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Just got back from Atlanta… I went to Atlanta two days in a row. Today I went there because my friend, Sergeon wants my help in getting some furniture from IKEA. IKEA in Atlanta is fairly new and it is very nice. I think I will buy some things from IKEA when I get back […]

Lunch with friend at Niffers in Auburn. I love the Chicago Burger 

Vishal, Ian, and Me 

Well… it took me a while… but I am all done… well.. almost… the slow cable modem is still uploading all the original pictures, but the site is up and everyone can see all the pictures from last night’s party. Like I said before, I had alot of fun… but I do have one question. […]

Well… I just got back from my reunion… Wow… that was alot of fun… I’ve met so many of my old friends… and made some new ones too. I am so happy to see so many people doing so well. It is amazing… I had an amazing time. Well… I don’t think I will be […]

Being home is great… I don’t have to worry about that to eat for dinner. Mom’s cooking is the best. Well, the reunion is around 8:00 pm. Kind of later then I expected, but I check and double checked and that is what time they are having the reunion. My batteries are all charged up, […]

Cable modem really bites!!! It is taking me forever to upload all the full size picture from last night back to my home server. I miss our Fiber!!! Go ZIPP!!

Well…. It is so good to be home. Last night was a lot of fun. I’ve got a chance to see many of my friends from high school. Most people did not bring their camera, so I became the default camera man. Which is fine and I had a lot of fun. The pictures turned […]

Went to Dreamlands BBQ for lunch with my Ex-coworker and my good friend Phil. It is good to catch up with my friends in Bham. 

Well… I am sitting at the airport again… stupid delays…. well… now I will not board until 1:00… I might even miss my connection in Houston….. I am tired… and tired…

Quick… Quick … Quick… We need to get this stuff done… Quick… 4hr 38min 16 secs…..

Quick Quick quick… stop typing on your blog and finish your work…

Yet another IM client.. but this time it is by Google…Google Talk

Wow… I just finished my first back to school class… 1 hour and 15 mins…. it was pretty good… It has been a while since I took a college class… I think this will be a very fun class. We will see.. we are suppose to write a sniffer program as one of our projects… […]

Gosh… I forgot how boring class is… eek… over one hour… and it is getting old… eek!

Am I doing the right thing? or the question is did I do the right thing to stay here? Someone needs me… and I am here… I am never there, never there…. I move on … but I keep on looking back…. everything around here reminds me of there. I want to go back…. but […]

Well… I finally got done with my presentation to the commissioners today. I either did good job of presenting the material, so good that they did not ask any questions or I confused them so much that they don’t know what to ask. humm… oh well… Few more days before my vacation… however… it seems […]

Boy… I just read my syllabus for my online class… eek… it looks a bit challanging… it really reminds me of my undergrad. It has been 6 years since I was in a class room… so this should be interesting. No Problem… I can do it!!

Long day at work today… I just got home. Why am I working so late? Well, I have a commission presentation tomorrow morning. It will be my first presentation… so I been working with my co-working and trying to get my presentation ready. Well, I am trying to help the commissioners understand our ZIPP Fiber […]

Bad Case of the Mondays

Monday always sucks… well… I guess you get so use to sitting around doing nothing on the weekend, there is just a natural shock coming in to work and sit in front of the computer and working on your project and listening to people BS-ing. So how was the weekend? […]

Well… I finally got sharpreader to work … I also got RSS/xml installed on my site… so feel free to use it however you like.