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First work day of 2012

Today is my first day returning to work. Oh my gosh I was so jet lagged in the morning. The weather in Seattle today is just wet and nasty, but it is still great to be back in Seattle. So work is still work even in 2012, but I did catch up on my Auburn football tonight. Well, instead of watching the boring Orange bowl. I decided to watch the replay on ESPN3 of the Chick-fil-a bowl (Peach bowl). It was actually a pretty good game, especially in the beginning. I am very glad that Auburn won. What a great way to end 2011. So what’s next? the LSU / Alabama rematch. I can’t wait.

It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!

Wow!!! What a game!!! Black Friday was much of nothing, I really did not need anything that was on sale, so I bought nothing. But the game was amazing!!! Auburn was just amazing!!! Right before the end of the first half it was 0-24 Alabama. At the end of the first half it was 7-24. In the end we won the game with 28-27. WAR EAGLE!!!

Of course last time, we beat Bama, I was here in Auburn and I went to Toomers. Today, I wanted to go again, even on a slightly rainy day. The following are my pictures from Toomer’s Corner!!! Enjoy!!!

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I can’t believe it my birthday again!!! wow… amazing!!! But it has been a pretty short and busy weekend but a good weekend.

So let’s see what happened…
Friday night… I was working on my paper…
Saturday morning… I was in a workshop…
During the workshop… Auburn Beat Ole Miss!!! WAR EAGLE Hey!!!
Saturday night I went to a small low key halloween party… It was suppose to be a gansta 1930 style theme… but I wore a traditional chinese long clothing. I said I was the triad’s dragon head. ha ha ha ….

The party was slow, but pretty good… My friend Hang gave me a really big surprise gift.

Yes it is Lego!!! but it is not just any Lego.. it’s the Lego Mindstorm!!!! oh… so in short this lego has a micro controller that can be connected to a computer and programmed in Labview !!! Labview!!! Labview is what we used in my senior design project!!!!

So after receiving that gift, I was like a 8 years old kid… hugging to my box of Legos… I wanted to open that box up and dump it out on the table right there at Steve’s place…. STEVE… {ha ha ha just kidding … if you did not get this joke… listen to some Flight of the Conchords}.

But seriously, I was really really really excited about the lego and wanted to play with it right away…but I did not… I kept everything in the box because I knew I still have to finish my paper the next day.

Sunday was interesting… time change today.. so I gained an hour. that really help. I worked on my paper all morning and finished right after noon. I will put it up after my final oral exam so everyone can check it out.

But anyways… so I called up my friends for some hotpot tonight.

so many friends showed up… I am so happy!!! Thanks guys!!!

The hot pot was good and filling … great company…. I feel really content!!!

Thanks guys for making it a great 33.

PS… Movember starts today … 😉

What I learned this week

This week I learned that

1) Vista Sucks… Ok I already known that but I have confirmed that vista really sucks now since I discovered that the sleep mode on Vista will mess up my network interface and prohibits me from streaming video in my network properly.

2) G.R.A.W 2 (aka Ghost Recon Advance Warfare 2) is pretty cool and the game kinda sucks after you beat it and it is not as cool as the first one.

3) Time is really flying by this week

4) Setting up a not well documented device takes alot longer then expected

5) Superbowl is this week and I really don’t have a preference on who should Win

6) The Seattle Auburn Club will be having a happy hour in March with a ex Auburn Football player joining us … woo hoo


For all those that doesn’t know it yet.. the 2006 Auburn Football schedule is out.
Auburn will be player 12 consecutive weeks and the season opener is with WSU!!!
Go Auburn … War Eagle!!


Sept. 2 Washington State (ESPN) Auburn
Sept. 9 at Mississippi State Starkville, Miss.
Sept. 16 LSU Auburn
Sept. 23 Buffalo Auburn
Sept. 28 at South Carolina (ESPN) Columbia, S.C.
Oct. 7 Arkansas Auburn
Oct. 14 Florida Auburn
Oct. 21 Tulane Auburn
Oct. 28 at Ole Miss Oxford, Miss.
Nov. 4 Arkansas State Auburn
Nov. 11 Georgia Auburn
Nov. 18 at Alabama Tuscaloosa, Ala.

After a full week in Auburn… it is hard to believe I have to go back to work soon. Well, this week has been great! Today has been really exciting. Started the morning off really early with some fishing with my Dad. Then I had a wonderful home cooked lunch with my entire family. After lunch, we went to pick some muscadines… I love muscadines!! For dinner we had BBQ with friends and watched Auburn Football.

Now … Auburn Football…. {sigh}
well… the perfect season is over…. this is a new season.. but I still thought we could have beaten Georgia Tech. Well… so ok … Auburn lost today… but that’s ok… I just have to tell myself that it is just a game… and there is really nothing I can do about it. it is just a game…

Anyway… I still believe that we have a good football team in Auburn. It will just take some time for them to grow. I wonder what is Ronnie Brown and Carnel Williams and Jason Campbell are thinking right now about this most recent game… or do they even care?

I wonder what is the coach saying in the locker room right after the game??

War Eagle!!! Woo hoo!!! It is another Sat. in the fall… of course it is Auburn Football time. Well, today Auburn is playing against Tennesee and Auburn just scored the first touchdown!!! WOO HOO .. WAR EAGLE!!!

Wow. I can’t believe it is the last day of 2003 already. I can’t believe I am still at work. what? I never work on New Years eve. But things change. So many things have happened this past year. Let’s review shall we. The two most important things are …

1) I am no longer in Houston, Texas working for El Paso Corp. I now work for Grant County PUD in Ephrata, Washington as a telecom engineer.

2) I am engaged!!! yep, I proposed to my lovely girlfriend on November 1, 2003.

Then there are other things that happened around the world …

3) Big SARS scare in the beginning of the year

4) Auburn’s Football season was not as wonderful and spectacular as everyone expected.

5) US declared war on Iraq.

6) Saddam was captured.

7) Gundam Seed and Last Exile Ended this year. Oh.. Gundam Seed… What a great anime!!

And tons of other stuff

Sigh… it sucks not able to watch Auburn Football today. why? Because I am at work. I believe this will be my first New Year all by myself. how aweful!!! But I got good friends and family. They are watching the game in Auburn and MSN message me the plays. You just can’t beat that!!!

War Eagle!!! and go Auburn Tigers!!!

Well, the Texas play in Houston for the first time tonight. I got caught in that aweful traffic on the way back from helping my sister move. DANG! It reminded me of Auburn Football traffic. BTW the Texans SUCKS!…. 17-0 at half time. I hope they can do better.