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I must be losing my mind…

I FOUND MY WATCH!!!… it was right on top of the box of detergent on the washer… I don’t know how it got there.. but I was glad that my watch was found. So… what kind of watch is it?

Well… it is a Seiko 5 Automatic Watch. 23 jewels… I like automatic watches… never […]

Doh… Another lost item!!!

Ok… I’ve been playing alot of tennis lately. It is for two reasons… one to get back in shape… two to get my mind off of things. Personal stuff… but anyways… so the summer tennis classes started yesterday… it was super awesome!!! since there were not that many people signed up … I felt like […]


“…This dub is freaky freaky, making party people steamyre-boot the system, start the extraspectioncelestial retro-resurrection, infectious optical illusionpatterned and dated selection, it’s classicnot suitable for the ignorant masses, I pass themwith this ride, it’s fly octane, deranged form and figureaeronautic features to beat ya,rag-top with bleachers so everybody can hop inplanet to planet baby, poly-urethane […]

What a weekend..

Well… It is almost hard for me to go back to Seattle, but I must return to reality…

So… let’s recap…It all started off on Wednesday night a chance to watch the Seattle Mariners and watching them Win!!!

Then I got upgraded to First Class for my flight from Seattle to Houston.

Then when I […]