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Me, Myself and I

Well… It gets pretty lonely over here in Ephrata… so I have to find ways of entertain myself.So will the real Min-Hsao .. Please stand up… please stand up 😉 


After a long long time… I finally gave up on using FTP to update my blog. So now it is updating using SFTP. Yeah.. I can update my blog again 😀

still not working???

Well this ever work again???

testing… Doh for some reason .. I can’t update my blog anymore.. is there a problem with blogger??

Happy Birthday to Audrey Ai Tran!!!!

Audrey Ai Tran was born 2:54pm 7/26/06 weighing in 7lbs 7oz.

Congrats to Julie and Trung Tran to their new addition to their family!!!

… Wow .. I got some air!!!

Oh another wonderful summer day of wakeboarding.. I really like wakeboarding… but still alot of face plants… I am getting better though. Anyway, Thanks Terry and Neal for inviting me!!!! 


Awwww… I ate too much Rainier Cherries…Well.. after working at the dams today, we drove by a farm near Royal City and oh my gosh they had the freshest and bestest Rainier Cherries Ever!!!!

Anyway, I bought 10 pounds of Rainier Cherries. Oh my… I gave it to all my friends […]

New Rip Slyme Song… Lovi… I love the way they do their videos. It just seems so cool. but anyway… I know I just recently discovered embedded videos on my blog… so I know it is a bit of an abuse… but oh well.. .maybe some of you might enjoy it 😉


“Don’t matter if you got money…Don’t matter if you got gold……”— m-flow “Summertime Love”

La la la … such a happy sounding song…


Oh it is such a sweet day… Happy July. First of all it is really nice to be back in the South. So today my sister and I went to Atlanta to watch the Braves to play against the Baltimore O’s. It was an afternoon game so it sure was hot, […]