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I went fishing for the first time this year yesterday, with my friend Ben. Well… we caught a few really tiny fish… and I caught a bass… but we can’t keep it. EEK … stupid Washington rules. Anyway… This is the first time that I have ever jig fishing where I can actually see the […]

Stupid Jalbum is having some problems processing my pictures from the Fish Fry. I wil try to get the pictures up asap. Thanks

Fish Fry Pictures are Posted!!! … Well, I just finish post processing over 100+ pictures from today’s Fish Fry. It is alot like last year’s Fish Fry… oh wait.. I have not put that up yet… oops… I will try to do that some time. Anyway… I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.


I use to look forward to Fridays… now .. it is just another day….Today isn’t really another day… it is TAX DAY… last day to file your 2004 tax. …. unless you file an extention. As for me … I am already done and got some money back. 😀 SWEET!!!

oh … I miss you […]

WOOO HOO … Finally!!!My house in Houston is finally sold!!…Yes.. I took a slight lost on it … but after not living there for over a year … it is good to get that off my back.

So… what now? New house in Ephrata? Humm… let me think about that…nah.. maybe not right away….

Anyway… […]

When water skiing face plants are not that bad… it hurt but not that bad. But when mountain biking… face plants are bad!!!! Well… I went biking with my friend Eric and Russ today… well, we decided to go on a dirt bike trail… Stupid kids dug a hole right behind an small mount. I […]

It has been a while since I last went to the movies. I just got back from watching Sin City. Sin City is a strange movie. It has all the characteristics of an artsy film. For example, a disjoined timeline, viewing the same scene from different character’s perspective, the character’s inner voice describing thing the […]