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The best 3D Christmas movie ever!!!

Oh yesterday evening was such a beautiful Friday evening!!!


Few years back, Colin, Brian, and I went to watch Harold and Kumar 2, and we had a blast. So when the new Harold and Kumar came out, of course we want to go see it together again. So last night the 3 of us plus Teagen, first meet up at one of our favorite happy hour spots (for some beer and appetizers and then headed over to the movies. And as usual, the oysters at Blue Acre was amazing!!!



After the quick and short HH, we headed to the movie. So without reveling too much, I have to say this movie,, was an amazing and fun to watch movie, especially with your good friends. First of all it is definitely a late 20’s or 30 something’s movie. There are a lot of references to things and movies of people in that generation. (e.g. Christmas Story, Space Camp, etc) So what about 3D? Is it a another 3D gimmick? Well, I have to say that this movie’s 3D effect was well done and enjoyable. To me, this movie tries to do what 3D movies tries to do when 3D was rare (like Caption EO). For example, there are lots of enjoyable and funny moments in the movie where viewers will reach out and try to grab the incoming objects. All in all, the movie was just a fun and enjoyable holiday movies that set you in the Christmas mood!!! I would recommend all my grown up friends to watch it, but please keep the kiddies at home ;).

All in all, it was an amazing evening. Oh and I LOVE YOU WAFFLE-BOT!!!


Oct. 26, 1985

So what is so significant about October 26?  Well, it is the date that Doc Brown discovered Flux Capacitor.  As any good nerdy engineer knows, the flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible.

So today is the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future.  It is one of my favorite movies as a child.   It is hard to imagine that it has been 25 years already.  I remember watching back to the future 2 when they travel to the future and how wonderful it is and how one day we will be living in that future.  So well, we are here now, 2010.  25 years into the future that Doc Brown wanted to visit and how amazing it is!!!

I always imagine that if they do a re-imagine of back to the future today, will they be travelling back to 25 years ago to 1985???

“Woah… that’s heavy!!!”

Another Short Weekend

Weekends just seems shorter and shorter!!! So what happened this weekend. Let’s think back…

Friday night I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D IMAX.  Oh it was so cool, the movie was not so bad either. But I have to say the $31 dollar ticket price for 2 was a bit expensive.  All I have to say is I can’t wait until Tron Legacy!!!

Saturday was an all day house hunting, I saw so many houses and townhomes, I even saw couple of town houses on Eastlake, but ultimately, I decided that, beside the view, there is really no benefit for me to be in eastlake.  Mapleleaf is still the best area for me. I also decided to make an offer on a house near N 100th Street.

Sunday was another house hunting day.  I went to take a look at the house across the street from me.  They lowered the price by 20k.  Tempting, but they are right next to a cell tower, which get my folks worried.  I also looked at couple other houses, finally, I went back to the house I was going to make an offer on to take a look.  The second tour was good and the house was very acceptable, I told the realtor that I am ready for an offer,  he called to check on the status, and some one have already beat me to it with a full offer.  Oh well… the search continues.

There are good houses around, but at the price range that I am looking for, and with the 8k from the government, they go pretty quick.

So tonight I will be heading over to Las Vegas for CTIA 2010.  More to come about that tomorrow. 😉