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DAY 12,755

So today is my 12755 estimated day on this little blue planet called Earth! Today, I turned 35. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!


Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, Everyone.
First of all, for those that don’t know… I am suppose to be TRON!!! Anyways, Halloween is one of my most favorite days, why? because of candy of course and as I got older, I love to give out candy to little kids. It always reminds me of how fun it use to be going around trick or treating. So as usual, I always buy a huge bag of good candy prepared for kids to knock on my door. Unfortunately, tonight was a quiet night, I only had 3 groups of visitors. But I have to say, those that visited got a lot of candy from me.

Anyways, this was a pretty busy weekend, both sets of parents were in town, it was very fun. Mom cooked a big meal for us!!! Thank you MOM!!!!
Vicky got me a small birthday cake, so we celebrated my birthday few days early. It’s wonderful to have the entire family around!!!


The TARDIS has arrived!!!

Thank you Min-Jye for this wonderful birthday gift!!!

You can get one yourself!!!!

34th Birthday

Being home for my 34th birthday is wonderful. Watching Auburn Beat Ole Miss, picking persimmons, and just enjoying time with family in the lovely weather of Auburn is just wonderful!!! Oh and how I love our family’s traditional birthday chicken and meatball noodle soup!!!

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Google Voice Turns 1

It’s pretty interesting… ย Just recently I figured out how to use google voice and my old packet 8 ATA to get free phone service within US and today I found out that Google Voice turns 1.

Happy Birthday Google Voice!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

So.. for the last couple of days I’ve been hiding out in my home trying to finish up my paper. Today, it is not much different. I am alot better from my sickness. I should be 100% soon. So right now I am sitting in a dark room… looking out the window seeing fireworks and listening to boom boom boom. It reminds me of Shanghai. {sigh}…

So … so many little things lately is reminding about how critical time is. So 2002 July 2, I became a US citizen… so I guess that makes me a 7 years old American. Can you believe it has been 7 years….

So many things has happened. Just read this blog….

and yet … I am just drifting….

I hope in 10 years I won’t be sitting here saying the same thing again.

This 4th is particularly different then the rest. i did not BBQ… i did not go home… I did not see a soul… I was at home working on my stuff and trying not to be distracted by myself and by the heat. Oh yeah it is around 80+ during the peak of the day.

I want to play tennis… but I got to finish…
I want to go out with my friends … but I got to finish…
I want to do so many things… but I got to finish….

Happy Birthday America!!! Thank you for such a wonderful place and a wonderful country!!!

Thank you all the people working to keep this country so wonderful!!! Thank you..

Happy 5 year birthday to!!

I just realized that turned 5 yesterday.
Happy Birthday!!

Feeling better…

After a night of toss and turning…. I did finally get some sleep. I do feel better. It is a fresh new day. It’s all good… and besides… tomorrow is pay day!!! Yeah!!!

And M-flo makes me happy….


Happy Birthday Mom!!!! and also Happy 21 years!!! Yep today marks the day my family been in the US for 21 years!!! and it is also my mother’s birthday!!! Pretty amazing huh?

Yes 21 years… it is a life time for most. For me a majority of my life is spend in the US. It is pretty amazing… 21 years… and so many things has change in 21 years…

Well… got to get back to work… Once again… Happy Birthday Mom and Happy 21 years!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Birthday to Audrey Ai Tran!!!!

Audrey Ai Tran was born 2:54pm 7/26/06 weighing in 7lbs 7oz.

Congrats to Julie and Trung Tran to their new addition to their family!!!


My little sister is one year older today!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

My trips to Auburn in the next month

… Aug 23-24 driving up to Auburn with my sister

… Aug 30-Sept 1 Flying up to Auburn for Labor day and the USC game… if I can get there in time.

… Sept 12-14 Going to Auburn for Hsiu Hsiu’s Birthday!!!

I love you, Hsiu Hsiu!!!

So… that’s 3 weekend in one month… COOL!…

Congratulation to Eric and Hsuan!!!! Today Hsuan gave birth to their healthy new baby boy. His name is Gabriel Au………….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIN!!!!…. and for your birthday present … we will shut down your web server…. BOOM!!!! Well, it seems that my webserver is down for some reason and so is my ftp server. The good thing is that my mail client / server is still up. I will have to work on it when I get back from my trip home. But in the mean time… sorry guys… ๐Ÿ™