a really small town. The town only has about a 1.5 miles radius. It has a total population of around 7000 people. Grant County has about 75000 people. To make a point, you can fit everyone in Grant county in Jordan Hare stadium and still have empty spaces. See, it is a small town.