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My sunday drive / waterfall hunting picturesclick here 

So… yesterday afternoon, I decided to tune my bike and fix the flat. Yep now it is all fixed and tuned…. yeah… I can get to all my gears now. I think I will go and ride some dirt trail tonight.

“Advice For The Young At Heart”

Advice for the young at heartSoon we will be olderWhen we gonna make it work ?Too many people living in a secret worldWhile they play mothers and fathersWe play little boys and girlsWhen we gonna make it work ?I could be happyI could be quite naiveIt’s only me and […]

a pretty cool shot of a towersite on top of Wahitis peak. 

from the top of Wahitis Peak 

I had some bad dreams last night….I had a bad dream about homework and school… I don’t like that feelingI also had a bad dream about my life….but it is just a dream…

It is a beautiful day outside… and I am stuck inside working. At least yesterday I had a chance to go […]

Well… HAPPY TAX DAY…I hope everyone finish their taxes today… or at least trying really hard to finish before 11:59 pm tonight. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Seattle was really pretty yesterday… it reminded me of the beautiful days that I was there couple years back… anyway… I still have not get a […]

WAR EAGLE and General Patton

Why does George S. Patton?’ Jeep have “War Eagle!” written on it? There are several possible answers. “General Patton was stationed at Fort Benning and apparently liked Auburn football,” said alumnus Pete Turnham, who served under Patton during World War II. “I have been told that he said he wanted his troops to fight […]

It is 2:53 am Friday morning… I have 2 cans of redbull and 1 can of doubleshot stacked on my desk… I am done…all donenot really but enough to turn in the homework for tomorrow.

Can you believe it? It is already April in 2006. It seems just like yesterday it was 2005. On April 1, I went to Mission Ridge to snowboard. It was their second to last day and it as a blizzard. I think it must have snowed at least 3 inches while I was there. Sunday, […]