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Oh my gosh… I can’t believe I did not write about this when I first saw it about 2 3 days ago.

It seems that after close to a decade of playing my favorite game….Starcraft 2 is finally coming out!!!!!

This is legit! not fake at all!!!

Day 5…

Well… today concludes my First week at Sparling. Thing are going pretty well. I am very very excited about all my potential work. The type of work is different from the PUD work or the work I had from EP, but it is good stuff.

So… Today I am going to San Fran. Yep pretty […]

Professional Picture

Boy… I got my professional picture taken today. A professional profile picture is required for everyone in the company. It is interesting. is back

Yeah…. is back.

Ok… just for a status update. is back and operational…. however… it is still on the old server. My attempt of switching over to the new unix based server did not go entirely as planned. I ran in to some permissions problems. So everything is back on my old server. […]

Happy 5 year birthday to!!

I just realized that turned 5 yesterday.Happy Birthday!!

Moving day

What a crazy moving day it was.

So… I am now in my new apartment in Lynnwood, WA. The place is alot smaller then my old place and alot more expensive. I don’t think all my stuff will fit… so at sometime in the near future I will have to hit the craigslist and sell […]

What will happen to

Well… with me moving in a few days… I really don’t know what will happen to The domain will still be mine… but the server will be down until I get internet service back up in Seattle. All email to will be forwarded. and well… I guess we will see…. I will probably […]

Last week in Ephrata

Well… it seems just like Yesterday I was writing about leaving Houston for something wonderful… and now it is 4 years later and I am leaving Ephrata. So much the same and so much different. So this week is my last week working for GCPUD. There are still lots of work to do, loose ends […]

One week and counting…

It is very exciting… yesterday in the mail… I recieved my work email and my new work phone number. No… I am not going to post it here… I am getting a little bit more paranoid because of my information warfare class.. ha ha ha. But anyways… One week from today… it will be my […]

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3 was fun last night… bunch of us from work all got together and went to watch the movie. It ws the first time that I went to a midnight showing here in Ephrata. It’s pretty cool. Sigh… I will miss the Lee theater.

5 years of Blog!!!

I can’t believe this… my blog is almost 5 years old. WOW!!! on the 13th of May… my blog will be Five!!!! That is amazing!!! I’m moving on that day but … gosh … I probably should do something to celebrate!!!

Wow a dream about the past

I had an interesting dream last night. I was in my childhood apartment in Lafayette, LA. I was in the old apartment in Cajun Village. I was there and my parents were there and my sister was the my childhood friend Brad was there visiting… but we were all grown up. Sort of…

it was […]