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2011 So Far …

It has been a while since my last post in my official personal blog, because of my lack of post, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy.  Just a bit of a recap.

The second half of December 2010, I went to Beijing to visit Vicky’s parents.  They are doing better, but her dad is going into Chemo as we speak so please keep him in your prayers.  So before I got back from China, I got really sick.  Most likely from a super duper version of the Chinese Strep Throat.  I got a chance to experience the Chinese health care close and personal.  And I still like our system much more.

Since I’ve been back from China, Auburn University won the National Championship.  WAR EAGLE.  My work also started to pick up fairly quickly.  Oh and the new TRON movie is amazing!!!

I’ve posted some more pictures on my photo blog site, but besides that… It’s been pretty busy.

I will be posting some pictures from Beijing soon.  Oh and that trip was amazing and what a great adventure!!!

Labor day weekend updates

This past weekend was fast and busy!!!

– Took off early from work and took some engagement pictures with Vicky
– Since Mom and Dad is visiting this week, we went to see Avatar for the first time before picking up my parents.

Mom and Dad Visited this weekend. They arrived very very late Friday night. During the day, Vicky and Mom spent some time together and Dad and I went on to watch the first Auburn game of the season. Yes and we won!!! It looks like it will be an interesting season.

My family and I spend some time doing yard work and cleaning up the garage. The garage is one step closer to being clean and complete.
I also spent some time in the attic installing my ceiling fan.

After Mom and Dad left on Monday, we headed up to BC to visit our friend in Vancouver. It was a short trip, but a pretty fun trip.

Busy weekend huh?

WAR EAGLE and General Patton

Why does George S. Patton?’ Jeep have “War Eagle!” written on it? There are several possible answers. “General Patton was stationed at Fort Benning and apparently liked Auburn football,” said alumnus Pete Turnham, who served under Patton during World War II. “I have been told that he said he wanted his troops to fight like those fighting Auburn Tigers.” Turnham “also heard that one of Patton’s aides was an Auburn man, and he sold the general on Auburn.” Another theory is that Patton’s driver was an Auburn fan. Still another is that Patton was simply using a subordinate’s vehicle while he inspected units of the 301st Combat Team at Strakonice, Czechoslovakia, soon after Germany surrendered in 1945. If so, that commander might have been an Auburn man. Perhaps the explanation is as simple as coincidence. — Photo: Auburn Alumnews

This is a cool post my sister found, and all I have to say is WAR EAGLE!!!


For all those that doesn’t know it yet.. the 2006 Auburn Football schedule is out.
Auburn will be player 12 consecutive weeks and the season opener is with WSU!!!
Go Auburn … War Eagle!!


Sept. 2 Washington State (ESPN) Auburn
Sept. 9 at Mississippi State Starkville, Miss.
Sept. 16 LSU Auburn
Sept. 23 Buffalo Auburn
Sept. 28 at South Carolina (ESPN) Columbia, S.C.
Oct. 7 Arkansas Auburn
Oct. 14 Florida Auburn
Oct. 21 Tulane Auburn
Oct. 28 at Ole Miss Oxford, Miss.
Nov. 4 Arkansas State Auburn
Nov. 11 Georgia Auburn
Nov. 18 at Alabama Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Well, after a full night of travel… from Seattle to Atlanta … and from Atlanta to Auburn… I am finally hot to Auburn, Alabama. Since everyone is in school or work today, I decided to visit couple of my friend and former boss. I visited the University Computer Hotline. That is where I use to work in college. Then I walked across campus to visit my buddy Jay Blake. AU really have changed alot since I left. But it is good to be back and catch up with everyone. Yep… it is sure hotter here than Ephrata.

Looky looky … Auburn University is on the news again. I remember when Auburn use to be one of the best colleges for your money… but it seems that it is not as good of a deal today. Auburn is still a good school… and it is probably still a good deal compare to some other schools, but it is not what it was before.

Here is an interesting article about Auburn University. But Auburn? humm…. hey I was there in 1999!!!

War Eagle! It’s pretty cool, on the way to work today I actually ran in to someone else graduated from Auburn University. The funny thing about it is that today is the first day I wore my Auburn polo shirt and already I got couple of comments. Awesome man!