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Robo Flusher

Oh my… this is great!!! I think I need to get back in to Legos again 😉

Wow … what a game!

So… this year got to be the most major league baseball I have ever watched live. So in 2007 my total count for the number of baseball game is 07!!!! WOW! and the best part is that every game that I went to was a winning game!!! Now, last night there was a double header […]

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Day!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Today I brought in some moon cake for the company. It was pretty good stuff. I hope everyone enjoys it. So the weekend was pretty normal. Auburn finally won again. and my friend Eric is staying over at my place for couple of days and oh yesterday I went to a BBQ […]

Watermelon Time

So I brought in some Organic Cannonball watermelons from Royal City for my coworkers today.

Busy and Busy

I know I know… I’ve been saying that I am busy , but I really am… with work and school work and don’t forget about sleep… I am pretty busy. I feel bad sometimes because I don’t have time to redo my site and my blog… one day I will one day. But a little […]

At the Airport… waiting to go home

I am sitting here in the ATL airport looking out I decided to take a picture and just wanted to share. so here it is…

Yeah… I am feeling pretty good today.. still home work is due soon.. yikes. :O