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The best 3D Christmas movie ever!!!

Oh yesterday evening was such a beautiful Friday evening!!!


Few years back, Colin, Brian, and I went to watch Harold and Kumar 2, and we had a blast. So when the new Harold and Kumar came out, of course we want to go see it together again. So last night the 3 of us plus Teagen, first meet up at one of our favorite happy hour spots (for some beer and appetizers and then headed over to the movies. And as usual, the oysters at Blue Acre was amazing!!!



After the quick and short HH, we headed to the movie. So without reveling too much, I have to say this movie,, was an amazing and fun to watch movie, especially with your good friends. First of all it is definitely a late 20’s or 30 something’s movie. There are a lot of references to things and movies of people in that generation. (e.g. Christmas Story, Space Camp, etc) So what about 3D? Is it a another 3D gimmick? Well, I have to say that this movie’s 3D effect was well done and enjoyable. To me, this movie tries to do what 3D movies tries to do when 3D was rare (like Caption EO). For example, there are lots of enjoyable and funny moments in the movie where viewers will reach out and try to grab the incoming objects. All in all, the movie was just a fun and enjoyable holiday movies that set you in the Christmas mood!!! I would recommend all my grown up friends to watch it, but please keep the kiddies at home ;).

All in all, it was an amazing evening. Oh and I LOVE YOU WAFFLE-BOT!!!


Well, Tonight I went to see another movie with my co-worker Robert and Ken. The movie we saw was Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. It is a pretty famous book and a radio series.. even a mini series in the 80’s so we thought we give it a try. Well, when we got to the theater, we were debating between HGTTG or the new XXX movie (Triple X,,, not porn). After flipping a coin… it was decided we should go see the Hitchhiker’s Guide. The movie was very dry. It has the distinct dry British humor. They try really hard to transfer everything that is in the book on to the big screen, however, that also made the movie a little bit boring. The special effects were ok. Alot of the Sci-fi reminds me of Dr. Who for some reason, except it is a bit funnier than Dr. Who. The special effects in the movie is definitely better than Dr. who.. but the effects were not that original. So all in all, I would say… don’t go see this movie… go see XXX and wait for the DVD to come out.