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Got my eyes checked.

So during lunch … I went and got my eyes check. I got some new contacts to try and I got my eye glass prescription… so from my reading of Lifehackers… I will order my back up pair of eye glasses online. This should be interesting. I will blog about it and make sure everyone […]

Post Mardi Gras

So it is the Lenten Season… I am starting fresh this year. I have made a few commitments to myself.

For the next 40 days, I will give up the following. 1) TV … yes television… This means no TV, no HULU, no Netflix… however, going to see the movies in a theater is ok. […]

Mardi Gras Party Coming Up

Since my roots are from the south… I want to share some of that experience with my friends here in Seattle. So what more reason do you need to throw another party? Hee hee… So yep yep Mardi Gras Party next weekend. I got king cakes ordered, some plans for Cajun food and a long […]

Unclutter Blog

So Lifehacker is my new favorite blog site.I just found out about unclutter and wow… it’s pretty cool site. Go check it out.

Yeah.. I really need to unclutter my life.. and get things back in to an organized fashion. It is starting already spinning out of control.

Oh Finally… Hotmail on Iphone!!!

Oh… after so many months of dissing Hotmail and the Microsoft Hotmail team… Finally… they opened up Hotmail… and allow POP3.;=x.

So finally, now I can check my hotmail from my one personal device!!!! YEAH!!!!

so… only if they have IMAP… am I asking for too much????

AMR – Fiber to the Home – google powermeter

Few years back, back when I was working for Grant County PUD, we had this grandiose idea about reading power and provide a graphical view of the power with our fiber to the home. The idea was it will provide the users/rate payers a ways of seeing their power consumption and maybe assist in the […]

I am still using XP at work!!!

This is pretty interesting…So a couple of Aussies decided to take KDE 4 out and say it is the next windows and see what are peoples reactions, similar to Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment. It is pretty funny. I played with Linux since Slackware days … long long long time ago… my relationship with Linux is off […]

Superbowl 2009

Just some picture of this pretty cool superbowl Sunday with my friends.

Taiwanese Sausage Min-Hsao Style 😉


Sunday Sunday Sunday

Oh today will be a busy Sunday. Let’s see… i need to head to the office, install a PBX for a friend, and get ready for Superbowl. Oh and it sucks that Superbowl starts around 3pm PST. That really sucks. I better get going.