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Pomplamoose isn’t that “grapefruit” in French?

Oh wait, that is pamplemousse …. but anyway… They are pretty cool and worth a listen.

Amazing huh… 3 posts in one day…. Wow… it’s been a while since that happened.

Mutton Bustin’ in Rodeo Houston

So this weekend, we attended Min-Jye’s wedding in Houston, TX. It was beautiful. Houston reminded so many things about my past. and it’s hard to believe it was almost 10 years ago that I lived in Houston. Yeah pretty amazing. Anyways, while we were there, we found out that the Houston Rodeo is going on. So we decided to attend the rodeo and check it out. Unfortunately, the rodeo tickets were all sold out, but we did get a general admissions ticket and check out some Mutton Bustin’.

So what is Mutton Bustin’ you say? Well, it is little kids riding sheep. Yep, sheep!! The kids are around 5-7 years old and don’t worry, they all have protective gears on, but it is a hoot to watch!!!

After watching it, I felt like it was almost as fun to watch as watching bull riding and the best part all the kids had a blast!!! I definitely will give my kids a chance to do that when they are at that age.

Take a look and tell me what you think!!!

So if you are in Houston, go take a look. You can get your rodeo tickets here!!!

Ref: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Official Website

The TARDIS has arrived!!!

Thank you Min-Jye for this wonderful birthday gift!!!

You can get one yourself!!!!

My First Youtube Video

Yep, it has been a while since my last blog. Life has been busy. Let’s see… I had a chance to travel to Maui, HI for a project interview and yes just this week we got a response that we got selected as the winning consulting firm. Woo Hoo. I’ve also had a chance to travel back home to Auburn, AL for one week for Thanksgiving. Got a chance to go to toomer’s Corner after the game!!! Woo hoo.. that was awesome. 17-10 … Auburn has won 6 years in a row!!!! WAR EAGLE.

Oh .. and I got a new HD Camcorder!!!… I am usually not a video type of guy… usually still shot type of guy… but it is fun to play around a bit every so often.

oh… let’s see my second midterm is coming up … and then final and then final project. Yep… lot of stuff…

Oh… it is starting to get cold here… no snow on the ground yet.. but some snow on the mountains… let it snow … after all my finals and things 😉

well.. enjoy the video!!!