Month: July 2014


The return of USSR?

So I am applying for my Global Entry this morning and I saw that USSR is one of the pull down list countries?!?!?! Does USSR still exist? Or is this simply the US Governments way of easing the expected USSR return by Putin? MAYBE?!?!? Take a look yourself 😉


What are rules for? — Part 2

So this week, I finally received my email from Seattle Parks and Recreation about the tennis court incident. So the following is the email that I recieved. July 21, 2014 Dear Min-Hsao Chen,  I’m sorry for your experience at the Victory Heights Playground tennis courts.   Seattle Parks and Recreation’s policy is that facilities are to be …


What are rules for?

Why do people don’t follow rules? what are rules for, if people don’t follow them. So Today, when my wife, Vicky and I arrived at the Victory Height tennis court to play tennis, I met  two individuals playing soccer tennis on the Victory Height tennis court. (Soccer tennis is using a soccer ball and kicking the …