Month: April 2011


My second flat tire

So this morning was suppose to be a beautiful weather day, but after picking up Vicky’s car and paying outrageous amount of money for a water pump replacement, the weather started to rain. And BTW why is it so expensive to work on a car?? Some times I wish I have a shop so I …


My sketches

So I don’t know what got in to me today. I wanted to sketch something and so I did. It felt really good. very relaxing to sketch and just draw stuff, but I am not really any good. oh well, but I will share it with everyone. Enjoy. Happy Wednesday. Apple? or Pear? A red …


My first flat tire

Well, it was an interesting afternoon today. It turned out to be a beautiful and an amazing day, however, it was still very cold out. So after work, I was all geared up for my ride home and when I was just about to unlock my bike I noticed my front tire was flat. I …