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Things been really busy lately… but it is all for the best!!! I’ve been tasked with many new tasks… but I know I am making alot of progress in everyone of them. Well… Hsiu Hsiu is here this week… I am in heaven…

Oh … I just bought a new HD… 160 gigs of hard […]

Today is a great day!!! After 6 month … I finally have an official learning curve from my director. So now I have definite goals. I also found out that I am getting my 3 % pay adjustment and I and getting some additional percentage adjustments for progressing on my learning curve. WOO HOO!!! on […]

I am cooking breakfast this morning .. and I just realized how awesome teflon is. I love it… nothing sticks to it!!!!!!! Cool stuff!!

So I am still up… it is already 1:50 am and almost 2:00 am… why am I up? well, my fiancee and I are watching the elections in Taiwan… GO KMT!!!! it is very exciting … even though we are so far away, but the issues in Taiwan are still important to us!!!

Well… I got my taiwan pictures posted…. I might still need to work on them a bit more .. but there are there for now…. take a look.

Well, after a long trip and couple of nap today… I think I am good for work on Monday. Well, as for my down server… sorry everyone.. but it is back up now. I will try to update all the pictures as soon as possible. BTW, Hsiu Hsiu parents approved… so WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! […]

Well… I really mess up today… I accidently turned off my server in Ephrata, WA. So this means, everything will be down until this weekend. Oh well… that’s ok .. I will continue to write and continue to take pcitures….

Don’t worry … it will be ok…. by this weekend… sorry guys…

So… Today starts the second full day that I am here in Taiwan. I think I am over the time lag thing. I woke up this morning fully charged … It is currently… 7:24 am Tuesday morning. So I guess everyone is wondering how did everything go? Actually beside the trip from US to Taiwan […]

Well, I am in Japan now… waiting for my flight to Taiwan. I found this open internet terminal… The guy that was here left 10 minutes of time for me to type and play with. Anyway… I found that my US currency is useless here… and since I am only here for 3 hours, it […]

Well, today is my last day in us before i am on the plane to taiwan. I an currently sitting in the airport typing on my wap blog. Am i nervous? heck yeah! And coffee sure did not help. Well, I’ve got until 12:30 before we start to board, so I better charge up all […]

Wow… what a day so far… Well.. around lunch … I found out my team supervisor has turned in his resignation. Yes, this is the guy who interview and hired me. He is the one that introduced me to how awesome it would be to work here. Well, he is gone now. In the period […]

Today, I got news that one of my former co-worker is moving to Seattle to work for Microsoft. Wow… that is awesome and congrats to him. I guess the Houston situation isn’t looking any better. That really sucks… especially when I have still have a house in Houston.

I’ve been in Ephrata for almost 6 months. Wow… time really flies… and speaking of time flying … 3 more days and I am on the plane to Taiwan. WOW!!! am I excited? heck yeah… but I need to get all my work stuff done first… I got to do my self eval so I […]

Good morning… This is my first post with my cell phone …. Cool huh ?