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I know.. It has been a week since I wrote on my blog. Not much has happene this week, except for homework that was due on Friday and snowboarding Saturday. So today, I am just chilling around and recovering. Snowboarding yesterday was amazing. I finally started to know how to turn effectively on the slopes. […]

Well, I just got back from Mission Ridge… boy, today was a fun day. Today was my last day of snowboarding class, but it was the first of many other challenges. As expected… today I went up my first chair lift. Chair one at Mission Ridge. Then the instructor said… “you think you are up […]

Soooo cold outside… so cold… It is like 14 F outside…. BURRRRR….

Thursday…. humm… so many things to do… and so little time… but wait… I have Monday off… Woo hoo!!! Gosh a long weekend is coming up … what am I going to do? Well… maybe a trip to Seattle. I really need to get to the big city. Over here in a small town is […]

Drift Drift and still Drifting…Well… it is Wednesday… yeah… Yesterday sucked… it was a bad bad Valentines day. {sigh}…

I’ve been sleeping really well though…. Well.. time for lunch

My sweet sweet G35x!!

Well… I got home today.. I decided to make myself a good meal. So I cooked up some Curry Chicken Katsudon, which is curry katsudon with chicken instead of pork. It is pretty good. I also made some soup and a ice dream of passion fruit and spirt. UMMM UMM….I guess it is my […]

I cracked it!!! I did it…

What is


After index of coincidence analysis, I determined that this is a simple cipher.then I used a frequency analysis… with PERL scripts I wrote and found the key to be 6

so the result is



I hate this… I will be missing snowboarding today because of school work. 🙁 I am beginning to wonder why am I doing this? It is really not going to help me.. and it is consuming all of my time. I been doing this stuff for 3 days now. yeah.. the homework is great, if […]

Boy .. that is a big bunny!!!

Yep… just got back from snowboarding again. My second lesson is complete, but I guess I am a slow learner… I have not gone up on the lift yet. I do feel that I have better control of the board now. Soon… I feel soon… I will be ready to play with the big boys. […]


For all those that doesn’t know it yet.. the 2006 Auburn Football schedule is out. Auburn will be player 12 consecutive weeks and the season opener is with WSU!!! Go Auburn … War Eagle!!


Sept. 2 Washington State (ESPN) Auburn Sept. 9 at Mississippi State Starkville, Miss. Sept. 16 LSU […]

Unlocking Debranding Sony Ericsson T616

After hours of working on the Sony Ericsson T616 to unlock/debrand, so I can use my T-mobile SIM card in that AT&T; phone, I finally did. I have to say, it is not worth the $20 that I saved. But I guess I am a better person for figuring out how to unlock it. Well… […]