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Finally Home in Washington

What a cold and chilly Halloween night…. Well… I am back home in my living room waiting on kids so I can give out some candy. Got two bags of good candy and I only had 3 knocks on my door :(… where is everyone? Hello??

I like Halloween… I have so many great halloween […]

A Halloween Story

Happy Halloween Everyoneโ€ฆ So โ€ฆ I am on my way back to Ephrata right now, but I thought I should tell everyone an interesting dream I had last night. So the dream started I was in a grassy hill with familyโ€ฆ there might be another part of the dream before this but this is […]

Iowa State University

The oldest water tower west of Mississippi! ISU campus…

Wow… what a day… I spend an entire day on ISU campus. I even went to my Monday class today. I met some of my professors, visited alot of the on campus Information Assurance labs and projects… I talked to some of the other grad […]

Friday Night Fireworks!!!


It must be HS homecoming tonight… Lots of cheering and fireworks… ๐Ÿ˜€Go Ephrata Tigers!! 

New M-flo Song… called Love Song


OMG it is Friday?

I can’t believe it is Friday already… this week sure slipped by pretty quickly. Tomorrow… I will be on my adventure to IOWA. I will be doing a campus visit with my dad to Iowa State. It will be interesting. But first …. another day of work.

… additional note….Major incident just happened at Hydro… […]

Hello Lunch?

Gosh… I am hungry today… this nice and cool thursday was fun so far… been working in the computer room with our tech in getting some racks setup and also repairing for our consultant meeting for this afternoon. Well… It is interesting. yep … life is always interesting.

Find the Indian Head

Look here and find the indian head on google map.

Another Case of the Mondays

Oh … Mondays are stressful… with the weekend being over the new week starting… trying to line up everything… trying to get to all the monday morning update meetings… interesting time. On top of all that … my homework is also due today… I’ve got most of it done.. just few minor points… need to […]


Oh… taking a break and just cruising around YOUTUBE and look what I found.A new Rip Slyme Single!!! Sweet…

It is called BLOW… pretty catchy… ๐Ÿ˜€ what a great way to start fall… now only thing is it would be sweet to get the new M-FLO single ๐Ÿ˜‰

… Cafe Mocha … Hot Hot!!!

“… Ah ah ah… in this atmosphere…”

Oh I am so glad it is Friday… I finished another one of my exams… just few more weeks of school left and it will be over…

As I been talking about alot lately.. work has been pretty stressful.. but I am doing ok… I am trying to […]

Super Windy Thursday Night

Goodness… I am sitting here trying to do some school work and the wind outside is just super super strong… it almost sounds like a hurrican outside. I know it is not … but the sound makes me really want to hide in bed and go to sleep….

no… no… no… got to hit Star […]

Min… go in to Star mode!!!

Let’s Go Min… Shift in to STAR MODE!!!!

Dun dun dun …

Another Frustrating Wednesday

NOT ENOUGH TIME!!!! For some reason for the last couple of weeks maybe even last couple of month… I feel like I don’t have enough time… It just seems like everyday is booked up tight. I am just reviewing my project for work and it seems like I am already looking at november and I […]

Cracking WEP key under 20 minutes

Today… I cracked one of my test APs with a 64 bit WEP key in under 20 minutes.yep… it is scary… but it is really possible. I can’t believe it… but yep… it is that simple… the next test is to try it on a 128 bit wep key… and then on to the WPA. […]

Soccer Tuesday!!!

Gosh it is another Soccer Tuesday!!!… what me playing soccer? no no… I am not playing any soccer… I am just their photographer. yep… I think… I am late…. “:)

Fall is here and winter is near…

I must be like a big bear… because as the weather gets cooler, it get harder and harder to get up every morning. That really sucks!!! and I just seem so tired all the time. Yikes! I want to thank everyone for their encouragements!!! I will do better… go go go ๐Ÿ˜‰

So… I can’t […]

Stupid HW or Stupid Min?

I am so upset… I just got my grade back from my first homework in one of my classes… and it is just not looking good. I understand the stuff but why am I not doing well… well… I will work harder… my CPRE531 exam is coming up sooo… drink more Tea and Sobe and […]

YouTube and Wireless Hacking

Yes.. the two have absolutely no connection… unless you are trying to use a hacked wireless to watch YouTube… but anyway… today I heard that YouTube got bought by Google. So does that means that YouTube and Google Video are merging?

Also.. I been working alot on my Wireless Class Project… Trying to hack WEP […]

Making Apple Cider

Earlier today… in the middle of my studies … my friend Eric Briggs invited me over to make some apple cider and also to have dinner. Thank you Eric and Rachelle :D. … so that is how Apple Ciders are made… ๐Ÿ˜‰