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So busy… :(

Why is everything so busy and I am starting to get stressed… it is not that I can’t get all my work done, but the problem is it is very time consuming to have work with overtime and then come home tired and watch an hour of class lecture. This class lecture is pretty tough stuff. What is it? Real time computing systems. yeah… what the heck is that right?

But work has been pretty fun. I am writing scripts and programs again similar to what I did at the end of my time at El Paso. But this is pretty cool stuff. I am working with the FCC database and using google map to visualize the database information. Cool huh?

I guess out of all this the good thing is … I am working toward my annual bonus and also I get paid for my overtime. Sweet!!!!

So… the big grand opening for Networkers yesterday was pretty cool. Lots of food and lot of people. I had a good time meeting my buddies Raymund, Clayton, and Joe… from El Paso. Afterward, Raymund and I went across the street to get some sushi. Boy, we haven’t done that is a while. It is good to have good sushi with a good friend. Anyway, you know Networker is for geeks and designed by geeks… I mean even how they placed the food have almost an engineered method. For example, during the big opening last night, they placed all the food through out the exhibit, so one will have to go in the the exhibit and explore and find the food. And today for lunch… they had a queuing system to distribute the lunch… it remind me of my QOS class from yesterday. Fun stuff huh… Well… the class this morning was pretty boring … but I hope the ones this afternoon is better.

Since it is so nice in Houston… I want to say Hi to all my friends back at El Paso Corp.

HELLO Friends!!! I miss you guys!!!

Well, my house is empty… I just come back from turning in my car to the movers… I guess I am all ready to move. Anyway, yesterday was a sad day and an exciting day. It was my last day at work in El Paso. I was really hard to say good bye to everyone and everything… but all it is a new beginning. The good new is’s temp website is up… Wooo hoo…. So today, I am in Houston with absolutely nothing… ok ok … two bags of luggage… but what am I going to do?

Well, today is my last day at work in El Paso. During the last week it has been pretty hectic. Yesterday, the packers came over and packed everything. So all my stuff now are in boxes… including my webserver. So would be down for a while. I don’t have a place in Ephrata so…. we will see. I am still waiting for my exit interview. I have not heard anything yet.

I will update my blog as things happens

Wow… What a cool weekend…. I guess I should write more during the weekends as well… humm…. It is like, when I am on a break my blogs go on a break too. Well, this is the starting of the last full week of work in El Paso and the funny thing is that I will have to stay late everyday this week… but I will try to see if I can change that. So what happened this weekend? Well, humm… no Auburn game on Saturday, so I watch the Tenn Vs UF game in Two Rows in rice village with my good friend Johnson. After that I caught up with my HS buddies in Houston, I can’t believe I’ve know my HS friends for over 10 years, WOW!!! Sunday was pretty interesting. I want to a mass in a black neighborhood church in fifth ward Houston… it was strange at first, because I was the only Asian guy there, but a mass is a mass. I have to say, their music was much better than the other places I been to. I was almost like going to a Sunday Jazz brunch, but you are actually at a catholic mass. Pretty cool, Pretty cool….

Well, so what’s the big news??? Well, today around 8:00 am I turned in my resignation letter. Yep I am resigning my position in El Paso Corp. There are going to be alot of interesting events in the next couple of weeks. I will post more stuff as it unfolds.

Today is the big day… today is the day that El Paso decides to keep or remove it’s current board members. 2:00 pm is the time. Besides that…. everything is ok… I think I will finally update something on my website today. I will added some more pictures and maybe a resume and a project section to my website. Stay tuned for more details….

So today is my El Paso Corp anniversary. Can you believe it? Another year has passed and I am still here. Today, I went lunch with my buddies to celebrate or try to forget about all that�s been going on, to think about what we will do from this point forward, but we ended up filling our stomach up with food and came up with not too much. There�s got to be more�.

It is kind of interesting reading about what went on in my life a year ago. One again, I can not believe a year has passed away again. It is now 2003 and El Paso Stock is worst then ever…. I got to do something… and make a change or else… in one more year I will be looking back and saying the samething… now that will be sad.

Well… today is a big day… as of today, I am no longer in the El Paso’s communications engineering department. I am now in the communcations operations supports great in downtown Houston. Yep… we will see how this will span out.

So did El Paso rigged the power crisis in Cali? Or is it all a “in hind sight you guys could have done this” kind of deal?

Man… El Paso is just simply bright!! Very bright, I need some new sunglasses, it is so bright. One unique thing about El Paso is that, while it seems hot, it doesn�t feel as hot as Houston or Alabama. Why? Humidity, that�s why!!!

Well, I am in El Paso, Texas. It is an interesting town. It really doesn’t have many trees here at all. Everything here has a lot of Mexican influence, even the Holiday Inn next door. From my hotel, I can see Mexico, pretty cool huh?

Doh! Look out for falling El Paso Stock Prices!!!

This is the lowest that I have seen!!

The Health Service in El Paso Building was no help. I went over there and told them that my ear feels funny. They look in my ear… and said… “humm.. there are a lot of wax.. but I can’t tell what’s going on. Please go to the doctor!” So they call the doctor and got me an appointment for tomorrow.

So…I have to suffer my ear problem for another day.

Gees … I am like a pig…. it is a bad idea to start taking a nap around 5:30 pm… I am soo messed up right now.

I wonder why am I so tired? Is it because I got a hair cut today and all my powers are gone? or is it because it is sooo hot outside, it feels soo good to take a nap in an AC room? Or is it because I walked another 4 miles this morning? It was a pretty good walk. I got a chance to take some pictures this time. I also got a chance to look around at some townhomes around the area. Boy!!! are they expensive!!! I think almost all the ones that I saw building are 300 and up!!!!

{sigh} …. Go El Paso Stocks!!!!!

Yes… it is another Friday night. Tonight is a bit different. Don’t get me wrong, I still miss my family and gf in Alabama, but I had fun tonight. So what happened?

Well, after work today, I followed my friend Scott to one of his “staff meetings” at Slick Willy’s in Bayou Place. It’s pretty cool. We had some beer and played pool. I have to say, El Paso got some upper management that can play some pool. Yep, needless to say…. I got my butt whooped!!!

Afterward, I went to Osaka’s … which I have to say is one of the best sushi places in Houston. They have really fresh fish and the sushi chief is friendly and honest. I like it.

So as you can see… pretty nice evening huh? {sigh} but I still miss Hsiu Hsiu.

Well� what a roller coaster El Paso stock is today. It finally stopped at $21 something, which is still 4 dollars less then Friday. You know what� it is all play money right now and it�s all good. So tonight after work I will start my new schedule of discipline. I will attempt to work out, eat, study and study� oh �. And go and shop. I am trying to motivate myself and I hope this hype will last.

�� Will it!� — Martin Riggs

What up with the El Paso Stock today??? It hit the teens today… boy … that gotta hurt!!!