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So … I’ve been working on my Xbox lately… Yes… I’ve got a Xbox now. It is quite funny… the first thing I did after I open the brand new cardboard box for my xbox is to open my xbox up. Ok … maybe I did not make myself clear… I modded my xbox.



Damn the Fax Machines

In the modern world of communication, why do people still uses modems and fax machines??? I been trying to get modems and fax machines to work over your VoIP system over fiber…. and it sucks!!!…. what I am doing is just not natural. I just don’t think you suppose to convert a digital signal to […]

World of Warcraft SUCKS!!! … this is the first time I want to play the game in 4-5 days and … guess what… it is broken and I can’t log in!!! WHAT GIVES… everytime I want to play… I can’t log in!!! GRRR!!! 

Just buy the house already….

Well… I just got a call from my realtor… they are saying the buyer is having second thoughts because they don’t think my floor is hardwood and they think my dishwasher is broken. Do what? Dishwasher is broken? I don’t think so… if I have to … I will go […]

My Roomba Kicks Ass!!! I love it!!! 

Looky Looky… Look what I got in the mail today…. Yeah… it look almost real huh? ha ha ha… yeah… because it is real… I am not official… that is my official PE certificate from the State of Washington. Wooo Hooo!!! 



I love TurboTAX… in less than an hour … I got my taxes all done… now I am just waiting for my tax approval. In 2004, I did not have a major job change or a major move… so taxes is alot easier to file. Well… SWEET!!! Got some refund money… cool beans!! 


Well, this bites… it is such a wonderful days outside…. a group of my co-workers have planned a golf game today at Oasis Park. I was all exited about it until all the sudden, I got swamped with work…. EEK!!! This really sucks!!! I got my sun glasses and my clubs and camera all ready… […]

Well, I finally agreed on an offer on the house … we will see now if my place in Houston will get sold or not. 

I know it has been a while since I posted on my blog again… but I have to say… Picasa is just soo cool. It is integrated in with Blogger and hello. So now I can go to my photo database on my computer and send it to my blog with a single click. ok […]

just trying out my Picasa to Blogger link