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Remaining in Seattle after all …

{This is a backfill post} What an interesting day today, I woke up early this morning, got ready and went to the airport. I parked my car in an off site parking lot, I got to the terminal, I went through the security line and I got to the gate. I was still early, so […]

Getting Ready for NYC!!!

I hardly can sleep last night. No no it is not because I did really well in the poker game last night but that was fun… thanks my friends for coming over. I am excited because I am going to NYC for the first time!!! No no I am not going there for fun, but […]

Gundam Unicorn is just awesome!!!

I just finish watching Gundam Unicorn and it is just awesome!!! It is amazing how much detail they put into recreating the UC universe. They brought back the old school designs the drawing styles and even the mecha. Everything fits so well into the existing Universal Century Gundam Universe. It is an amazing first episode […]

My Chicken Noodle Soup

Since I was sick the last couple of days… I decided to make some chicken noodle soup.

More Yummy Sushi for Dinner :)

So with some leftover sushi supplies… I decided to make some more sushi and try to improve my sushi making skills. Let me know what you think.


Pike’s Market Place on Caprica?

Just sitting and chilling watching Caprica on Hulu and look what I noticed?

My dragon sushi :)

So today for lunch… I wanted some Sushi… so I made some 😉

How ’bout my dragon roll??

A Beautiful Blue Bird Day for Snowboarding

Yes this morning I did feel better but I had a commitment with the Seattle Auburn Club on a snow day trip so … on a beautiful Saturday I am out on the slops. It was an amazing day, it was also my first trip really gone out into the back country. It sucked. I […]

What a bad day to be sick…

Today is a beautiful Friday. Unfortunately, I’ve go a cold and I am at home drinking hot tea with a box of tissue and trying to rest and trying to recover.

Interesting week so far..

So this week has been pretty interesting so far…

Work has been busy… I finally got a chance to place some tennis yesterday… went to the dentist today… my mouth is all numb now. About 10 days ago, my 4 liter hot water maker broke, I took it apart found out that the thermal fuse […]

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Yesterday I had a dumpling making party :). Happy Chinese New Years Everyone!!

Back in the days when I had one gigabit per second to my home…

Years ago before I moved to Seattle, I was working in Grant County PUD as a telecom engineer. At one time, I was actually the responsible engineer for their Fiber to the Home project there. It was super interesting when we were providing 1 gigabit connections to all the houses in Grant county. We were […]

Welcome to the new!!!

Well… after one week of messing around with my server, php, WordPress, and blogger, I finally migrated over to WordPress for my blog. I debated with moving my blog to a paid host, but in the end, I decided to stay with my own server for now. I think I will move it to a […]

1706 blog entries ago…

Many years ago, I started this blog with Today, I found out that blogger will no longer support the FTP blogging support.

So what does that mean? Well, that will mean that my current blogging format will change before March 26th. I knew this was too good to last forever. I was really lazy […]