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Seattle Vs San Diego

So earlier today, I was talking to my friend Lonnie in SD. I told him how bad the weather was in Seattle so I decided to send him a picture to cheer him up.

This is what I sent.

This is what I got back.

I miss the sun… I miss the south… I miss Auburn.

It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!

Wow!!! What a game!!! Black Friday was much of nothing, I really did not need anything that was on sale, so I bought nothing. But the game was amazing!!! Auburn was just amazing!!! Right before the end of the first half it was 0-24 Alabama. At the end of the first half it was 7-24. In the end we won the game with 28-27. WAR EAGLE!!!

Of course last time, we beat Bama, I was here in Auburn and I went to Toomers. Today, I wanted to go again, even on a slightly rainy day. The following are my pictures from Toomer’s Corner!!! Enjoy!!!

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My Thanksgiving Adventure

So after a eventful day of travel and activities, I am finally in Auburn and resting in my room and on my bed. Ah~~~ it is good to be home!!! So let’s recap.

My day started at 2:30 when I woke up trying to get book on an earlier flight of 6:10 am to ATL by using the same day standby. After calling in 10 minutes early and then recall them 20 minutes late, I finally got my 6:10 flight confirmed. The road to the airport parking was not as bad as I thought. I was able to get to the parking deck pretty quickly. Once I checked in, it look me a while to get through airport security. But with my disappointment, I did not get close and personal with a TSA agent. Pretty much all the SeaTac Airport advance imagining machines were off. When I got to the gate, my upgraded ticket was already waiting for me. (oh I love airline status).

The flight was very uneventful at first, the free gogo onboard internet was nice. Thanks Google Chrome!!! When we finally got to ATL, we started to land and just before landing the airplane pulled up and started to increase power and pulling away. The captain then came on over the speaker stating that there was an alarm on one of the landing gears and we are going to circle around and try again. Ok, I was a bit nervous, but not really that nervous. Then just before the second approach and landing the captain says that the landing gears are down, but the door did not come back up because of the hydraulics so we maybe seeing sparks when we land. But he added, everything should be ok. Now I was a bit nervous. However, we landed successfully and immediately pull to a taxi land and stopped. We are waiting for the ground crew to verify that the landing gears are secure before moving the plane to the gate, this will prevent the airplane from collapsing on a bad landing gear.

After picking up my rental car, (and yes Hertz Gold is super awesome, no waiting and just pickup and go!!! Best of all no harassment from sells people like at Enterprise) I was on a hunt for some lunch, in particular Chick-fil-a. After 3 exits of finding all fast food restaurants are closed, I realized that yes, today is Thanksgiving. Doh!

After 3 hours of driving, I made it to Montgomery, Alabama and enjoyed my wonderful Thanksgiving lunch and then Dinner hotpot.

More adventures to come tomorrow with the Auburn vs Alabama Game!!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 2010 has been an interesting year. There are many things I am thankful. I am thankful for Vicky, I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my friends, I am thankful for my work, I am thankful for the successful purchase of my house, I am thankful for the surgeons in Beijing, I am thankful for the skillful Delta pilots, and I am thankful for everything in this interesting year.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

34th Birthday

Being home for my 34th birthday is wonderful. Watching Auburn Beat Ole Miss, picking persimmons, and just enjoying time with family in the lovely weather of Auburn is just wonderful!!! Oh and how I love our family’s traditional birthday chicken and meatball noodle soup!!!

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Picking Persimmons

So returning to Auburn during the fall is just wonderful. Wonderful weather and wonderful persimmons!!! The two persimmon trees in front of my parent’s house is getting bigger and bigger every year!!!

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Labor day weekend updates

This past weekend was fast and busy!!!

– Took off early from work and took some engagement pictures with Vicky
– Since Mom and Dad is visiting this week, we went to see Avatar for the first time before picking up my parents.

Mom and Dad Visited this weekend. They arrived very very late Friday night. During the day, Vicky and Mom spent some time together and Dad and I went on to watch the first Auburn game of the season. Yes and we won!!! It looks like it will be an interesting season.

My family and I spend some time doing yard work and cleaning up the garage. The garage is one step closer to being clean and complete.
I also spent some time in the attic installing my ceiling fan.

After Mom and Dad left on Monday, we headed up to BC to visit our friend in Vancouver. It was a short trip, but a pretty fun trip.

Busy weekend huh?

A Beautiful Blue Bird Day for Snowboarding

Yes this morning I did feel better but I had a commitment with the Seattle Auburn Club on a snow day trip so … on a beautiful Saturday I am out on the slops. It was an amazing day, it was also my first trip really gone out into the back country. It sucked. I hiked for over 30 minutes in knee deep snow and then I was tripping left and right coming down on the bad snow. But the view was amazing.

All in all it was a great day and my lungs really cleared up.

On 7th Heaven on a blue bird day!!

Seattle Auburn Club Fall Food Drive

Oh.. It has been many many weeks since I last posted….
I am doing alot better… the wounds are healing up and the H1N1 bug has been beaten down. I am much much better!!!

So… work has been keeping me busy… Seattle Auburn Club and Auburn Football has been keeping me busy during the fall weekends.

So starting this weekend we will start collecting for our Fall Food Drive.

take a look.. (

We will also be selling t-shirts with this Aubie YES WE CAN design for club fund raising. Anyone interested in a t-shirt, please let me know.

Blogging from 36000 Feet off the ground!!!

So… it has been a while since my last blog entry… I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean life hasn’t been moving. Actually, it is very much the opposite. So this past weekend was Labor day. as usually, I went back to Auburn for Labor day. It was also my Mother’s 60th birthday!!! The trip was good had plenty of good food and Auburn Won their first game of the season!!!..

oh don’t worry… more pictures to come when I get home. But as for now… let’s talk about on board Wi-Fi!!!

Woo hoo… so this flight from Atlanta to Seattle actually have on-board wifi…. actually .. I am writing on it right now!!!
So of course as a super geek… I took pictures.

and I ran speed tests.

All in all it’s pretty nice…

For on-board wifi it is pretty nice. 1.5mb/s down and 256k up. Not too bad..
.. I was not able to get voip to work… VPN works but very unusable. Youtube is watchable… but I wonder how many people can watch it at the same time.

The only problem I see is that my battery will only last 4 hours and the flight is 5 hours… yikes…

Well… I actually have to work now.. on the plan and send something out… ha ha … anyways… short week this week

A Flaming Weekend…

So gone is another summer weekend… this past weekend was supposed to be filled with fun sun and full of clam digging and outdoors play, but instead, my shirt caught on fire while I was cooking and I ended up in the emergency room Friday night.

So what happened?

Well.. I was in the kitchen cooking some noodles with Vicky. Remember, I have a gas stove. As I was cooking the noodles, I decided to clean up the mess I made in the microwave. I must have lean over the stove and the flame with the a small wind current caught my loose shirt on fire.

When I realized that I was on fire I knew that I got to put it out. I panic a bit and could not find anything to put my fire out. I can’t get my shirt off and the fire continued to burn. I tried to put water on it but It was too slow and the fire was crawling up my back and getting bigger and I started to feel pain. Finally I gave in and decided to sacrifice my new Auburn Tigers floor mat that my little sister gave me. I dropped and started to roll and the fire was out.

So the aftermath… I ended up with a few 2nd degree burns and lots of blisters. What was interesting was that my outer shirt was 60% polyester and 40% cotton, and it went up in flame causing majority of my burn and fire. My inner shirt was 100% cotton, and it was barely burned. However, even though my inner shirt was not burnt, the heat from the fire was enough to cause some damage.

What’s going on lately…

So… few key notes…
1) One of my best buddy Xavier is leaving at the end of this month. He is going back to France and Germany for work 🙁 I am sadden by this even. Got to find time to throw him a party.

2) Work just went through some layoffs… as previously posted… this is not my first experience.. but it is still very disturbing to me. Especially when I see all the people that got hired at the same time as me got let go.

3) I need to finish my creative component before month end to even have a chance to graduate for Summer.

4) seems like all the weekends are filled up and not time for anything… still got to do alot….

5) Pre-ordered the new Iphone 3GS… it is coming in next Friday.

6) Want to get a bike to ride to work.

7) Want to get a BBQ grill… to be exact … the Webber Q Grill … don’t know which model yet.

8) Need to finish up my side project… it is draining my energy and my resources

9) Need to plan some summer events for the Seattle Auburn Club.

10) Need to replace my Bluetooth speaker mic that got stolen few weeks back during my car break in…

Good grief… it is mid month already… better get started.

War Eagle!!! Hey!!!

Our March Seattle Auburn Club Happy Hour Event.

What I learned this week

This week I learned that

1) Vista Sucks… Ok I already known that but I have confirmed that vista really sucks now since I discovered that the sleep mode on Vista will mess up my network interface and prohibits me from streaming video in my network properly.

2) G.R.A.W 2 (aka Ghost Recon Advance Warfare 2) is pretty cool and the game kinda sucks after you beat it and it is not as cool as the first one.

3) Time is really flying by this week

4) Setting up a not well documented device takes alot longer then expected

5) Superbowl is this week and I really don’t have a preference on who should Win

6) The Seattle Auburn Club will be having a happy hour in March with a ex Auburn Football player joining us … woo hoo

Fishing back in Auburn

Well… while I was back in Auburn… I finally had a chance to go fishing with my dad. My fish count that day was 23… however not all 23 were keepers but it was still alot of fun.

Passion Fruit!!!

Ever since I was little, I loved passion fruit. I remember finding wild passion fruit in Auburn and how exciting it was. I remember, last year in Maui, finding passion fruit on the beach and how ecstatic I was. The taste of a passion fruit is just well… passionate 😉

So why is it called a passion fruit… well… I think it is called a “passion” fruit because of the its taste .. a bit sweet and a bit tart… just like a passionate relationship …

Sigh… memory it brings back with just the smell and the taste of it.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving.. oh… I guess it is not thanksgiving anymore… but that’s ok…

happy black Friday 😉

This Thanksgiving is the first time that we have having Thanksgiving outside of Auburn. It was pretty good. So this is the first year we are having our annual family thanksgiving dinner at my place. Yep .. I was hosting our family thanksgiving dinner. But as previous years, we have a turkey, baked napa, and some other dishes. My little sister contributed her cajun rice, my dad contributed some sashimi and I contributed some potato salad.

This year, I invited my friends in Seattle that need a place to go for Thanksgiving. I like to share the warmth of a Thanksgiving dinner with all my friends 🙂 I think it is wonderful. It was a happy time!!! I really like it. All and all the thanksgiving dinner was a wonderful success!!! It is good to spend time with friend and family.

so once again… I want to thank everyone for coming … and I hope everyone had a great time enjoyed all the good food. I am very thankful for my wonderful family and I am very thankful for all my friends.

Once again… I am wishing everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving and see you at the Christmas party 😉

Happy Halloween

Every year around this time so many things are happening. This year, it is not much different. Last week I was in SF, it was alot of fun and I had my mid term yesterday, every weekend in October is full of events. Seattle life is really really busy. On top of all that, Auburn football is also going on. So speaking of which, I recently got push forward to the President position for the Seattle Auburn Club. I really enjoy hanging out with alums, friends, and family of Auburn. I guess it is a way for me to connect to my roots in Alabama. Tomorrow is November 1st, and my birthday… oh my gosh… I am going to be 32. Like I’ve stated earlier so many things has happened around these couple of days. I can remember from when I was a kid, having a little birthday party playing with ataris and having cake and food with my friends to celebrating my 21 birthday in Auburn University with my college buddies to more recent year events (I guess you can look back in my blog for more info).

So yeah… once again .. happy halloween, and the problem is … I have no costume… ahhh… been busy so yeah… The problems seems I have many ideas floating around in my head but I just can’t implement it. The excuse always seems to be I don’t have enough time, but I know the truth is something else and I just don’t want to face it. So what’s going on this weekend?

Friday – Halloween Parties… There are few but it depends on what I am going to do about my custome. Gosh darn it.

Saturday – hee hee … my b-day… Thanks mom and dad with this wonderful day!!!
– Auburn is playing Ole Miss bright and early around 9:30 AM!!!!
– I have a dinner event that evening with my friends… it should be fun.
– maybe a bit of karaoke afterward?

Sunday – Time to chill and relax
– walk to church?
Yeah, there is a catholic church about ten blocks from my house. cool huh?
– Dinner with my friends sunday night

Tuesday – VOTE!!! … I remember 4 years ago I said “Vote Bush” and some of my friends had a hard time accepting that. So this year I would say Vote how you envision the America to be. I think that is a personal question and it all depend on how everyone is raised. Gosh… that’s getting too political… so the important thing is to review the facts and vote, and be tolerant of other voters it is their right too.

– I think we may have an election night event… we will see… 🙂

Distant future…

– I am going home for the UGA game
– Little sis is coming to Seattle before Thanksgiving

– For all my friends that are around Seattle during Thanksgiving…
… I am having a Thanksgiving dinner at my place come on over… invites and details will be send out soon.

– It is official – the First two weeks of December I will be in Maui for work.

– December 20th is my tentive date for my Xmas party

– I am returning to Auburn for the remaining of the year to relax and chill..

That’s it for now…

Happy Halloween

Busy and Exciting Weekend…


Friday – Tennis, Jillian’s, Bubble Tea
Saturday – Auburn vs Souther Miss (WIN), Work on punching down wall jacks
Sunday – Mariner’s Vs Yankee(WIN), Leatherwood Live

yep… it was a fun weekend….
however, I did not get much school work done… yike…

Exciting weekend…

So This weekend was pretty exciting right? I had an extended weekend because of a minor oral surgery which I undergone. Don’t worry… everything is great… I am now bionic… ha ha ha… just kidding…

But so.. Friday… I took my Mom to Mt. Vernon to see some flowers. It was not too bad, however, it could have been better. This year, the tulips are blooming a little bit late.

So as you all know that we had a bit of a scare on Saturday, but what was really interesting was that when we were at the ER, I was wearing my Auburn Baseball cap. I got some interesting comments.

First, the triage nurse said that … “oh you are from Auburn?” I replied “yes”.
Then, the xray nurse said that he grew up in Mobile, Alabama and his dad taught a the University of Alabama for a bit. We chatted a little about Auburn Vs Alabama… yeah… 6 in a row… 😉

Now the most interesting thing was when the ER doctor said, “Did you go to Auburn?” and I said “yes” and he replied… “so did I”. “Oh my gosh!!! WAR EAGLE” I shouted!!!… I could not believe it… it was amazing that the doctor that was treating my mom was an Auburn Grad!!!!

Wow!! What a small world right?